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Memorable scenes
rams_lakers5 August 2004
This was the only Dracula/Lee movie that I saw on the huge theater screen and it was pretty cool. My mom would never take me to these things so I had my dad drop me and my friend off, then pick us up later. It was a double feature along with Trog. The theater was not packed, but it had been playing for at least a week. Now some kids are going to rate this lower because they've all seen much bloodier and scarier stuff. No kidding, really????? When this came out it was very good in terms of gore and horror.

My most memorable scene was when the hardened dust broke in half and Dracula's face filled the screen with those red eyes. I just purchased the DVD and it includes some restored footage of the brothel T&A and during each victim's death they look up at the standing figure of Dracula. The first victim's shovel-gashed face was restored on the DVD, the second victim's bloody face and the third victim too. This version was never released in the US. It would have been rated R, instead it was GP (before they called it PG).

I think it's bull for another commenter to say it's obvious that Dracula was never intended to be in this. No, what is obvious is that a certain commenter read some of these movie facts before claiming they "knew all along." Yeah, they were going to have Bates as Dracula, thank god that fell through. Lee was talked into it again. They had to rewrite it to insert Dracula in there, and his presence was awesome though some of his lines were bad. Hmmm, Dracula can count to 3. I'll give this one 7 stars. The DVD quality is spectacular.
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The sexy followup to Dracula HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE
MartinHafer16 January 2008
This is a very unusual Hammer horror film in that it picks up exactly where the last one left off--providing some nice continuity. It seems that after Drac was impaled in the last film, his body disintegrated and all that was left was his powdered blood. A REALLY STUPID passerby decided to scoop up the blood and later sells it--followed by the not unexpected resurrection of Dracula once again!! Despite this weird reincarnation, the movie does offer some nice innovations and some that weren't all that necessary. Dracula was revived by a Devil worshiper and three perverts. Just before Dracula revives, the three perverts get cold feet and kick the Devil worshiper to death. In an odd display of loyalty, Dracula decides to take revenge on the three man and their families because a sweet old Devil lover was needlessly killed! In most Dracula films his sidekicks are killed at the slightest whim by the vampire without a second thought. I really suspected that Christopher Lee's character was just looking for an excuse to shed some more innocent blood--and how he had them killed was pretty cool and unusual. However, were also some bad changes. Since the film came out in 1970 and the morals of the world were changing, the producer decided to "sex up the series" by adding a brothel scene and throwing in some gratuitous nudity. The entire scene could have remained and been just as effective without the boobies, but because of this some parents might want to think twice about allowing junior to watch this film. Of course, with all the killing and bleeding, this isn't exactly a kids' film anyway!! Overall, a very watchable addition to the franchise and a nice followup to "Dracula Has Risen From The Grave".

A couple final notes--when a dead woman is removed from the lake, the man who retrieved the body accidentally tripped a bit--and you can see the "dead lady" move her arm instinctively in response!! I'm amazed they didn't catch this or re-shoot the scene. Also, one of the three men marked for revenge is played by Peter Sallis (the voice of Wallace from "Wallace and Grommit"). It's interesting to see this man play a rather slimy part.
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Reasonable latter-day Hammer.
mylimbo10 July 2005
Three wealthy gentlemen go out during one night of the month for pleasure seeking (supposedly for charity the wives think) and are becoming incredibly bored in what they do in that time, as they think that they've done everything. That's until they meet Lord Courtley (Ralph Bates) who claims he can give them power if they join him in some ritual to recreate his dead master, but first they have to buy a certain item off a shopkeeper to perform this task. So, with the help of Dracula's servant Lord Courtley they meet in a rundown chapel to revive Dracula (Christopher Lee) from his ashes, but they chicken out of fulfilling their end of the bargain and to keep this quiet they kill the servant. Thinking that it will just blow over, but there wrong as now Dracula has been revived through his servants' corpse and he plans to take vengeance on those three for killing his servant.

