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He raped, tortured, killed... and loved every minute of it!
CAUTION: This picture may shock you, but it's an experience in psychosadism you'll never forget!
Not since PSYCHO, CLOCKWORK ORANGE and DEATHWISH has there been a motion picture that will force you to sit through such stark brutality and moral abuse. You will be fascinated and spellbound by the bizarre terror of a man without a heart... without a soul... without a conscience.
He raped a girl, killed twelve men, stole a million dollars and loved every minute of it!
Nobody should be subjected to the terror, the horror, the paralyzing fear which THE DEATH DEALER deals out!
What started as a simple kidnapping ...turned into an orgy of murder!
WHERE IS MARY LOU? - Police Search For Kidnapped Beauty
HEIRESS KIDNAPPED - Fiance Brutally Slain - Demand Million Dollar Ransom
...Totally Berserk
The Madness of Mafia Murder Men.
It doesn't matter how loud you scream.
There is a reason for every living creature ...with one exception.

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