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Great Shows You've Never Seen: "jPod"

Have you ever heard of the author Douglas Coupland? He writes novels with a comical nod to pop culture, though the main plot might be gravely serious. In the case of jPod, it was just another book about that generation of young professionals who graduated in an era when computer science was the hottest destination under the sun. Coupland wrote a few books about this generation (they’re all worth checking out), but only jPod found its way as a television show. Guess what? You probably never heard of it. But you really ought to seek it out.

The series’ single season aired in 2008, ran for 13 episodes and ended with a cliffhanger. Basically, Ethan (David Kopp) can’t keep his work life and his private life separate. It’s not his fault though. His mother Carol (Sherry Miller), has a pot farm in her basement (a damned good one too
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