Decent latter-day hammer effort that has very good production valves and some solid performances on show. The polished Victorian sets standout with sharp detail and great use of shadowy and dim lighting for its Gothic atmosphere. Though, the atmosphere was good it wasn't that grand in stature and it's not terribly suspenseful as we've seen it all before. The overall feel might come across a rather glum, but it has its lively parts and an undertone of pervading sexuality and flesh for some added boost. The compellingly clever plot is well thought out to begin with (great intro) and there are some unpredictable moments, but then it does seem to follow the usual pattern of the earlier Hammer Dracula's and ends rather unconvincingly after it looked like there was going to be an exciting finale. After a promising first half it does kind of drag in parts after the resurrection of Dracula and comes up with an uninspiring romance tale. The script is utter ham and quite stilted. Christopher Lee as Dracula doesn't really get that much too do, but whenever on screen his presence or quick flashes has some hypnotic pull making you wish he had more screen time. Most of the time his sneaking about in the background, counting down his victims in a husky voice (1,2 & 3) and giving orders to others (their children) to do his dirty work. Most of the performances were good (some deadpan) from the likes of Geoffrey Keen, Peter Sallis and John Carson as the three gentlemen and Ralph Bates as Lord Courtley is incredibly over-the-top, but seemed well suited for it. The ladies of the film or you should say Dracula's victims Isla Blair and the ravishing Linda Hayden give fair performances and some added eye-candy. The direction by Peter Sasdy is top-notch in delivery and he adds in some great sequences. The fine camera-work had sprawling crane and ground shots. While not forgetting the look into my eyes camera zooms too. Even the make-up and gore effects (nice flowing rich blood) were pretty well conceived and didn't come across as too wretched. Another highlight of the film would have to be piercing, but also moody music score.

Anyway maybe the formula was starting to wear thin in this film? Well, it does rehash certain elements and the usual clichés follow, but what do you expect from these campy hammer films. Its their trademark and has been a winning formula for them.

A mildly enjoyable hammer film, even if it's by the books.
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Another solidly entertaining Hammer Dracula pic.
BA_Harrison11 March 2009
A trio of seemingly respectable, well-to-do Victorian gentlemen (played by Geoffrey Keen, Jonathen Secker, and Peter 'more cheese, Gromit?' Sallis) form a secret club in order to experience the wildest thrills that life has to offer. However, their limited imaginations mean that they soon become bored, and so they decide to take their lead from disgraced aristocrat and practising Satanist Lord Courtley (a marvellously slimy Ralph Bates), who suggests that they attempt a ritual to bring the infamous Count Dracula back to life.

When the three men panic during the ceremony, and beat Courtley to death, they flee the scene, not realising that Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) has indeed returned from the dead, and now seeks retribution for the killing of his loyal acolyte.

Although Hammer's Dracula movies rarely strayed far from their well-worn formula—Dracula lives; Dracula kills; Dracula dies—their lush Gothic atmosphere, fine ensemble casts, and sumptuous cinematography usually meant that, even when the script was somewhat lacking, there was still plenty to enjoy. Such is the case with Taste The Blood Of Dracula, which features a so-so story and a surprisingly unremarkable turn from Lee (who is forced to deliver some particularly dodgy dialogue), but manages to keep fans entertained with some gloriously camp performances from the rest of the cast, some fine direction from Peter Sasdy, and loads of Hammer's trademark Gothic trappings.

