Alternate Versions

Softcore version eliminates shots of sexual penetration while the hardcore version does not include close-ups of the count biting female breasts and blood spurting from vampire mouths.
The 1980 UK cinema release ran 73 mins and suffered heavy cuts to the sex scenes. The 1986 Electric Video ran 72 mins and featured a similarly pre-cut print (minus over 7 mins) which was then cut by a further 2 mins 26 secs by the BBFC to edit a sex scene between Dracula and a naked woman.
The DVD edition from Vinegar Syndrome contains two different versions of the film:
  • The longer 95 minute version is titled DRACULA SUCKS. While this version was never theatrically released, it was the first edit of the film according to its screenwriter, and was considered by the DVD producers to be the most coherent version of the film, and contains all of the hardcore sexual content and death scenes, and its structure more closely resembles Bram Stoker's "Dracula".
  • The shorter LUST AT FIRST BITE runs 74 minutes, and contains alternate footage different from the original version of the film. Several scenes are reordered and edited differently, Renfield is portrayed as a homosexual, the sex scenes are longer and more explicit, all blood and biting scenes are removed from the film, and this version also contains an alternate ending.
Rumors suggest that the original released version was 108 or 110 minutes, but DVD commentary moderator Joel Rudin only acknowledges the 95 minute version as the earliest cut of the film, making a longer version highly unlikely.
"American Dragula", the Indian version of the movie with a run time of 65 minutes removes all sexual content, nudity and violence, and inserts scenes from Ghoulies (1984).

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