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Mississippi Burning [1988] Blu-ray Review

Director: Alan Parker

Starring: Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe, Frances McDormand

Certificate: 18

Running Time: 129 minutes

Special Features: ‘Through the Storm’ – An interview with director Alan Parker / ‘Remembering Mississippi Burning’ – An interview with actor Willem Dafoe / ‘Under Siege’ – An interview with writer Chris Gerolma / Audio Commentary with Alan Parker

Originally released in 1988 and set in 1964, Alan Parker’s Mississippi Burning is based around one of the most notorious race-related murders in recent American history. What’s particularly disturbing is that, if the media is to believed, the States still has one of the worst records with racial tension now and with the film’s tagline ‘When America was at War with itself’, you could allege they continue to create their own horrific issues to this day.

Parker has always been a director to examine and reveal a certain type of story but especially those that affect real people. Mississippi Burning focuses around two FBI agents,
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Thanks to the Emmys, one actress is now a Grammy short of Egot

  • Hitfix
Thanks to the Emmys, one actress is now a Grammy short of Egot
As any fan of "Tgs with Tracy Jordan" can tell you, the Egot is a sacred entertainment quadrivium. Why else would you be an entertainer unless you wanted an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony? Following Sunday's Emmys, one actress is now a Grammy away from the complete Egot. Can you guess who it is? The Egot contender is Frances McDormand. McDormand won an Oscar for "Fargo" (and she was nominated for "Mississippi Burning," "Almost Famous," and "North Country"), a Tony for "Good People" (in addition to another nomination for the '88 revival of "A Streetcar Named Desire"), and on Sunday she picked up an Emmy Award for "Olive Kitteridge." Like Jeremy Irons, Vanessa Redgrave, Helen Mirren, Al Pacino, and Geoffrey Rush, she just needs the Grammy to achieve the full Egot. We recommend recording an audiobook of a Kipling anthology Asap. You know Irons is perfecting his Baloo impression as we speak.
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Win Mississippi Burning on Blu-ray

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To mark the release of Mississippi Burning on 14th September, we’ve been given 3 copies to give away on Blu-ray. This powerful film stars Hollywood heavyweights Gene Hackman (The French Connection), Willem Dafoe (Platoon) and Frances McDormand (Fargo). When three civil rights activists go missing deep in Ku Klux Klan territory, the FBI are called

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Whoopi Goldberg Producing Movie on Emmett Till

Whoopi Goldberg Producing Movie on Emmett Till
Whoopi Goldberg, Keith A. Beauchamp and Frederick Zollo are teaming up to produce a film about Emmett Till’s murder in 1955.

The film, titled “Till,” will go into production early next year. In addition to Goldberg, Beauchamp and Zollo, producers also include Thomas K. Levine, Paul Kurta and Susan Rose.

Till, 14, was tortured and lynched on Aug. 28, 1955, after reportedly whistling at a white woman while visiting relatives in Money, Miss. His murder ignited the Civil Rights Movement.

Till” will be based on Beauchamp’s 2004 documentary “The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till,” and Simeon Wright’s “Simeon’s Story: An Eyewitness Account of the Kidnapping of Emmett Till.” Beauchamp’s film led the U.S. government to reopen the Till case in 2007.

Producers are launching a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the production.

“Here is a story that is as much a part of American history as the
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Locarno Film Review: ‘The People vs. Fritz Bauer’

Locarno Film Review: ‘The People vs. Fritz Bauer’
Nazi war criminals being brought to justice has made for great cinema in everything from 1961’s “Judgment at Nuremberg” to last year’s “Labyrinth of Lies.” But those trials are just the tip of the iceberg in “The People vs. Fritz Bauer,” a stiff historical thriller that dramatizes the obstacles that tenacious state attorney general Bauer faced in prosecuting the architects of Auschwitz while Germany’s postwar government was still infested with the same politicians who’d been in power under Hitler. Though relatively conservative in its approach, Lars Kraume’s teleplay-style treatment of a still-touchy subject has the nerve to name names, implicating everyone from chancellor Konrad Adenauer to Mercedes-Benz. Stylistically, the film looks more or less the way a pro forma 1957 telling of the same incidents might, though Kraume doesn’t pull punches or shy away from how Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, the Bnd, used Kraume’s homosexuality to muzzle him.
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Alan Parker Receives BFI Tribute, Donates Working Archive

London — The British Film Institute is to pay tribute to director Alan Parker, who was Oscar nominated for “Midnight Express” and “Mississippi Burning,” with a special event that marks his decision to donate his entire working archive to the BFI National Archive.