Plus, this entry in the series also stars the gorgeous Linda Hayden—one of my favourite actresses from the late 60s/70s—whose presence makes it a must-see as far as I am concerned. Her transformation from wide eyed innocent to slutty vamp slave (with cleavage on display, naturally) is reason enough to seek this one out!
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So that's where the count from Seasme Street got his inspiration to count!
Kristine10 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The dark horse of the sequels: Taste the Blood of Dracula. I don't know, the title alone is awesome, I also happened to really like this story. Once again Christopher Lee returns as Dracula, you could tell this time he was definitely not happy to reprise the role. Not that he doesn't give great chills, but he doesn't have many lines and what lines he does have usually consist of two words: "The fiiiiiirst…" "The secoooond"… "The Thiiiiiiird" "Lucy… Lucy!" "Alice… Alice", etc. What makes a sequel special is if the story doesn't copy typical formulas and if the characters are likable and relatable. The story while slow paced at times and has certain flaws is still very creepy. Originally due to Christopher's hatred of the sequels, they were going to have his servant take over the role of Dracula, but eventually Christopher did agree and he wants revenge over the men who beat his servant to death while resurrecting him. It's a great idea and the resurrection scene is very well done with chilling atmosphere and very good acting. Then Dracula being the total baddie that he is doesn't want to get his hands dirty, he gets the men's kids to do his revenge for him, I couldn't think of a more evil way to handle things and that makes not only for a darker sequel but one of the stronger in my opinion.

Three English gentlemen - Hargood, Paxton and Secker - have formed a circle ostensibly devoted to charitable work but in reality they indulge themselves in brothels. One night they are intrigued by a young man who bursts into the brothel. The gentlemen are informed that he is Courtley, who was disinherited for celebrating a Black Mass. Hoping for more intense pleasures, Hargood meets Courtley outside the brothel. The younger man takes the three to the Cafe Royal and promises them experiences they will never forget but insists that they come to see Weller and purchase from him Dracula's ring, cloak and dried-up blood. The three meet with Courtley at an abandoned Church for a ceremony during which he puts the dried blood into goblets and mixes it with drops of his own blood, telling the gentlemen to drink. As they refuse, he drinks the blood himself, screams and falls to the ground. As he grabs the gentlemen's legs, they kick and beat him with increasing vigour - not stopping until Courtley dies, at which they flee in disgust at what they have done. While the three return to their respective homes and get on with their lives, Courtley's body, left in the abandoned church, transforms into Dracula, who vows that those who have destroyed his servant will be destroyed.

There are flaws with the film, like why the daughter Alice is never made into a vampire. The count has several opportunities to bite her but never does, you could say that he wanted a servant for the day time but after his revenge is done, there was no reason. But the hero was her boyfriend, so he's gotta get something for going through all that trouble of defeating the count. Plus I do love how for once there is a girl that does stand up to the count, every girl is always thrown down by the count all shocked and wants to be taken back immediately, Alice actually says "you know what? Screw this, you can fight off your own crosses" and throws the cross at the count. There is another flaw where the son Jeremy is made into a vampire but was never staked or shown what happened to him, you could just assume he's wondering around in a circle around his father's house waiting for Dracula's next command. However, flaws set aside, I think this was still a very good sequel. There's nothing majorly wrong with the film that I think given the right chance, people would really enjoy Taste the Blood of Dracula as a film in itself.

