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A poor man's James Bond
gridoon11 October 2005
Playing a cross between James Bond and Jackie Chan, Sho Kosugi is likable enough, but unlike Jackie when he does a stunt the camera is too far away from him and it's hard to know if he is doubled or not (if you stick around for the end credits, you'll discover that he WAS doubled on at least two occasions), and unlike Bond the action of the movie is limited to one location (Malta) most of the time, plus there isn't too much of it. Jean Claude Van Damme makes an awesome villain, but his two major showdowns with Kosugi are rather disappointing. In the role of a female CIA agent, Doran Clark handles her two opportunities for action capably - she should have gotten more. The funniest thing about this film is that Kosugi shows little chemistry with his on-screen kids, even though they are his kids in real life as well! (**)
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watchable,but nothing spectacular
disdressed127 April 2011
this action movie staring Shô Kosugi and Jean-Claude Van Damme was not all that exciting,but it was watchable enough.there isn't really a lot of action in the movie.Van Damme plays one of the villains here and has two showdowns with Kosugi.both fight scenes are OK,but not thing spectacular and of very short duration.the movie itself wasn't boring,but it wasn't exactly exciting's one of movies where you can take it or leave it.i doubt i would watch again anytime has a rating of 3.2 here on this site.i would rate it a bit higher than that,as i didn't find it awful,just underwhelming.for me,Black Eagle is a low 5/10
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Seems every time Van Damme plays a bad guy he does his mute method acting
DunnDeeDaGreat27 May 2003
Black Eagle was released a few months after Van Damme became a star with Bloodsport. The film could have made Van Damme a wash up but luckily he didn't. The martial arts chorography in the film is very sloppy and the fight scene between Sho Khogusi and Van Damme is weak. Skip this one.
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Did they re-shoot after Van Damme's success?
Mikey (MikeyMo_nl)8 September 2006
Strange movie this is. It's a typical 80's action movie trying to be a James Bond film (with Van Damme in the Jaws role) with two non-English leads (the heavy accents are all over the place) and it works on no level at all.

The story is plain stupid and could probably be resolved in real life through simple diplomacy or a quick Navy Seals operation. But of course this is one-man operation and boring it is...

Set against the background off Malta only one men can take on a ship full of evil Russians while entertaining his kids on vacation (and I'm not making that up). What surprises me about the man that goes by the codename of Black Eagle is how 1-dimensional his character is considering he has the most screen time and they tried to flesh him out by having his kids around. he stays bland, but then again he has no charisma at all...

Then Van Damme, here having about half the amount of lines Ah-nold had in Terminator he comes off as a baddie we all like. He gets more physics to display, he gets the cool moves, he even is more fleshed out (physical and character-wise) then the good guy. At the end I was just hoping Van Damme would knock his lights out.

Unless you're watching a horror film (allthough this movie is a horror to watch) you're not supposed to root for the bad guy. But I was. I'm thinking they re-shot scenes making van Damme's character more likable after the success of Bloodsport, but it messes the movie up even more....
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Malta is the real star of this feature
naughtyjimmy26 February 2016
Granted, this is not a great movie by any measure. Its plot, acting and direction are enjoyable but not really memorable.

And I'm no expert in martial arts movies, so I can't review Sho Kosugi and Jean-Claude Van Damme fighting performances in this flick.

But I nevertheless find it to be an entertaining and refreshing movie because:

a) It is slow-paced compared to movies churned out by Hollywood nowadays. I can't stand shaky cam photography nor "frantic" editing. I find 1980s pop-corn flicks quite relaxing.

b) It is full of nice sights of Malta, a location you very rarely see in motion pictures. Its fortifications, distinctive architecture, sunny beaches, beautiful landscapes... It's quite refreshing to enjoy the beauties of an oft-overlooked location in movie-making. Malta is the real star of this picture.

c) Doran Clark. She's a beautiful woman and quite convincing as the CIA agent "babysitting" the two kids. Why we haven't seen her in more movies is beyond me.