The event, titled “Focus on Sir Alan Parker,” runs from Sept. 24 to Oct. 25. It includes an onstage interview between Parker and producer David Puttnam on Sept. 24, and screenings of the 1978 movie “Midnight Express,” which was produced by Puttnam, and Parker’s 1976 feature debut, “Bugsy Malone.”

There will be two exhibitions as part of the focus: The first offers a peek into the Parker archive, while the second exhibit will showcase Parker’s cartoon work.

Parker’s films included “Angela’s Ashes,” “Fame,” “Pink Floyd — The Wall,” “The Commitments” and “Evita.” In 1998, he was appointed chairman of the BFI, and in 1999 he was made chairman of the U.K.
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Wamg Interview: Actor Michael Rooker – Guardians Of The Galaxy, Walking Dead

Pop culture comes to life in St. Louis next month! It’s the Wizard World Comic Con May 22nd through the 24th at America’s Center downtown (701 Convention Plaza – St. Louis, Mo 63101). As usual, Wizard World has an impressive line-up of celebrity guests including Elvira, Christian Kane, and George Romero, but the star I’m most excited to meet is actor Michael Rooker.

Michael Rooker was born in Jasper, Alabama in 1955. He has eight brothers and sisters. His parents divorced when he was 13 years old, and he moved with his mother and siblings to Chicago, Illinois, where he studied at the Goodman School of Drama. Rooker made his feature film debut by playing the title character in the gritty 1985 horror classic Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer. He followed this with significant big-screen roles in Tombstone, Days Of Thunder, Cliffhanger, JFK, Mississippi Burning, Sea Of Love, The Dark Half, Mallrats,
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Jeremy Irons, 'Exorcist' Director William Friedkin Set for Paris' Champs-Elysees Film Festival

Jeremy Irons, 'Exorcist' Director William Friedkin Set for Paris' Champs-Elysees Film Festival
Jeremy Irons will rule over this year's Champs-Elysees Film Festival in Paris, serving as president of the event's fourth edition and giving a master-class during the week-long outing that celebrates American and French film. He will share the president duties with Cannes best actress winner Emilie Dequenne (Rosetta). A retrospective of some of their work will be shown, and each of them will select a favorite American and French film to showcase. Oscar nominee Alan Parker (Mississippi Burning, Midnight Express) and Oscar winner William Friedkin (French Connection, The Exorcist) will also be on hand to give master-classes as part

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Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis May 22-24 – Great Line-Up of Movie Guests

Pop culture comes to life in St. Louis next month! It’s the Wizard World Comic Con May 22nd through the 24th at America’s Center downtown (701 Convention Plaza – St. Louis, Mo 63101), and boy oh boy, do they have an amazing line-up of guests!

Sure, you got the comic artists and cosplayers, wrestlers, a St. Louis Ram, a Power Ranger, and of course the ubiquitous Walking Dead stars, but what We Are Movie Geeks is most excited about are the celebrities from movies that will be on hand: Horror legend George Romero, Sharknado legend Tara Reid, horror hostess with the mostest (if you know what I mean) Elvira, Guardians Of The Galaxy tough guy Dave Bautista, Henry the serial killer himself Michael Rooker, Do The Right Thing’s ‘Buggin Out’ Giancarlo Esposito. Lord of the Rings Trilogy’s Pippin Billy Boyd, Captain America squeeze Hayley Atwell, and Silent Bob’s buddy Jay aka Jason Mewes.
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Alan Parker: I won't direct another film

  • Den of Geek
"Directors do not improve with age", says Alan Parker, as he also chats about turning down Harry Potter...

Across Sir Alan Parker's career, he's made some very strong films. Birdy, The Commitments, Mississippi Burning, Fame, Angel Heart and Bugsy Malone instantly spring to mind. And heck, we've got a soft spot for The Road To Wellville, too.

However, Parker hasn't directed a movie since 2003's The Life Of David Gale. And he's now told the Bari International Film Festival that he has no plans to direct another. "Directors do not improve with age, they repeat themselves", he said during a session at the festival. "And while there are exceptions, their work generally does not get any better. This is the reason why I have decided not to make any more films".