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Lee's last good Dracula performance
nvillesanti14 April 2008
When I was a kid by the late 70s I had the chance to see on TV some of Hammer's horror flick from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. But I had developed a special king of passion for the Dracula series. I remember the foggy atmosphere, the old castles and the Gothic Victorian era. Hammer movies were really well done and very elegant. "Taste the Blood of Dracula" starts where "Dracula has raised from the Grave" ended, when traveling salesman by the name of Weller (played by Roy Kinnear) is pushed from the wagon he was traveling in. After a brief moment he gets his self together and hears a loud scream from deep in the forest. He goes and investigates and finds the Count impaled in a golden cross and while he sees in horror Dracula is disintegrated in a red powder like substance. Weller, quickly decides to take the powder with him and all of Dracula's belonging. Later we see a group of three English businessmen with their families in church but that's only a cover when the three Englishmen leave their families every Sunday night, apparently to help the poor and feed the hungry instead they seek pleasure to satisfied their personal desire by visiting a night club. While the three businessmen are having their usual fun they are interrupted by Lord Courtley (played by Ralph Bates) how is a black magic practitioner and invites the three businessmen to participate in a satanic ritual promising them that he will expand their pleasures. But first they must buy from Weller, Dracula's blood and artifacts for him to perform the ritual. First the businessmen hesitate but they are easily deceived by Lord Courtley and later they perform the ritual in an abandoned church. After Courtley drinks the blood he falls to the ground in pain and the businessmen in fear start to beat him up to death. After leaving the body of Courtley lifeless on the ground the body of Courtley transforms in the Count Dracula. After this Dracula promise the revenge of his servant (Courtley) by hypnotizing the daughters of the businessmen and making them murder their own fathers. Dracula is like a puppet master in this movie and his participation is more in the shadows but still has a good feel to it. The acting by the entire cast was superb, especially for Ralph Bates. The costumes, art direction, photography, and directing was one of the best in the Dracula series. I had the chance to buy this classic in 2004 on DVD and later the rest of the Hammer's Dracula series. But "Taste the Blood of Dracula" still my overall favorite. Atmosphere and the great performances makes this a must see. Unfortunately Taste the Blood of Dracula was (in my opinion) the last good Dracula of the series. After that they started to do Dracula more too present day and kind of lost its touch. If you are a Hammer fan and want to make your own Dracula movie marathon this movie should be in your collection.
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Another Great Vampire Movie from Hammer
Claudio Carvalho3 May 2015
William Hargood (Geoffrey Keen), Samuel Paxton (Peter Sallis) and Jonathon Secker (John Carson) are respectable gentlemen in the community and they are devoted to charitable work. But they are actually a trio of hypocrites that go to brothels instead of charity. One night, they meet the arrogant Lord Courtley (Ralph Bates) in the brothel and they decide to invite him for a drink. They tell that they have boring lives and are looking for excitement. Courtley promises him pleasure if they make a pact with the devil and asks them to buy some Dracula's belongings from the merchant Weller (Roy Kinnear), including dried blood. They go to a derelict church where Courtley asks them to drink the blood of Dracula. They refuse to drink but Courtley drinks and falls on the ground, and Hargood, Paxton and Secker beat him to death. They leave the church and Courtley's body transforms in Dracula (Christopher Lee) that promises to kill them. Meanwhile Hargood has a friction with his daughter Alice (Linda Hayden) because she is in love with Paxton's son Paul (Anthony Corlan). When she leaves home, Dracula meets her and controls her mind. What will happen to Alice?

"Taste the Blood of Dracula" is another great vampire movie from Hammer. The story is very conventional as usual, with Christopher Lee in the role of Dracula and the vampire afraid of crosses and holy water. The explanation for Dracula's appearance is confused but his revenge using the sons and daughters of the men that killed his servant is dark. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not available on DVD or Blu-Ray

Note: On 03 September 2017 I saw this film again.
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Acceptable follow-up to Dracula series from Hammer production
ma-cortes1 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is a fine horror movie based on the character created by Bram Stoker , but it isn't as good as the precedent films . It is the fourth part of Dracula series , the first is ¨Horror of Dracula¨ by Terence Fisher , the second is ¨Dracula , prince of darkness¨ also by Fisher , the third ¨Brides of Dracula¨ by Fisher and being followed by ¨Dracula has risen from the grave¨ by Freddie Francis, continuing with two low budgeted , TV sequels , directed by Alan Gibson : ¨The satanic rites of Dracula¨ and ¨Dracula A.D. 72¨ , most of them starred by the great Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing .

