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Canon Of Film: ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (1974)

In this week’s edition of Canon Of Film, we take a look Sidney Lumet‘s hypnotic ‘Murder on the Orient Express‘ just in time for the release of Kenneth Branagh‘s remake of the same name. For the story behind the genesis of the Canon, you can click here.

Murder On The Orient Express (1974)

Director: Sidney Lumet

Screenplay: Paul Dehn based on the novel by Agatha Christie (uncredited)

Strangely, the detective story is actually a fairly newer genre when compared to others, in terms of literary history, it is, and the inventor of the genre is not who you’d think it’d be either, it was Edgar Allen Poe, with his trilogy of C. Auguste Dupin stories, ‘The Murder of the Rue Morgue‘, ‘The Mystery of Marie Roget,’ and my favorite, ‘The Purloined Letter‘ back in the 1840s. I’m not sure why this genre didn’t pick up until then,
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Wamg St. Louis Giveaway – Win the The Fate Of The Furious Blu-ray

Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham And Charlize Theron Face Off In The Most Explosive Chapter Yet Of The Action Franchise That Leaves All Others In Its Dust – The Fate Of The Furious – Available On Digital HD On June 27, 2017 And 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™, DVD And On Demand On July 11, 2017 With Digital Extended Director’S Cut From Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Now lucky St. Louis-area movie geeks can own The Fate Of The Furious Blu-ray. We Are Movie Geeks has Four copies to give away (but only to St. Louis-area entrants – all others can go to an earlier contest Here). All you have to do is leave a comment answering this question: What is your favorite movie starring Vin Diesel? (mine is Find Me Guilty !). It’s so easy!

Good Luck!

Official Rules:

1. You Must Be A Us Resident. Prize Will Only Be Shipped To Us Addresses. No P.O.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie review: 2 same 2 spurious

MaryAnn’s quick take… Thinks it’s edgy and transgressive, the punk little brother of all those other stodgy comic-book movies, but it isn’t. It’s just slightly more candy-colored. I’m “biast” (pro): big Sf geek

I’m “biast” (con): wasn’t crazy about the first movie

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

You were insufferable to start with,” groans Gamora, the badass green chick who should be the hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, but who must give way to Star-Lord, aka doofy Earther Peter Quill, because he’s the boy and the boy always gets to be the leader, even in space. She says this, rolling her eyes — and oh, I so sympathize with her, and no, that does not make this movie particularly “female friendly” — after a revelation about Peter’s parentage that is at the center of the tedious,
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'XXX: Return of Xander Cage' Review: Vin Diesel Gives Us Sequel No One Wanted

'XXX: Return of Xander Cage' Review: Vin Diesel Gives Us Sequel No One Wanted
Who wanted Xander Cage back? Is it you? It sure as hell isn't me. But he's here anyway, extreme-sports and lunkhead-espionage skills in tow. This cinematic equivalent of drool is the third in the series that started in 2002 by introducing Vin Diesel as Xander Cage, an extreme sports badass recruited by an Nsa boss (Samuel L. Jackson) to go undercover and flex his muscles. Ok, the assignment had something to do with Russians. But who remembers? Even Diesel wisely sat out the horrendous 2005 sequel (with Ice Cube) and found a
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Vin Diesel Auditions for ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and It's Pretty Awesome: Watch!

Vin Diesel Auditions for ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and It's Pretty Awesome: Watch!
Vin Diesel is ready to belt out his favorite songs on Carpool Karaoke. The XXX star visited The Late Late Show with host James Corden on Wednesday night, when he happily broke out into a thick Cockney British accent.

Watch: Bruno Mars Bringing '24K Magic' to James Corden's 'Carpool Karaoke'

“I don’t know if you’re doing an accent or auditioning for Oliver Twist,” Corden quipped.

“That’s funny that you say that. There was a scene in this movie where I come into the coffee shop and I’m singing, ‘Consider yourself at home!’” Diesel sang in the accent.

As Corden sang along and the audience cheered, the actor stood up and asked, “How many of you wish you could do Carpool Karaoke? Am I entitled? Can I get a shot here? Can I do Carpool Karaoke? Can I do it in New York City in my hometown?”

