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Gotta admit, I have a soft spot for this one...
berndogg2411 January 2000
I saw this movie many years ago after a party I was at. Me and my buddy, obviously drunk from the festivities, were two of a handful that had decided to crash at our friends house, and while the rest were asleep, we watched this really bad movie...but we enjoyed the hell out of it!! We laughed, even though it's not a comedy (I think), we cried ( because it was just so bad!), and overall, we talked about it for many days. Now I saw this movie many months later, mind you I was sober, and it just didn't have the same gripping hold on me. I really can't figure it out.......But, it will always be a film that I will fondly remember, so in that case I have a soft spot for it. It's also cool to see Uncle Leo from Seinfeld trying to act tough. Why he never got nominated for an Oscar for this film, I will just never know.
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awesome film from the 80's
theruiner66321 August 2006
OK if your into cheesy horror movies from the 80s and want a great laugh then you must watch this film! I've seen most of them and this is the bottom of the barrel for me so far. and i died laughing every time i watch this movie! its like watching acting from a porno but without the sex. there's so much into this film like, an escaped prisoner on the loose that looks like the singer from journey, there's an eerie old man lurking about, a talking cave that gives powers to whomever gives it blood, and a creature looking to kill cause the cave wants more blood for some reason, its never enough with him. i love this film not cause of quality but cause it makes me laugh!!! so if your into that then you will love this movie!!!
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Only if you are desperate.
bigpappa1--227 June 2000
A bunch of sorority girls are killed off by a rubber faced creature from hell. An ultra low budgeted horror film with unconvincing (even by slasher film standards) effects and acting. It also features every cliche in the book. But the girls do get naked and there is some sex. That is always a good thing. So I am not going to dub it one of the worse films of all time, but I will say it is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!! My Rating: 3 out of 10.
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Not half as much fun as the title.
capkronos28 July 2003
Four sorority girls take a much-needed vacation from the pressures of school (after showering and changing clothes for about ten minutes, of course) and travel to a secluded cabin in the woods with their boyfriends. All is well until an archaeologist excavating a nearby cave awakens an entity that possesses him, turning him into a murderous creature. To relieve viewer boredom before the tame killing scenes occur, Debbie Dutch dances in a bra-less half-shirt and Dori Courtney messes around with her boyfriend in the hot tub and runs around in the woods topless.

This micro budgeted Super 8 production should have been funnier, the creature is barely seen and the face on the cave wall with glowing eyes and echo voice is awful. You'd be much better off watching SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA or SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE 2 as far as sorority girl horror comedies go.
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My comment is harsh!
The_Movie_Queen11 May 2004
OMG this film was so awful that it was funny! The dialogue was the poorest I've ever seen! The acting was even worse! The director - where was he?

It's not surprising that the writer and director John McBrearty has only worked on this film, and no other! the guy hasn't a clue! nor has his wife who co wrote this piece of trash!

However if you want a pi$$ take out of a film, and have a few laughs along the way, then watch it purely for this purpose alone! I managed 30 minutes and that was just because I was in shock!
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Straw Bodies and Paper Mache Masks
DrMetal9 December 1999
What the heck was this garbage? This was the worst stinking movie I have ever seen (Redneck Zombies a very close second). What kind of writer decides that an anthropologist, or whatever he was, is going to go into a cave, come across a paper mache mask glued to the wall of the cavern, and witness the "obvious" Christmas tree lights turn on behind the mask's eyes and hear the infamous words..."AAAahhhhh... you will serve me in blood!" and proceed to turn into the Creature from Hell. I rate this movie a negative 23 on a 0 to 10 scale. Don't waste your money folks... it's better to go out and buy a "tickle me Elmo" doll because, at least, you can punt this baby around your yard and feel good about it!
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Gutter Garbage For the B Folks.
drhackenstine20 December 2005
Stupid girls and a couple of their oh-so annoying boyfriends head out to a cabin(which is pretty nice) for a weekend of whatever have you. Something in a cave is awakened, a mask on the wall growls, flares it's glowing eyes, and soon the cast starts dying. Very typical B movie trash to come out in the early '90's. It found a home on the USA Network for a while on Up All Night, and was good there, but is painfully useless otherwise. Many stupid scenes with lame characters, but it does benefit a little bit from Uncle Leo from Seinfeld in a supporting role. Lame horror movies with no-budget are fun, and this is good for a view, it's just nothing you should add to your top 10 list of bad movies to see, unless of course you've seen them all. Hokey, campy, and cheesy, with barely any talent on display from anyone involved. Two Stars.
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Perfectly awful.
HumanoidOfFlesh11 November 2002
I've seen plenty of bad movies and "Sorority Girls and the Creature From Hell" is on my Worst Ten list.This film is so incredibly awful it has to be seen to be believed.The acting is extremely bad,the special effects are totally horrible and the script is laughable.There is even no gore!I am a bit surprised that something like this even exists...maybe it's some kind of a f***ing joke!Anyway avoid this one like the plague-rent porn instead and you'll feel better I guess!
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Possibly one of the worst films of all time!
jv-524 September 1999
No, not just POSSIBLY one of the IS the worst film of all time. A real stinker. The director ought to be taken out and shot. If you ever get the urge to rent this piece of garbage--if you can even find it anywhere--do yourself a favor and rent something far more watchable, like "Plan 9 From Outer Space."
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