He also added that the last screenplay that he penned "was the best thing I've ever created", but
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Oscars: Variety Critics and Pundits Debate the Films

Oscars: Variety Critics and Pundits Debate the Films
We asked Variety’s trio of top critics and our awards gurus to weigh in on 2014 cinematically with these questions:

1. How do you rate 2014 against other years cinematically?

2. What is the scandal/most talked or not talked about issue of the year?

3. What aspect of the year in film made you stand up and say bravo?

Here are their answers.

Tim Gray, Awards Editor

1. I can’t answer this question until 2030, when we see what movies held up. But until then, I would rate the year highly. That’s based on the fact that we have at least four movies that could easily win best picture, and deserve to. Some years, it’s slim pickings, but there are some terrific films this year.

2. The most unsettling story is the Sony hacking. I feel bad for all those people who had their Social Security numbers and private information made public. And
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​Oscars 2015: It's All About the Little Things

  • Moviefone
Much will be made of the victories at Sunday night's Golden Globes and the impact they'll have on the Oscar race, but the truth is, they'll barely have any. For Academy members, voting on the Oscar nominations ended three days before the Globe ceremony (the results of that vote will be announced this Thursday, Jan. 15), and voting on which of those nominees deserve prizes doesn't begin until February 6, far enough in the future for many voters to forget who won Globes on Jan. 11.

What, then, does matter at this stage of the game? Here's a hint: it's not lofty, thoughtful deliberations, based on a year of observant moviegoing, of which films and performers displayed the most aesthetic merit. Rather, it's the little things.

For instance, did President Lyndon B. Johnson actually order FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover to extort Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. into submission, or did Hoover simply
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DuVernay's 'Selma': Remembering Rev. King-Led March in 1965 Is Reminder of Ferguson 2014

'Selma' movie review: Politically salient in the early 21st century and 'beautiful in all the ways of cinema' (photo: David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King Jr. in 'Selma') The title of director Ava DuVernay's historical drama Selma tells us what the film is about, while implying what it isn't about. In other words, Selma is not about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -- wonderfully played by British actor David Oyelowo -- even though the reverend is the film's gravitational center and its emotional weight accrues to him. Just like what took place in Selma, Alabama, back in 1965. In fact, Oyelowo's presence is as transfixing as that of the young Ben Kingsley in his transformative interpretation of Gandhi in Sir Richard Attenborough's 1982 titular classic about one of Dr. King's inspirational figures. Unlike Gandhi, however, Selma is a single canvas on which a few months in Dr.
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Off the Carpet: 'Unbroken,' 'Selma,' 'Sniper' in the headlines as Oscar voting begins

  • Hitfix
Off the Carpet: 'Unbroken,' 'Selma,' 'Sniper' in the headlines as Oscar voting begins
And we're truly off. Ballots are in hands. Academy voters, who hopefully spent as much time soaking up the year's offerings through screeners and screenings over the holiday break as they did hitting the slopes, will be putting pencil to paper, finger to keyboard beginning Monday with an 11-day voting window closing on Jan. 8. Let's see what's happening in the lead-up to that stretch… At the box office, "Unbroken" is all the rage. The film, already riding the coattails of a best-selling book, took advantage of a holiday release frame that had very little in the way of adult drama competition. It was ultimately critic-proof, as audiences are digging it and Academy members may well, too. On the limited release side of things, meanwhile, was "American Sniper," which sailed to a record $212,000 average from four theaters over the four-day weekend. Each film landed in the "A" Cinemascore range with audiences,
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'Ascension' review: Back to the future again, but with a twist

'Ascension' review: Back to the future again, but with a twist
In the first season of Mad Men, in the episode entitled "The Wheel," pitchman poet Don Draper reframed a carousel slide projector as a time machine and defined the word "nostalgia" not as "a sentimental longing" or "wistful recollection of the past" but by the Greek meaning, "pain from an old wound." Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner not only gave us a way of understanding his show and its haunted antihero but also a perspective on '60s nostalgia in general, a genre of entertainment unto itself. It began in earnest in the 1980s, when the thirtysomethings who suffered the history of Platoon,
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Scorsese Plans "Cortes" Series For HBO

  • Dark Horizons
HBO has announced that is developing "Cortes," a high-profile drama series about Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes who brought the Aztec empire to its knees.

