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Wondering What Happens to King Ezekiel in The Walking Dead's Comics?

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Image Source: AMC We've only just met the charismatic King Ezekiel on this season of The Walking Dead, but he's already made a pretty huge impression. Carol and Morgan meet the leader at a new community called the Kingdom; this settlement is a little more rose-tinted than Rick's Alexandria or Negan's Sanctuary. In fact, Carol insists Ezekiel is selling his people a fairy tale. But as we know in the universe of The Walking Dead, nothing stays pristine for too long, and the Kingdom is already organizing with Rick to take down the Saviors. If you can't wait to see what becomes of him, we're outlining everything that happens in The Walking Dead comic books. Related:What Happens in the Walking Dead Comic Books After Negan's Brutal Entrance3 Vital Things We Know About the Virus on The Walking Dead Now, we know that King Ezekiel is well acquainted with the Saviors.
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Daryl Dixon Isn't in The Walking Dead Comic Books, but Are His Stories?

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Seeing as The Walking Dead is based on a long-running comic book series, it's nearly impossible not to compare the two. In fact, it can sometimes provide a distinct advantage: we can look into the fates of characters like King Ezekiel and the evil monster, Negan. And of course, we can't help but note the biggest differences between the two. When it comes to differences, the TV show has one glaring addition that sticks out above all else. We're talking about Daryl Dixon. By now, it's pretty common knowledge that Daryl doesn't exist in The Walking Dead's comic books. Even those who don't read them have likely heard about his absence. Even so, it's tempting to wonder whether Daryl appears in the comic books in another form. Namely, has he absorbed the storylines of other characters along the way? We did some digging into the books and arrived at an interesting answer.
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The Walking Dead Is "Getting to a Breaking Point" in the Second Half of Season 7

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We're just days away from the return of The Walking Dead, which means we're inching closer to the all-out war with supervillain Negan. In the time since the midseason finale, we've been scrounging for details on the second half of season seven; we've overanalyzed teaser images, mulled over that ominous finale postcredits scene, and watched the latest teaser over and over. Now there's a new clip out, featuring fresh footage and testimonials from some of the show's biggest players. And, damn, it sounds like sh*t really is about to hit the fan. Related:The Walking Dead Has Nowhere to Go But Up in 2017The Walking Dead: Yep, We're Already Starting to Get Details About Season 85 Theories For How Negan Could Die on The Walking Dead
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Holy Sh*t: The Walking Dead Is Definitely Prepping For "All Out War" With Negan

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Were you feeling bored by all the single-story nonsense during The Walking Dead's Fall slate? Well, we have some potentially exciting news. By now, you probably know that the seventh season's remaining episodes will begin airing on Feb. 12. This week, new images and a synopsis from AMC came forth to suggest that we're finally going to get some action. If you're familiar with what happens to Negan in the comics, you'll know this means one thing: it's time for war. According to AMC's official synopsis, Rick and the crew are "preparing for war and gathering the supplies and numbers to take Negan down once and for all." Rick and Alexandria, of course, will "need the numbers of the Kingdom and the Hilltop," meaning we could see the various communities converge into one massive army before the season's end. The summary also teases that we're in for "treachery from people we trust,
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Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2016 Emmys

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Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2016 Emmys
The 2016 Emmy Awards are a long way off -- September 18, to be exact -- but we already know who will host them: Jimmy Kimmel. ABC announced Kimmel's gig today. It's not a huge surprise. ABC gets the Emmys this year and the job typically goes to a member of the late night roster of whichever channel is hosting the show (unless it's Fox, which doesn't have a late night show and so has to rely on primetime comedic talent like Andy Samberg and Jane Lynch). "I am excited to host the Emmys again," Kimmel said. "I have a feeling I'm going to be great." Kimmel last hosted the Emmys back in 2012. At the time, Hitfix called him one of the worst parts of the show, being "embarrassingly self-serving" and "a bore." Nowhere to go but up, Jimmy! Good luck!
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New Posters for Sin City 2, Evil, Tombstones, Left Behind, and Tammy

Hey, fans of movie posters, we got five new posters for ya today. Check them out below if you’re so inclined. Up first, here’s Nicolas Cage looking very confused in the first poster for Cage’s “Left Behind,” a remake of a movie series starring Kirk Cameron. Nowhere to go but up, right? So when Robert Rodriguez and company released some character posters for his “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” recently, I wondered where the titular dame was. Ask and you shall receive — here’s Eva Green looking saucy (and definitely to kill for): The latest poster for Melissa McCarthy’s “Tammy” knows exactly where it’s bread is buttered. That’s, uh, with Melissa McCarthy Fyi: Scott Derrickson’s supposed “true story” horror/crime flick “Deliver Us from Evil” also gets a new poster. Creepy kids be creepy, man. And finally, here’s Liam Neeson
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PiFan 2012 to Hold Myung Films Retrospective

