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Lonely Housewives in Suburbia
Uriah4315 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This film begins with a psychiatrist by the name of "Dr. Henri Legrand" (George Cooper) discussing the topic of infidelity as it pertains to housewives living in the suburbs. The cases he talks about are those in which he has had related to him by some of his own patients. The first case involves a married woman by the name of "Helena Fox" (Helena Clayton) who is angry with her husband because he allows his job to interfere with their marriage. As a result, she first seduces the television repairman--and three weeks later--the milkman in an act of retribution toward her husband for being absent so much. Immediately afterward Dr. Legrand then details another case involving a married woman named "Parsi Palmer" (Hidie Shnee) who is suffering from the same feelings of loneliness and seduces a man who ends up being a transvestite. Further scenes involving other women include bondage, lesbianism and nymphomania. Unfortunately, none of these scenes were very erotic and this resulted in the movie turning out to be rather dull over all. At least that was my impression of it. On that note, however, I should probably mention that the version I saw was only 59 minutes in length as compared to the 82 minutes listed on IMDb. So it is possible that there were some scenes left out of the particular version I viewed. In any case, since I can only comment on the 59-minute version I have rated it accordingly. Below average.
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