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1. The 83rd Annual Academy Awards (2011 TV Special)
You know... You're still laughing. Colin Firth is laughing. You know... I will never forget this moment. Three times, and I lost every time. But now we have a winner. And the Oscar for Supporting Actress goes to Melissa Leo!
The writer's speech, this is terrifying. My father always said to me I would be a late bloomer. I believe I am the oldest person to win this particular award. I hope that record is broken quickly and often. I'd like to thank my daughter Maya and my son Marc for having faith in their dad as I have faith in you. And I would like to thank my producers, my director, my cast... there's so many people and they're saying wrap up now; I'm sorry. I would like to thank Her Majesty the Queen for not putting me in the Tower of London for using the Melissa Leo f-word. And I accept this on behalf of all the stutterers throughout the world. We have a voice, we have been heard thanks to you, the Academy.
Wow, this is quite surreal. Our film is about a creature that nobody pays any attention to, so this is wonderfully ironic. The award really goes to our producer, Sophie Byrne, the true champion of this project for the past ten years, alongside Andrew and our splendid animation team of Leo Baker and Tom Bryant. The Oscar also goes to John Kassab, Michael Yezerski, Adrian Medhurst, Tim Minchin, Screen Australia, and everybody who's supported us with such generosity and patience. Many thanks to our families and friends. To my wife Inari, minä rakastan sinua. And to Perth and Melbourne, this one's for you, too.
Bloody hell. Wow. What a roomful of talented and inspirational people and what the hell am I doing here in the midst of you? It's such an honor. David O. Russell, what a great spirit, you know, on the set. Just, just fantastic. And thank you so much, mate, for making the work that all of us actors did actually mean something, you know? I mean, that's the director's job of translating it to the audience and making it mean something. Thank you for that. Thank you to Pamela Martin, likewise, as our editor. The just incredible work of every actor. Melissa - I'm not gonna drop the f-bomb like she did; I've done that plenty before - Amy, Jack, Mark, man, you know the guy who just got this whole thing going right from the get go. Everybody in Lowell, all the actors from there. Dicky and Micky. Where's my quacker? Is he up there? Dicky's up there somewhere, mate.
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