The lineup for next month's 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival will not be revealed for another week but we now have our first indication of some of the films that will screened at the event. PiFan will be holding a retrospective of the respected Korean production company Myung Films. The sidebar will be titled "Asian Major Studio Special Program: The Sun and the Moon of Korean Films, Myung Films" and will feature a cross section of some of the company's major works. Those works that will screen include: The Quiet Family (1998), Happy End (1999), The Isle (2000), Joint Security Area (2000), Waikiki Brothers (2001), A Good Lawyer's Wife (2003), Bloody Tie (2006) and Cyrano Agency (2010). Myung Films was founded in 1995 and has...
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Japan Society to Premiere New Films by Wakamatsu and Tsukamoto

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Back in November we posted the first trailer for one of two films we'll be seeing from Koji Wakamatsu this year. At the time, we thought the title would be Kaien Hotel Blue; turns out the title will be Petrel Hotel Blue and it'll be seeing its world premiere at New York's Japan Society as part of Love Will Tear Us Apart, "a series of twisted, obsessive, heart-blazing love stories from Japan and Korea."

The series opens on March 2 with the Us premiere of Shinya Tsukamoto's Kotoko, winner of the Orizzonti Jury Award in Venice last fall. Just yesterday, Todd Brown posted the first trailer at Twitch.

The schedule for the films that follow:

March 3. Hirokazu Kore-eda's Air Doll (2009), Lee Yoon-ki's My Dear Enemy (2008), Tsukamoto's Vital (2004) and A Snake of June (2003).

March 4. Hiroki Ryuichi's Vibrator (2003) and M (2006).

March 7. Wakamatsu's Petrel Hotel Blue and Running in Madness, Dying in Love
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The Untouchables Star Gordon Dies

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The Untouchables Star Gordon Dies
American actor Bruce Gordon has passed away just days after the death of his The Untouchables co-star Paul Picerni.

The 94 year old, who lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, died last Thursday after a long illness, according to Santa Fe Funeral Options, a local funeral home.

The news comes just a week after his TV colleague Picerni suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Llano, California.

Gordon made his Broadway debut in 1937, playing several small roles in The Fireman's Flame. His other Broadway credits include Arsenic and Old Lace, Medea, Richard II, The Lark and Nowhere to Go But Up.

His television career kicked off in the 1940s, with guest appearances on several U.S. series, including I Spy, Have Gun - Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Bonanza and Police Woman, among others.

In the late 1950s, he was the host of espionage docudrama Behind Closed Doors, and in the 1960s he enjoyed a recurring role on Peyton Place.

But Gordon will perhaps be best remembered for his role as mob boss Frank Nitti on classic 1960s U.S. TV series The Untouchables.

His feature film credits include Love Happy (1949), The Buccaneer (1958) and Tower of London (1962).

Information on Gordon's survivors was not made available as WENN went to press.

6 Things With Da7e [Goodbye 2010]

Merry Happy End 2010, everyone. There's something about the end of the year, probably having much to do with the annual trek back to the suburb where I grew up, that brings everything into a sharp, marzipan-tinged relief. Choices I made throughout the year were good or bad, people I love and people I'm thankful for are the most important, and my year in media condenses drastically as I have free time to take in the many end-of-the-year lists. I'm not one for end-of-the-year lists. I like lists, and as someone who has worked on the internet for almost a full decade, I know the value of content that can be skimmed first and read second. However, the end of the year is such an arbitrary time to make these lists. It's commercialism that's the motivator, like it always is. Everyone gets time off at the end of the year, time
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Leeds Film Festival Night Of The Dead: Report and reviews

In its tenth year, The Leeds Film Festival’s “Night Of The Dead” disappointingly lacked its normal predictable balance of a teen slasher, the downright nasty, a zombie movie and Japanese gore, but lived up to its eye-rotting highly entertaining reputation with an extended 12-hour programme running from 10pm to 10 am in its usual home, The Hyde Park Picture House. The Red Bulls were out, cushions were in place, pyjamas worn, the shockingly terrible bad film amnesty was back, a surprise showing of an old favourite made an appearance (Dellamorte Dellamore) and ten rather exciting shorts were shown.

The Silent House (La Casa Muda)

Dir: Gustavo Hernandez

Country: Uruguay

Running Time: 85 mins

Language: Spanish

Uruguayan thriller, The Silent House, was shot in a single take using a Canon digital camera earning itself some much needed respect. Unfortunately, aside from appreciation of this methodology there is little to admire.

Laura and her father,
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Bravo's 9 By Design finale previews

9 By Design tune in alert! Happy end of Memorial Day Holiday everyone! Bravo sent M&C a sneak peek into the finale of Bravo.s 9 By Design before the Novogratz.s pack up their boxes on season one. After all of the hard work and renovations to make their new luxury townhouse perfect, Bob and Cortney are already tempted to put the house up for sale when a potential buyer seems interested. But will it cause them even more grief when the buyer demands that an elevator be installed? And the Novogratz family bands together to organize a tag sale at their country house to get rid all their accumulated items over the years where the family
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New Horror Comedy Oatmeal Man Trailer

Below you can checkout the trailer for the upcoming indie horror comedy The Oatmeal Man.

