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4 Jan. 1974
Kelly's Kids
Mike and Carol's friends, nightclub performer Ken Kelly and his wife Kathy Kelly, have just purchased a larger house close to the Bradys. They announce to Mike and Carol the reason for the larger house is because they have just adopted an eight-year-old boy named Matt. Although Matt loves being adopted and loves his new parents, his transition to the Kelly household is not an entirely smooth one since Matt misses all of his old friends at the adoption home, most specifically his best friends Dwayne and Steve, who referred to themselves as the Three Musketeers. Ken and...
11 Jan. 1974
The Driver's Seat
Marcia battles nerves and Greg's sexist remarks when she tries to get her driver's license. Eventually, the debate over which gender has the better driving abilities leads to a winner-take-all driving test in a vacant parking lot.
18 Jan. 1974
Out of This World
Peter and Bobby believe they are seeing a UFO, which actually is part of an elaborate hoax being played by Greg. The trick backfires though when Peter and Bobby take pictures, which lead to a government investigation.
25 Jan. 1974
Welcome Aboard
Cousin Oliver comes to live with the Bradys. He immediately causes a series of accidents, which lead him to believe that he is a jinx.
8 Feb. 1974
Two Petes in a Pod
Peter meets a new transfer student named Arthur Owens, who looks remarkably similar to him except that Arthur wears glasses. Peter convinces Arthur to pretend to be him to play a gag on his family. Beyond some differences in tastes and interests, no one could tell that Arthur wasn't Peter. But what Arthur as Peter agrees to is keeping Mr. Phillips' visiting niece Pamela company on Friday night at the house. What Arthur is unaware of is that Peter already has a date on Friday to a costume party with Michelle, a girl in his class who he's been trying to date all year. ...
15 Feb. 1974
Top Secret
Bobby and Oliver are at home when FBI agent Fred Sanders stops by the house to speak to Mike. What the boys don't know is that Mr. Sanders' routine and mundane task is to confirm a few issues with Mike's clearance for him to work on a building for a classified government project. Later, Sam stops by the house wanting to discuss a private issue with Mike, which Sam says he will divulge to Alice and the rest of the family at the proper time. Unlike what Alice hopes it is (such as a honeymoon cottage), the issue is Sam wanting to enlarge the butcher shop and needing some...
22 Feb. 1974
The Snooperstar
Marcia is angry at Cindy, who has been reading her diary. For revenge, she starts writing bogus entries, which say that talent scouts are interested in Cindy becoming the "next Shirley Temple."
1 Mar. 1974
The Hustler
The Bradys get a new pool table (as a thank you gift from Mr. Matthews for Mike's recent performance). Bobby soon becomes an expert in billiards and - during a family party - beats Mike's boss in a game of pool.
8 Mar. 1974
The Hair-Brained Scheme
Bobby needs money, so he starts selling hair tonic. Greg decides to buy a bottle right before graduation to help his little brother, but it turns his hair orange.

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