Pete's Dragon (1977) Poster


Sean Marshall: Pete



  • Pete : I can't sell you Elliot. I don't own him.

    Hoagy : Well what did you do, rent him?

    Dr. Terminus : Well who owns him?

    Pete : No one, I guess. He just sort of goes to those who need him.

    Dr. Terminus : *I* need him! Look deliver Elliot to me and the fiver is yours plus a special growth formula that's guaranteed to bring on puberty about a year early... and that's better than a dragon, eh?

  • Pete : Where's Elliott?

    Lena Gogan : [comes out of the closet behind him and grabs him and messes up his hair]  Nowhere! Your hokey pokey dragon is out helpin' Santa Claus pull his sled! Boys!

    Pete : Let me go!

    [Willie and Grover lift him up by his legs and Pete pounds on them and tries to get free] 

    Lena Gogan : You're never gonna get away again! We're gonna put chains on ya when you're workin'!

    Merle : And when you're not workin'!

    Willie : And when you're sleepin'!

  • Pete : [Pete, Nora, and Lampie are lobster fishing]  I got one! I got one!

    [pulls lobster out of the crate and holds it up] 

    Pete : Ugh, it's UGLY!

  • Nora : Where did you get that bruise?

    Pete : Mr. Gogan. I was milking the cow and I missed the bucket.

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