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Philadelphia Inquirer
A feel-good movie, in the absolute best sense.
This is the Paris -- and the mad, beautiful young Parisienne -- we look for in dreams.
Entertainment Weekly
The charming movie, already an international success, seduces.
Chicago Sun-Times
A delicious pastry of a movie -- You see it, and later when you think about it, you smile.
Irresistibly endearing, with a visual verve all its own.
Boston Globe
Delightful and original, the film conjures up a corner of Paris distinct and specific, yet fairy-tale fanciful.
Miami Herald
At two hours, the movie is probably 15 minutes too long -- the final half-hour in particular could have used some trimming -- but complaining about having too much of a good thing makes one sound like a grouch.
Wall Street Journal
An endearing film, and a fascinating one.
San Francisco Chronicle
A charmer, a movie whose embrace of cinema is so passionate it could be mistaken for an embrace of life.
The barometer for whether you'll enjoy Amélie is whether you liked "Moulin Rouge" last summer. If snappy visuals, tangy colors, mood-drenched scenery, and a good-hearted heroine make you as happy as a box of Parisian chocolates, it's definitely for you.
New York Daily News
Whether you're charmed or bored by the movie depends entirely on your feelings for Amelie, a young woman whose hyper-quirky personality both takes some getting used to and grows old fast.
Features an aggressive, in-your-face romanticism that's noticeably lacking in genuine warmth. While its story of lonely misfits searching for love has appealing moments, more often it turns into an overbearing fable overburdened with fake joie de vivre.

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