I Married a Witch (1942) Poster


She's a witch (and we do mean witch) who gets what she wants with hex appeal!
She was a beautiful witch...but she done him wrong!
When she finishes with him, he won't know witch is which!
She's got him so he doesn't know which is witch!
She gets what she wants with HEX APPEAL! (original poster)
What a witch... and I do mean witch! (original poster)
Thorne Smith's raciest story is now the year's different comedy-romance! (original poster)
Veronica knows all the tricks (natural and super-natural)...And brother, she uses them! (original poster)
I married a witch...and I'm not complaining, would you? (Poster).
NO MAN CAN RESIST HER! (original poster-all caps)
She knows all about Love-potions and Lovely Motions (original poster)
HEY VERONICA, got room on your broom for me? (original poster)

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