Love Actually (2003) Poster


Andrew Lincoln: Mark



  • [on sheets of poster board] 

    Mark : With any luck, by next year - I'll be going out with one of these girls.

    [shows pictures of beautiful supermodels] 

    Mark : But for now, let me say - Without hope or agenda - Just because it's Christmas - And at Christmas you tell the truth - To me, you are perfect - And my wasted heart will love you - Until you look like this.

    [picture of a mummy] 

    Mark : Merry Christmas.

  • Juliet : [after watching Mark's video of her]  But... you never talk to me. You always talk to Peter. You don't like me.

    Mark : I hope it's useful. Don't show it around too much. It needs a bit of editing. Look, I've gotta get to a lunch. Early lunch. You can just show yourself out, can't you?


    Mark : It's a... self-preservation thing, you see.

  • [At the altar, just before Peter is married] 

    Peter : No surprises?

    Mark : No surprises.

    Peter : Not like the stag night?

    Mark : Unlike the stag night.

    Peter : Do you admit the Brazilian prostitutes were a mistake?

    Mark : I do.

    Peter : And it would have been much better if they'd not turned out to be men?

    Mark : That is true.

  • Juliet : I thought I might be able to swap it for some pie or... or maybe Munchies?

    Mark : Actually, I was being serious. I don't know where it is. I'll have a poke around tonight...

    Juliet : Mark, can I say something?

    Mark : Yeah.

    Juliet : I know you're Peter's best friend and I know you've never particularly warmed to me. Look, don't... don't argue. We've never got friendly. But I just wanted to say, I hope that can change. I'm nice. I really am. Apart from my terrible taste in pie and... It would be great if we could be friends.

    Mark : Absolutely.

    Juliet : Great.

    Mark : Doesn't mean we'll be able to find the video, though. I had a real search when you first called and couldn't any trace of it, so...

    Juliet : Well, there's one here that says "Peter and Juliet's Wedding". Do you think we might be on the right track?

  • Mark : Enough. Enough now.

  • Juliet : Banoffee pie?

    Mark : No, thanks.

    Juliet : Thank God. You would've broken my heart if you'd said yes.

    Mark : Oh, right. Well, lucky you.

  • [about Peter] 

    Sarah : Do you love him?

    Mark : Uh, b- What?

    Sarah : No, I... I just thought I'd ask the blunt question.

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