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1 Jan. 1971
The Impractical Joker
Jan plays a practical joke on the boys by hiding Greg's science project mouse in her laundry hamper. But after the mouse eats a hole through the hamper and escapes, Jan learns her lesson.
8 Jan. 1971
Where There's Smoke
Greg gets caught with cigarettes in his school jacket. He's been caught smoking once before (and quit immediately). Therefore, nobody believes him when he truthfully says they're not his.
15 Jan. 1971
Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?
Jan is tired of living in the shadows of her two sisters. So she buys a curly black wig to stand out and plans to debut "the New Jan Brady" at Lucy Winters' party.
22 Jan. 1971
The Drummer Boy
Peter, Jan and Cindy make the Glee Club but Bobby does not, so Carol buys him a drum set to make him feel better. Peter's football teammates make fun of him for being a singer, until NFL star Deacon Jones sets everyone straight.
29 Jan. 1971
Coming Out Party
Mike's boss, Mr. Phillips, invites the Bradys to spend a day on his boat, but they have to postpone the trip when both Cindy and Carol have to get their tonsils removed.
5 Feb. 1971
Our Son, the Man
Now that Greg's in high school, he decides that he's too old and mature for his brothers and sisters and the family camping trip, so asks for his own room and a new wardrobe.
12 Feb. 1971
The Liberation of Marcia Brady
In order to prove that girls can do anything boys can do, Marcia joins Greg's Frontier Scouts group. The boys respond by having Peter join the Sunflower Girls and sell cookies.
19 Feb. 1971
Lights Out
Cindy is spooked after seeing a disappearing act at a magic show, and refuses to sleep in the dark. So Peter puts together a magic act of his own with Cindy as his assistant to help her overcome her fears.
26 Feb. 1971
The Winner
Bobby feels like a failure because he is the only Brady child without a trophy. He looks for a way to get one for himself, and a televised ice cream-eating contest could be the answer.
5 Mar. 1971
Double Parked
The Bradys fight to save Woodland Park from closing to make way for a new building. But Mike's firm gets the project and he is in charge of the plans for the new building, and Mr. Phillips delivers the family an ultimatum.
12 Mar. 1971
Alice's September Song
An old flame comes to town and begins courting Alice. Sam the butcher quickly becomes jealous of the new suitor, and Mike and Carol are also suspicious of his motives.
26 Mar. 1971
Tell It Like It Is
Carol decides to write a story about the family to submit to a magazine, but her initial story is rejected by the editor because it is not positive and uplifting enough.
17 Sep. 1971
Ghost Town, U.S.A.
The Bradys and Alice begin their trek to Grand Canyon. But a stop at a ghost town turns out to be a detour, after a demented prospector locks everyone in the jail, thinking they plan to steal his (non-existant) gold claim.
24 Sep. 1971
Grand Canyon or Bust
Mike and Peter track down the old prospector, and the Bradys can finally leave the ghost town for the Grand Canyon. However, once they get there, more trouble awaits for Bobby and Cindy.
1 Oct. 1971
The Brady Braves
The Bradys find Bobby and Cindy, who have now befriended a Native American boy who has run away from home to get away from his grandfather who only believes in the old traditional ways.
8 Oct. 1971
The Wheeler-Dealer
Greg gets his driver's license and wants to buy a car of his own. However, one of his "friends" tricks him to buying a piece of junk for $100.
15 Oct. 1971
My Sister, Benedict Arnold
While the Bradys set up a dunking tank for the school carnival, Greg and Marcia come to blows when Marcia agrees to go on a date with Greg's biggest nemesis, Warren Mullaney.
22 Oct. 1971
The Personality Kid
Peter is down in the dumps after he is told at a party that he has no personality, so he works on creating a new one for himself. Meanwhile, Bobby and Cindy encourage the family to do safety drills.
29 Oct. 1971
Juliet Is the Sun
Marcia doesn't want to play Juliet in the school play because she lacks confidence and beauty, so the family tries to boost her self-esteem. But soon she lets the praise go to her head and becomes an unbearable diva.
5 Nov. 1971
And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor
The entire Brady family is chosen to star in a commercial for a "new and improved" laundry soap, but do they have what it takes to make it in show business?
12 Nov. 1971
The Private Ear
Peter gets in trouble for eavesdropping on his brothers and sisters with a tape recorder and his parents force him to apologize. But Greg and Marcia decide that they are going to go one step further and teach him a lesson themselves.
19 Nov. 1971
Her Sister's Shadow
Jan is tired of being compared to Marcia and constantly being told how great her older sister is, so she tries to do something that Marcia never accomplished--make the pom-pom team.
26 Nov. 1971
Greg joins the high school football team and becomes a starter, but Carol doesn't want him to play because he might get injured. Meanwhile, Bobby annoys his family when he becomes a photographer and takes surprise pictures of them.
10 Dec. 1971
Getting Davy Jones
Marcia says she can get Davy Jones to sing at her school's junior prom because of a letter Jones sent her as president of the local fan club. The problem is that she can't get to him to ask, and the school has already made the announcement.
24 Dec. 1971
The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses
Jan needs glasses but doesn't want to wear them because of how they make her look--until she has an accident that destroys Mike's surprise anniversary gift to Carol, a framed portrait of the Brady kids.
31 Dec. 1971
The Teeter-Totter Caper
After not being invited to a wedding and helping the older kids, Bobby and Cindy are off to set a new teeter-totter record.

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