Diesel is known
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Vin Diesel: how Paul Walker & Sidney Lumet impacted his career

Ben Mortimer Jan 23, 2017

Vin Diesel reflects on xXx, the death of Paul Walker, and the impact on his career of Sidney Lumet...

Hollywood may have been built on the cult of the movie star, but in an industry now dominated by branded franchises like Star Wars, Marvel and Bond, it’s notable how rare they’ve become. For all the millions raked in by Iron Man and Star Wars movies, audiences don’t turn out for Robert Downey Jr. or Harrison Ford, they come to watch Tony Stark and Han Solo.

In this climate, there are perhaps a handful of actors who can draw audience based on nothing more than their presence in a movie, and perhaps none more successful than Vin Diesel. Since his breakthrough role in Pitch Black, Diesel has been the leading man in two blockbuster franchises: The Fast And The Furious and Riddick, and with xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage,
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Happy Birthday Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel!

  • Cineplex
Happy Birthday Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel!Happy Birthday Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel!Scott Goodyer7/18/2016 3:00:00 Pm

The action movie star known for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise turns 49!

It’s hard to believe it was only 15 years ago when a low budget indie action flick entitled The Fast and the Furious made its tiny debut.

But what a ride it has been since for Vin!

One of the most successful movie franchises of all time, last year’s Furious 7 made 1.5 billion in international box office sales with a number 8 scheduled to be released next year.

So in honour of this special day, we've decided to post 5 fun facts you probably didn't know about this deep-voiced, shaved-head birthday boy!

Fun fact #1:

Vin Diesel's real name is Mark Sinclair. He later changed his name when he started bouncing at New York
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Vin Diesel's had plenty of franchises, so why has only one of them worked?

  • Hitfix
Vin Diesel's had plenty of franchises, so why has only one of them worked?
I like Vin Diesel. He is an enormously likable person when you meet him face-to-face, and much of what makes him so charismatic in person is communicated clearly through his on-screen presence in the 34 films he's made since he wrote and directed and starred in his short film "Multi-Facial" back in 1995. That short film eventually got him a lot of attention in Hollywood, but by far, the best reaction was the one that Steven Spielberg had. He was preparing to shoot his film "Saving Private Ryan," and he had screenwriter Frank Darabont create and incorporate a new character named Private Caparzo specifically so he could cast Diesel in the film and work with him. A year later, Brad Bird was the first to make use of Vin's most unusual pipes as the voice of the title character in "The Iron Giant," something James Gunn did to such effective purpose in
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'Godfather' Star Alex Rocco Passes Away at Age 79

'Godfather' Star Alex Rocco Passes Away at Age 79
Actor Alex Rocco, best known for playing mobster Moe Green in the 1972 classic The Godfather, passed away on Saturday in his Studio City, California home at the age of 79. The actor's stepson, Sean Doyle, confirmed to The Los Angeles Times that the actor passed away after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. The actor's long career spanned 50 years, with over 150 TV and film credits.

Alex Rocco was born Alessandro Federico Petricone Jr. in Boston, who caught the acting bug at the age of 30, when he took an acting class to meet women. After moving to Los Angeles, he took a class taught by Leonard Nimoy, who promptly kicked him out because he couldn't understand his thick Boston accent. He then enrolled in a speech class which transformed his Boston accent with a New York accent, which Leonard Nimoy said he could work with. He made his acting debut with the 1965 Russ Meyer film Motorpsycho!
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Vin Diesel And Chris Tucker Join Ang Lee's Billy Lynn