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese is set to direct the pilot and executive produce the series alongside "Mississippi Burning" scribe Chris Gerolmo and actor Benicio Del Toro. Del Toro himself is said to be interested in starring as Cortes.

The series will have three leads, the other two being Mayan woman Malinche who helped Cortes, and Aztec leader Montezuma whom Cortes befriended and ultimately had executed.

The series will explore his legacy and actions which, whilst extending the power of the Spanish Empire and winning Mexico for Spain, also saw him committing mass murder and wiping out one of the most famous civilizations in history.

Laura Bickford, Rick Yorn and Emma Tillinger Koskoff will also executive produce.

Source: Deadline
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Aztec empire drama coming to HBO from Martin Scorsese, Benicio Del Toro

  • SoundOnSight
While everyone is busy labeling Marco Polo as Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones, HBO is looking for their own new project big enough and worthy enough of inspiring copycats, and they may have found it with a new series now in development from Executive Producers Martin Scorsese and Benicio Del Toro.

Deadline reported Tuesday that Cortes, created by Chris Gerolmo (Mississippi Burning), is a high profile drama about Hernán Cortés, the Spanish conquistador who came to the Aztec empire and eventually brought it to ruin, claiming Mexico for Spain in the process. Here’s Deadline’s full plot summary:

Cortes will tell the sweeping story of Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, who brought down the Aztec empire; Malinche, the Mayan girl who helped him do it; and Montezuma, the Aztec leader he befriended and finally put in chains.

Deadline has Scorsese billed as both a producer and director, and
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Martin Scorsese Plans Cortes Series With HBO

Martin Scorsese Plans Cortes Series With HBO
Martin Scorsese has yet another project bubbling away, though it’s one that, like Boardwalk Empire, he’s largely involved in shepherding rather than the day-to-day work. He’s assisting Mississippi Burning writer Chris Gerolmo with developing Cortes for HBO.The show is aiming to tell the epic story of Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, who battled the Aztec empire and brought it down, Malinche, the Mayan girl who was by his side as he did, and Montezuma (more accurately spelled 'Moctezuma'), the leader he first befriended and then locked in chains. Depending on your point of view, he was either a saint or a sinner, a hero or an invading menace who helped to destroy one of the greatest civilisations known to man. It's a compelling enough subject that Steven Spielberg is also planning a film based on the story. Benicio Del Toro is also involved in the gestating series as an executive producer,
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Benicio Del Toro And Martin Scorsese Developing Cortes TV Series At HBO

HBO’s successful track record for period dramas looks set to continue if this latest piece of industry chatter comes to fruition. This time, they are taking a step into the history of Latin America. As of today, the premium cable network are setting the wheels in motion for a drama series inspired by the life of the Spanish conquistador, Cortes.

While still in the early stages of development, the show has already acquired a slew of big hitters. Martin Scorsese is attached to direct, Mississippi Burning writer Chris Gerolmo is poised at the keys to pen the episodes, and Benicio Del Toro is reportedly keen to tackle the leading role. All three will executive produce along with Laura Bickford, Rick Yorn and Emma Tillinger Koskoff.

According to Deadline, who nabbed the exclusive, Cortes “will tell the story of Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, who brought down the Aztec empire; Malinche,
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TV: Martin Scorsese & Benicio Del Toro Team For 'Cortes,' Remake Of 'Luther' In The Works & More

  • The Playlist
He's played Pablo Escobar and Che Guevara, and Benicio Del Toro is adding another famous figure to his resumé. And it's in a project with a director he was once in line to team up with, but it seems they've finally found something they can collaborate on. Del Toro is eyeing the title role in "Cortes," a new series Martin Scorsese has brewing at HBO. Chris Gerolmo ("Mississippi Burning") penned the show that tells "the sweeping story of Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, who brought down the Aztec empire; Malinche, the Mayan girl who helped him do it; and Montezuma, the Aztec leader he befriended and finally put in chains." Historical dramas seem to be the new black for cable outlets, with Netflix debuting "Marco Polo" next month. As for Scorsese and Del Toro, they were once going to make to the director's long-developing "Silence," which would also have starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Gael Garcia.
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