All in all, this flick is a guilty pleasure, but for good reasons.
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Good Kick Flick
qormi17 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, they weren't working with the biggest budget here. The plot was a little confusing - if an American plane sunk in the waters off Malta, why doesn't the U.S.Navy send all its resources to retrieve it? Malta is their ally, after all. What's with all the covert stuff? This would be an overt operation. The Russians, meanwhile, are trying to get the jet with the high tech systems on board before the Americans do. It would have been difficult for them if the Americans had about ten ships and ten helicopters searching the waters. But no... they need to send for their #1 agent to do it alone. Pleease!!! Before sending for the Black Eagle, another U.S. agent was assigned. He was caught by the Russians and subsequently dispatched by Van Damme. What was he doing? Trying to attach a homing device to the Russian vessel. Homing device? Why? Malta is seventeen miles long at its widest point. Were they afraid of losing the ship?? Van Damme was cool as the evil Russian guy. In the two fight sequences with the Black Eagle, he actually beat him - the Black Eagle retreated both times before he got killed; both times diving into the water after receiving a beating from Van Damme's character, Andre. Then, Andre first gets shot by the Black Eagle's sidekick, then he gets sucked into a boat's propeller after diving into the water to save his girlfriend. The Black Eagle is the first action hero to get his butt kicked by the bad guy and run away both times! Good location shooting on Malta, a very historical island and fun vacation spot. One funny note: At the end of the film, Black Eagle and his kids are supposed to be in Rome. They are standing at a street corner, looking at the Coliseum. The street corner is obviously still in Malta and it looks as if the camera panned a closeup of a postcard of the Coliseum. Like I said, not much of a budget here.
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Jean Claude Van Damme loses the cold war
modius12 February 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea what this film is actually about. Is it about Soviet Forces putting heavy pressure on the Maltese government to become a Soviet satellite country? Is it about a laser weapon? I don't really know, and to be honest the film never really cares about the plot, the characters or indeed the fighting sequences.

Van Damme plays Andrei, a tough KGB trained guy - who for some reason works on a Russian trawler and performs splits at will and karate katas for the amusement or bemusement of the trawler workers.

Kogushi hams up his role as the American 007 equipped with ninja like weaponary and a tux to boot. For some odd reason, he thinks its a good idea to take his kids to Malta as well - naturally they are kidnapped.

The fight sequences between Van Damme and Kogusi are sparse and lighthearted attempts at the "warrior code" - Kogusi smiles at Damme, and Damme smiles back whilst performing a split - which bemuses Kogusi - he doesn't know how to fight back against a guy who does the splits.

In a hilariousily bad and cop-out ending, Anderei (Van Damme) is killed by being thrown overboard and pulled into the Trawler's water blades...oh dear, what an opportunity lost.

Overall: 1/10
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P. U.
MmeMadness31 December 2002
This not only was Van Damms' worst movie, it might have been one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I found myself fast-forwarding to the fight scenes and they were not even worth watching. Thank goodness I borrowed this from a neighbor so it didn't cost me anything except the time I wasted watching if.
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Watch a Bond movie instead
sveknu16 May 2005
This movie looked really cool on the DVD-cover. In addition, this is in 1988, the same year that van Damme starred in Bloodsport. Because of this, the movie had a great potential. Unfortunately, potential doesn't mean anything at all. This movie was in fact a VERY bad one. The plot is surprisingly equal to a Bond movie. An American airplane with a new laser guidance system crashes in the Mediterranena sea. The movie takes place on Malta, where both Soviets and Americans want to get their hands on this airplane. The lead in this movie is not van Damme, but instead Sho Kosugi who plays some kind of American agent. It was surprising to see van Damme as some kind of bad guy, and as a Soviet. The action scenes in this movie are very bad. So is the story, and totally this means that the movie sucks.
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Great chase scene
zeroic29 April 2003
Gotta love the movie just for the sakes that Jean-Claude Van Damme is driving a VAZ-2105 in the awesome chase scene! Otherwise the movie is pretty weak. There isn't enough high adrenaline pumped action, and the plot is weak as a senior's back. Love the mediterranean views though.
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