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1. 28 Days Later... (2002)
Hey, don't do that. Look, Hannah is what Frank says she is, okay? She's tough, and she's strong, and she'll cope, just like I'll cope, and just like you'll cope.
All the death. All the shit. It doesn't really mean anything to Frank and Hannah because... well, she's got her dad, and he's got his daughter, so - I was wrong when I said that staying alive is as good as it gets.
Hannah, it's okay! He's not infected.
We're gonna eat these, Hannah, okay? Come on - You eat these. Eat these.
I don't want her to have to fuckin' cope. I want her to be okay. When Hannah had her dad, it was okay. It was okay for them, and it was okay for us. Now, it's all just fucked.
You must eat, Hannah.
Hannah, I love you very much.
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