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MPAA Rated PG-13 for action violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Gay scene not appropriate for children or young teen, a woman kisses another woman on the mouth.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman enters a room where a man sits in a chair, she throws a dagger that goes through the chair and into his back, he flinches, and then is still; she removes the dagger and a spurt of blood comes through the chair.
  • A woman with a dagger jumps into the air stabbing a man who lies on a porch roof.
  • A woman breaks a man's neck (we hear a crunch).
  • A man shoots short arrows into a house where a man, girl and woman are, they run and hide; the woman fights with the man using punches and kicks, stabs him in the back with an arrow, he shoots at her, his arm is pinned to the wall with a star, and the man breaks his own neck (we hear a crunch and see his head bend unnaturally) and then disintegrates into a burst of green light.
  • A man squeezes a man's head, the man groans, he falls to his knees and the man cuts his head off (we hear the shwing of the sword).
  • A man and a woman fight with swords: he hits her and she falls back onto the ground, he kicks her and she sails into a cement column and onto the ground, he charges her and she stabs him and dumps him into a well (we see a large green flash as he falls).
  • A dagger is thrown hitting a woman in the face, and she bursts into a green flash of light.
  • A woman with a dagger lunges at a man, the dagger breaks, the man hits her with a club, and he throws the club hitting a tree that topples and falls on top of him (he disintegrates and bursts into a green light).
  • A man is thrown off a roof, we hear a thud and see him lying still on the ground.
  • A wolf attacks a man and he shoves a stick in its mouth; another man punches and kicks the man, and a man throws a dagger killing him (he turns into a flash of green light).
  • A wolf is hit with a chain and it turns into a flash of green light.
  • Several people crash through windows where a woman waits, she turns on the gas on a stove, throws a candle into the room, and the explosion knocks the people back out through the window.
  • A man sits in a room waiting, we hear gunfire outside the room, we see security monitor screens go blank, and another man inside the room shoots at the door; then he goes into the hall where he is attacked by a woman, and they fight with kicks and punches.
  • A young girl picks up a pendant that is around her dead mother's neck, it is sticky with blood and we see blood on the woman's chest (we see parts of this scene a few times during a woman's nightmares).
  • A woman with daggers slashes at a man and he slashes at her with a sword, he holds a sword to her throat, he kicks her across a room, and she lies still covered with sheets.
  • Many snakes slither off a man's body and they chase a woman and a girl, the girl falls onto the ground, and the snakes slither over her body completely covering her (we hear her scream).
  • A wolf pulls off a tattoo from a man's stomach (we see it stretching the man's skin) and charges after three people.
  • A man shoots at a bird through a window (it flies away).
  • A woman charges toward a man, he grabs her by the hair, pushes her down onto a pool table and holds a cue across her throat.
  • A woman is shown in an ambulance with a streak of blood across her throat and the Emergency Medical Technicians use a defibrillator on her.
  • A woman throws a utility knife at a girl as she runs away pinning her sleeve to a wall.
  • A woman blows a kiss to a man who begins to gag, his skin turns grey and veins protrude from his face.
  • A woman blows in a girl's face, the girl turns ashen, her eyes turn yellow and she collapses (she is motionless and presumed dead).
  • A man shoots through a door, the shots do not penetrate a seemingly man on the other side of the door, and the man breaks the door down.
  • We see images of good and evil, represented in animated sketches; they are fighting with swords, and we see a man with snakes slithering around his body.
  • A woman and a girl fight with punches and kicks, and the woman holds the girl by the throat.
  • A woman fights using a stick, hitting several other people and tossing one man through the air, and a girl fights several people using a stick.
  • A woman with a high-powered crossbow takes aim at a man and a girl.
  • A young girl walks into a room and sees a horned creature (it is representative of evil) near where her mother lies dead (we see this several times in a woman's nightmares).
  • A woman and a girl jump through a window.
  • A woman walks through a forest killing everything she touches (mostly the foliage).
  • A bird on a wall painting blinks its eye, begins to move, pulls away from the wall, flies toward a man, pulls at his skin, and becomes part of a tattoo on his chest.
  • A man talks about his wife having been killed by a drunk driver.
  • A woman talks about killing people for a living.
  • A large spider crawls under a girl's bed, and it melts and drips between the floorboards.
  • A young girl is forced to tread water for long periods of time.
  • A girl screams when she is startled.


  • 1 sexual reference, 4 scatological terms, 7 mild obscenities, 2 anatomical terms,

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are shown drinking alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One very scary scene with pre-teen girl being covered in snakes that are trying to kill her.

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