The movie begins in a prologue with the deceased Dracula from previous film . After that , Dracula/Christopher Lee will be reborn by the magic of Ralph Bates , his disciple . But Bates is killed by a bunch of bourgeois people , three elderly distinguished gentlemen searching for some excitement in their boring lives and then Dracula will revenge using their daughters , Linda Hayden and Isa Blair , both of whom will murder their parents . Nice acting by Ralph Bates as Dracula's disciple ; this was Ralph Bates's first of five Hammer films the others were Horror of Frankenstein (1970) by Jimmy Sangster , Lust for a Vampire (1971) also by Jimmy Sangster , El Dr. Jekyll and sister Hyde (1971) by Roy W. Baker and Fear in the Night (1972) by Jimmy Sangster. The film was originally not going to feature Dracula at all , due to Christopher Lee becoming increasingly reluctant to reprise the role and the producers not expecting to be able to convince him to do so . The script was rewritten to include Dracula after the producers were finally able to coax Lee back to the character after Warner-Seven Arts refused to back the film without the actor's participation . The final showdown between Dracula and the contenders is breathtaking . As always , Dracula will die until the next installment : ¨The scars of Dracula¨ directed by Roy Ward Baker.

Interesting and twisted screenplay by John Elder or Anthony Hinds . The cinematography by Arthur Grant is excellent , James Bernard musical score is creepy and spooky . This eerie film was rightly directed by Peter Sasdy who also made other Hammer and terror films as ¨Countess Dracula¨ , ¨Hands of the Ripper¨, ¨Nothing But the Night¨, ¨I Don't Want to Be Born¨ , and "Island of the Ghouls". Rating : 6/10 . Passable sequel that will appeal to Christopher Lee fans .
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Good Dracula Film...BUT not Great
BaronBl00d28 December 2000
The story concerns three middle-aged men seeking thrills, making a pact with a devil's disciple, backing out of that pact at the last moment, and then dying as well as their progeny for their lack of commitment. The story has some big holes, but is one of the better Dracula films in the Hammer series. You get what you generally can expect from Hammer: good character acting, lush cinematography, dutiful direction(ably done by Peter Sasdy), Christopher Lee(alas no Peter Cushing), beautiful young girls showing lots of cleavage, wonderful period costumes, and the film's shining grace is the score by James Hermann which is simply poetry put to music. Ralph Bates stands out as a Lord Courtly living a life of sin and debauchery. Good Hammer Fun!
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Surprisingly original!
Boba_Fett113813 June 2012
It's funny how I really wasn't into this movie at first but still ended up really liking it!

Thing that makes this movie a bit unusual and different is that it's being a part of the Hammer studios Dracula series but it really doesn't feel or look like a Hammer movie at all! Director Peter Sasdy did an handful of movies for the Hammer studios but only in its later years and he never impressed with any. He obviously wasn't that accustomed to its approach and style of film-making, or perhaps he simply really preferred to do his own thing. But anyway, if you're really into Hammer films, just prepare yourself for something totally different. You might end up disliking it at first, just as I did but don't give up on it! It's really a worthwhile and original enough little horror movie. I can also honestly say that this was the best movie I had seen, that got directed by Peter Sasdy.

The movie and story all first starts out as something very simplistic and formulaic but as the movie goes along, you actually start to realize how great its premise is. It has a premise that really adds to the movie its tension and for once isn't all about Dracula and the horror that he does. It might very well be true that this movie would have a better reputation if it didn't featured the character of Dracula in it, since this movie really doesn't feel like a typical Dracula movie at all and its story and atmosphere perhaps called for something totally different, outside of the Dracula universe.

And as often is the case with these late Hammer Dracula movies, Dracula himself is hardly in it at all. It was because Christopher Lee got fed up with the role and was also afraid he was going to get typecast because of it, for the rest of his life. He still needed a paycheck, so he kept on playing the character for a couple of years, under the condition that his role got limited down and in some cases he doesn't even have any lines. In this movie he does still speak however and once more shows why he was such a great and charismatic Dracula at the time.

It's the more slower sort of horror movie, which doesn't really work out that great for the movie at first but about halfway through it picks up some more pace and things start to get far more interesting and original. It's then that the movie suddenly starts to take form and makes its intension clear. It also provides the movie with some really solid horror moments and the movie has a very constant horror like atmosphere to it as well, that really adds to the tension and mystery of the overall movie.

Once you start to realize that this isn't being your average formulaic and simplistic Dracula production, the movie becomes surprisingly good, effective and original to watch!


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