Vin Diesel And Chris Tucker Join Ang Lee's Billy Lynn
Edging towards some sort of record for the most eclectic cast ever assembled, director Ang Lee has just added two more names to his roster for Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. Vin Diesel and Chris Tucker have signed up to join Steve Martin, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart and newcomer Joe Alwyn.There's no indication of who either will be playing yet, but it's the first time Diesel has turned out for anything other than an action role (Groot nothwithstanding) since Find Me Guilty in 2006. On that occasion he was working for Sidney Lumet, so clearly he's amenable to taking a risk for the right director.Tucker, meanwhile, has been quiet since Silver Linings Playbook in 2012, partly thanks to a lifestyle change since his Jackie Brown / Rush Hour heyday. But it's an interesting footnote that he was previously part of another unusually varied cast in Luc Besson's The Fifth Element.
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Top 100 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2015: #93. Michael Winterbottom’s The Vatican Connection

The Vatican Connection

Director: Michael Winterbottom // Writer: Paul Viragh

The incredibly prolific Michael Winterbottom had two 2014 titles, so we’re sure to see this latest project materialize before the end of the year, though major cast has not yet been announced since the news broke during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. While The Trip to Italy was a light piece of entertainment, Winterbottom’s other 2014 title, The Face of an Angel, which played Venice and Toronto wasn’t as well received, even though it was a compelling take on how we adapt true crime stories to film. This latest, The Vatican Connection, seems to be in that vein, based on the real-life story of the NYPD detective who first uncovered the Vatican Bank’s links to the Mafia in the 1970s.

Cast: Tba.

Producers: Ivanhoe PicturesJohn Penotti (Violet & Daisy), Muse ProductionsChris Hanley (London Fields), Most FilmsJeff Most (The Crow
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This Is What Vin Diesel Looks Like With a Giant Beard

  • Vulture
This Is What Vin Diesel Looks Like With a Giant Beard
Vin Diesel is playing the last witch hunter in the upcoming The Last Witch Hunter, a role that apparently requires him to wear a great big bushy beard. Over the weekend, Diesel shared some shots from the film on his popular VinBook page that revealed the beard in all its Civil War general glory. The Vin Diesel hairpiece game has come a long way since Find Me Guilty.
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'Last Witch Hunter' Photos Show Off Vin Diesel's New Look

  • MovieWeb
'Last Witch Hunter' Photos Show Off Vin Diesel's New Look
Following the first photo released earlier this month, The Last Witch Hunter star Vin Diesel has shared two more images with the fans on his Facebook page, while revealing that the movie is aiming for a fall 2015 release date. Take a look at the images below, then read on for more information.

"Kaulder state of mind... The Last Witch Hunter. Fall 2015!"

The first photo showed the actor as his title character Kaulder, sporting his traditional bald look along with a mustache and goatee, which Vin Diesel revealed is the "13th century" version of his character. These photos give us our first look at the actor with a full head of hair and beard, a look we rarely see the actor pull off, except for the 2006 drama Find Me Guilty. This is presumably

Are you excited to see more images from The Last Witch Hunter as production continues? Chime in with your thoughts below.
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Vin Diesel shares two hairy new photos from The Last Witch Hunter

  • JoBlo
Just a couple of weeks ago, Vin Diesel shared the first glimpse at his look in Brock Eisner's The Last Witch Hunter, showcasing a big ass beard. Now, we have two more shots via his Facebook page. The new images still have the same beard, which looks a little fuller here, but we also can see Diesel sporting some hair on the top of his head, something that has not made an appearance since Find Me Guilty. While that hairstyle was over the top, this looks pretty badass. In The Last Witch...
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The top 25 underappreciated films of 2006

Odd List Ryan Lambie Simon Brew 23 Jan 2014 - 05:44

Our series of lists devoted to underappreciated films brings us to the year 2006, and a further 25 overlooked gems...

With all the major films that elbow their way into their cinemas every year, there's bound to be some casualties among the big hits. And just like any other year, 2006 was dominated by the likes of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, The Da Vinci Code and Ice Age: The Meltdown. But in tandem, there were dozens of lesser-seen films which shuffled in and out of cinemas (or occasionally, didn't get a release in cinemas at all) without very many people noticing.