Synopsis: Happy End: once the home of the Friendly Oatmeal Factory, now a long-forgotten ghost town in the middle of nowhere—and an unintended stopover for six best friends who are about to discover the true meaning of terror. The Oatmeal Man is a comedy / horror film written by Jesse Gordon and directed by Sean Gordon for Pulsar Pictures. The movie has a tentative 2010 release date. Horror never tasted so good!
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Happy End Review

The world is coming to an end. There are warning sirens, rain of ashes, bomb/missile attacks, news of nuclear explosions in Iran and Moscow. The rumor has it, the Us is shooting down any trans-Atlantic planes. Dead bodies pile up on the streets: caused by viruses, diseases and just total mayhem.

Robinson (Mathieu Amalric) is having a sort of mid-life crisis in the middle of all the chaos. He fell in love with an exotic siren Laetitia (androgynous Omahyra Mota, a Dominican fashion model) while staying in picturesque seaside town of Biarritz. As this chaotic film even more unravels with flashbacks, we get to learn how the tumultuous relationship has been as they travel from Spain, Taiwan, Canada to Paris. On the way to find Lae in a long winded road trip through Pamplona to finally emptied out Paris, Robinson gets plenty of sex and some more. I mean,
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Dogtooth, Still Walking and Yu Irie's 8000 Miles among Fnc's 38th Edition

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Canada's most avant-garde film festival have released their entire slate for their 38th edition. Apart from Lee Daniel's pegged for Oscar - Precious, Lone Scherfig's An Education, Lars von Trier's Antichrist and Pedro Almodóvar's Broken Embraces (Los abrasos rotos), this year's edition is filled to the gills with obscure titles and names that even a hardcore connoisseur of world cinema such as myself is unfamiliar with. - I've just completed an exhaustive 35 film slate at Tiff and I've got very little time to recharge the batteries for The Festival du nouveau cinéma. Canada's most avant-garde film festival have released their entire slate for their 38th edition. Apart from Lee Daniel's pegged for Oscar - Precious, Lone Scherfig's An Education, Lars von Trier's Antichrist and Pedro Almodóvar's Broken Embraces (Los abrasos rotos), this year's edition is filled to the
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Who Should Play "Thor?" Meet the Wannabes!

"Thor" the movie, already has an opening date (June 17, 2011) but still no lead! Kenneth Branagh is now attached to direct the film, and is working mighty hard to cast his Norse god!

So who have been mentioned for the lead role?

First, we have Josh Hartnett. Why is there a big push to cast him? I have no idea, but apparently, Branagh is considering him for either the role of Thor or his nemesis, Loki.

Then, we have a bunch of unknowns! And I'll post their mini-bio from IMDb, okay? And keep in mind, these actors are all being tossed around for the role of Thor.

Here we go. Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Matthew Hunnam was born in Newcastle, England on April 10, 1980. At 16 years of age, he made guest appearances in the popular TV series "Byker Grove" (1989).

Perhaps his most famous television role has been that of the love-smitten Nathan Maloney
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Period Dramas Get Younger in 모던보이 (Modern Boy)

It’s always a sort of double-edged sword.

It’s not a sageuk, so you have a certain freedom to express what you want without having your hands tied by details like dates and events. Then again, it’s a period drama, so re-enactment becomes even more important. People always seem to associate a certain mood to historical periods, and anything delving into the colonial era is expected to ooze depression and despair. It was for that reason, even before its script started shooting on its own feet like a mad cowboy, that 경성스캔들 (Scandal in Old Seoul) was harshly criticized. How could people, like, have fun in the 30s? It was a world in black and white, populated by independence fighters and pro-Japanese collaborators alone, so the dream of a woman who wanted to become the best in the air, that gem called 청연 (Blue Swallow), wasn’t kosher.
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1930s Korea Lights Up in 모던보이 (Modern Boy)

It’s sort of ironic that, while the Hallyu bubble’s explosion hit sageuk stronger than any other genre (over half a dozen projects vanished into thin air), period dramas are starting to flourish. Maybe It’s even understandable, if you consider the infrastructure is more or less there (plenty of sets able to reenact the Korean Peninsula from the 20s to the pre-war), and the historical liberties granted by the sub-genre give much more freedom to directors. Perhaps for those reasons and more, we’ll see plenty of period dramas in the coming months. Song Il-Gon is preparing an adaptation of lovely theater play 다리퐁 모단걸 (Telephone Modern Girl), about the first telephone used in Korea at the beginning of the 20th Century, while a monster cast highlights Park Dae-Min 공중곡예사 (Public Circus), a serial murder thriller set in the late Joseon Dynasty, starring Hwang Jung-Min, Eom Ji-Won, Ryu Deok-Hwan,
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Mammas Can Sing!

'I Can sing better than she can. If Madonna gets it [the lead role in 'Evita'] I'll rip her throat out!" said Meryl Streep back in 1996.

Speaking Of singing, this very Sun day the actress supreme, Christine Baranski, will depart the Longacre Theatre after the matinee of "Boeing Boeing" and step onto Jeff Zucker's Ge helicopter. That will land her in Southampton in time for the gala Hamptons premiere of the new big hit movie musical "Mamma Mia!"

Although she's the star of the film, Meryl Streep, won't be attending - her co-star, the handsome Pierce Brosnan,
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