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  • Throughout the film, it is clear that the characters, while all attending the same high school, are in different grades. Based on the internal evidence given in the movie, this is where they fall:

    -Stacey is in 9th grade. At the beginning of the film one of her coworkers states that she has not started high school yet, and she does in the scenes that follow (high school in America typically starts at 9th grade.)

    -Brad and his girlfriend are seniors, or in 12th grade. Both make explicit references to this being their last year of school.

    -Linda is also in 12th grade, she makes references to her forthcoming graduating and her boyfriend being unable to attend.

    -Spicoli is very popular around school, but also explicitly states when Mr. Hand comes over to his house that "next year" he will be avoiding Mr. Hand's room, implying that he has another year to go. Due to his popularity around the school and his reputation, he is most likely a junior, or in 11th grade.

  • 1. At All-American Burger, Spicoli shows his surfer buds a guitar pick that supposedly was given to him by Mick Jagger.

    2. After Brad kicks out Spicoli and his pals, the manager, Dennis Taylor, comes out and notices a pile of french fries in the trash bin. Brad tells him that they were left over from the last shift, but Dennis ignores it and tells him they were still perfectly good.

    3. When Stacy and Linda are walking out of the mall. A fellow employee runs up to them and asks Linda advice about having sex without getting pregnant.

    4. On the first day of high school, Brad's pals are oogling Stacy as Arnold, another fast-food employee, wants a job at All-American Burger.

    5. A short dialogue scene occurs during the cafeteria sequence where Stacy and Linda are met by an old friend and her boyfriend.

    6. In the mall parking garage, Stacy tries to search for Ron Johnson's car, but Linda talks her out of it.

    7. As Damone and Rat are talking in the mall, a brief shot is shown in the mall with Ron being led away by police in handcuffs. Apparently, Stacy's mother had reported him to the police after finding out he had sex with her daughter.

    8. A telephone conversation occurs between a half-naked Linda and Stacy before the latter goes on her date with Rat.

    9. After getting fired from All-American Burger, we see an extra scene of Brad angrily ripping up a Coke advertising poster above his bed.

    10. A scene occurs after Damone had ditched Stacy and Linda tries to comfort her.

    11. A scene is shown during the dance when Spicoli and his pals are getting high in the bathroom.

    12. At the dance, Mr. Hand is signing class yearbooks.


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