As we're sure you're aware by now, these lists aim to redress the balance a little, and hopefully introduce a few films from any given year that you may have missed. There are also one or two films that, although
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Review: Riddick (Blu-ray)

  • DailyDead
It’s been almost ten years since we last saw Vin Diesel’s antihero-turned-Necromonger King, Richard B. Riddick, grace the big screen. Thankfully, that wait is finally over with Riddick, a pared-down, back-to-basics approach that feels more like Pitch Black than Chronicles of Riddick, wearing its R-rating proudly on its sleeve and delivering the goods for fans who have been waiting and campaigning for Riddick’s return.

Riddick picks up pretty much where Chronicles left off with Diesel as the stalwart Necromonger King looking for answers and a return to his roots once he learns that Commander Lord Vaako (Karl Urban) knows the whereabouts of his home planet Furya. Happy to hand over his kingdom to Vaako, Riddick sets out for what he thinks is a journey home, but he’s left marooned in a desolate alien world where his only chance for survival is triggering an emergency beacon. The
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‘The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano’ Moves Forward with Nicholas Pileggi Producing

Goodlfellas co-writer Nicholas Pileggi is moving forward with a film based on the life of Lucky Luciano. The filmmaker will write and produce the film based on the bio The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano, which is said to be the definitive story of Luciano.

Writers Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer collaborated with Luciano on the book. Luciano was holding a copy of the manuscript when he died of a heart attack while meeting with Gosch and Hammer at a airport in Naples.

Pileggi is producing the film alongside Bob Debrino (Find Me Guilty), Gray Fredrickson (The Godfather) and Sally Lear.

Source: Deadline
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Lucky Luciano Story Gets New Life With Book And Producer Mob

  • Deadline
Exclusive: Producers Bob DeBrino (Find Me Guilty), Gray Fredrickson (The Godfather), Sally Lear and Goodfellas writer-producer Nicholas Pileggi are taking a shot at making the definitive film on mobster Lucky Luciano. They’ve optioned The Last Testament Of Lucky Luciano, a book by Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer that the producers feel is the only bio the Gotham gangster authorized and collaborated on with the writers. They interviewed Luciano while he lived in exile in Naples, Italy, and Luciano met with Gosch at Naples airport, where he was given the completed manuscript of his story. During their meeting Luciano died from an unexpected heart attack, clutching the story of his life in his hands. Members of the underworld and law enforcement question, “Was it a heart attack, or was he silenced before he could tell his story.”And what a story Luciano had to tell. Beyond his rise in organized crime,
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Grindstone Entertainment Acquires North American Rights To Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn

It was announced today that Grindstone Entertainment has acquired North American rights in all media to the gritty thriller Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn (formally titled Goat) and will be released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. In a separate deal, International rights have been acquired by Los Angeles-basedsales company, Recreation, helmed by founder and president Ariel Veneziano.

Produced by William DeMeo, Paul Borghese and newcomer Robyn K Bennett, written by DeMeo and Borghese who also directs the movie, Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn stars Golden Globe nominated and Emmy Award winning actor Armand Assante (American Gangster, HBO’s Gotti), Ice-t (New Jack City), Vincent Pastore (Goodfellas), Ja Rule (The Fast And The Furious), William DeMeo (The Sopranos), Cathy Moriaty (Raging Bull) and Paul Borghese (Transamerica).

The film tells the story of Bobby Baldano, who after serving several prison sentences, is finally out. Although desperate to honor his family who
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New DVD Blu-Ray: 'Prometheus,' 'E.T.'

Moviefone's New Release Pick of the Week "Prometheus" What's It About? Ridley Scott returns to the world of "Alien" with an epic prequel about mankind's first contact with a mysterious alien race who may or may not be our makers, and may or may not have sinister purposes. See It Because: "Prometheus" pulled off a rare feat, adding a new layer of intrigue to the rich mythology of the "Alien" series. Not since "Inception" has a summer blockbuster come along with such audacious head-scratching concepts. And despite being filled with plot holes, it was still fun to argue about the film's big questions. Also, the always brilliant Michael Fassbender was terrific as David, an android servant with T.E. Lawrence-sized dreams of exploration. Watch Noomi Rapace's Screen Test for "Prometheus" - (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video | Netflix) Moviefone's Blu-ray Pick of the Week "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" What's It About?
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