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Craig Ferguson The Late Late Show
Christine27 May 2005
Two nights ago while flipping through channels I came across The Late Late show by chance, I normally am asleep by then. Lo and Behold I discovered the Best Talk show on TV. I have always watched Jay Leno, who is funny, and sometimes Letterman depending on his guest, I don't like Dave's arrogance though. But I realize I can watch The Late Late Show simply for Craig.

He is brilliant and hilarious and no matter who comes on the show, he will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Why can't we have Craig come on earlier? He is a natural born comedian. Craig is such a pleasure to watch, he does not have to jump around, walk funny or act like fool to make us laugh. He is the BEST LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW HOST. Thank you guy for making me laugh so hard, it's been so long since I have done that.

Your forever fan Christine (in Canada)
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Fergy is keeping me up nights!
dshenderson19 April 2005
I must agree with the previous comment by M.C. Brennan, "savvy viewers will find Craig Ferguson hard to resist." That has been the case with my household. My husband and I rarely use to watch late night TV after the Jay/Dave time slot, but we can't get enough of Craig Ferguson. He can be variously described as charming, witty, off-the-cuff, extremely flexible (I love his character work in the show's hilarious sketches), self-effacing, silly, and down-right adorable! However Worldwide Pants went about choosing him, they knew what they were doing. It was pretty bold, putting an immigrant in such a high-profile position. I don't mean that in a derogatory way - it was a smart,gutsy move. Craig brings a new point-of-view to jokes about the news and other bits, alternating between telling things like any American would, since he has lived here for quite a while, and telling things from the perspective of an outsider,giving the viewers a sort of out-of-body experience. Yet he manages to never be un-American. He's towing the line rather well. And Craig is by far the sexiest, best-looking late night host there is now, period. I'm so glad that the comments written about Craig and The Late, Late Show in early January are still holding true now in late April. We can relax in the knowledge that he will be with us five nights a week for a long time to come.
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Craig Ferguson is the Best !
DorothyLWM23 November 2005
I have to agree, Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show is the best talk show on TV, no contest. He makes me laugh out loud, even at that time of night. Johnny Carson made me laugh like that occasionally, but not regularly, as Craig does.

I first caught his show because Gerard Butler was to be a guest, as I would listen to Gerry read the telephone directory. That interview was the most fun interview of all time, anywhere, with those two guys together, my sides hurt from laughter.

I enjoy watching Craig with his other guests, too, but mostly because of Craig, himself, and his monologue is the best part of the show. It would be nice if he was on earlier so more people would catch his show, perhaps, but I will be there with bells on, no matter what time it is.

Thank you, Scotland - Again!
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A Nice Breath Of Fresh Air
alexkolokotronis16 July 2008
At least when it comes to network TV that is exactly what he is. He is so unlike the other four guys that have late night talk shows. Something feels different with, you actually get the sense he is having fun and in a way that rubs off on the viewer. He does not get the most famous noticeable guests but he always makes the most of having them. Usually the worst part of the late night talk shows is when they get to the actual talking. Craig seems to make it the best part of his show. He is very funny when he is interacting with his guests. In the case of Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien they seem to make it the worst part of their shows. His guests have fun, he has fun and the viewer has fun rather than everyone falling asleep. They do not seem to enjoy having their guests, Craig does. With his show there is more of a positive energy than their is with the other four. One thing that he is not is cynical. He does not take too many cheap shots at people and is still the wildest and most outrageous of the late night talk show hosts. It still is network TV though so there is a limit of what you are going to see but with Craig who cares which is a real testament to his abilities. At first he looked as if he was going to burn out with his comedic style being used on a network talk show but clearly he has not and I hope he stays on the air for a long, long time. It would be nice to see him uncensored for once though. The only thing I can really blame him for is for not allowing me to sleep because he is so hilarious.
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I have to wear a speedo, its the law...
a17j24a5 December 2005
Craig is probably one of the funniest guys on t.v. My friends and I all enjoy watching him. He is so cute and we never know what he's going to do next. My favorite characters he does are Prince Charles and Larry King. When those segments come on, I cry from laughing so hard. Many critics do not like Craig and I haven't figured out why. His show is much more entertaining than Kilborn was. Craig is also a very smart man, and he tries to play it off like he's stupid. It's actually the smart way to do it, look at Paris Hilton. OK, that was kind of mean. But anyways~ Craig always has a new "catchphrase". Cheeky wee monkey, naughty little donkey, strangely attractive pizza delivery boys, etc. I knew Craig from the Drew Carey Show but his talk show has inspired me to see some of his movies. The Big Tease and Life Without Dick are both hilarious. Saving Grace was an incredible movie. I believe Craig wrote and directed it. It was funny and moving and for the most part, believable. Besides, any movie about growing, smoking, and selling pot is always a classic.
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Off to an excellent start
Craig Ferguson is one of the brightest and funniest comic wits Great Britain has produced in the last ten years. Still, Ferguson's selection as host of the Late Late Show came as a big surprise. Known to American audiences mostly from his appearances on "The Drew Carey Show," Ferguson seemed like too much of an unknown quantity to host a nightly network talk show. Judging from his first shows as host, however--especially his smashing official debut--casting Ferguson may have been a stroke of genius. The irreverent Scot--a cult figure from his work on "Red Dwarf" and "Freakazoid"-- is lively, likable, sharp and captivating, gently mocking competitors like Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel and poking merciless fun at the dull conventions of late-night. Fans who may have worried that Ferguson's UK comic sensibilities would be blunted or watered down by US network standards should rest easy--at least in early episodes, he's at his best, and is a significant improvement from Craig Kilborn's snarky Hef's-grotto fratboy sensibilities. O'Brien and especially Kimmel should keep a close eye on Ferguson--this show is off to a bold start, and savvy viewers will find Craig Ferguson hard to resist.
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I really like Craig Ferguson
jackiehc11 May 2005
He's my new favorite late-night TV talk-show host. (Jay Leno is second now.) He comes across as natural, relaxed and a down-to-earth person, which is refreshing. Actually, I have a bit of a crush on him. Just discovered him not that long ago, and really look forward to seeing him and his show. Love his Scottish accent and his sense of humor. Unfortunately, I got real tired of Conan quite some time ago. He doesn't do much for me, but I find Mr. Ferguson very entertaining and quite adorable. Love his little Scottish or English sayings, like when he calls us "cheeky little monkeys" with an impish look on his face. He's so normal and sane, and THAT is refreshing, also; not defensive or egotistical like some other hosts seems to be. He seems like a very likable and decent guy (somewhat like Leno). I find him to be more entertaining than Craig Kilborn was, although I liked Kilborn, too, especially his interest in jazz, which is also an interest of mine. I like Ferguson's humility. I forgot to mention his gorgeous blue eyes...sigh. Oh, and I really like his theme song, very catchy, and a cheerful, upbeat tune....I just love Craig Ferguson--he's a doll!
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I have a new favourite talk show host...
AmiableAmy6 February 2005
I used to watch The Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourne now and then, and found it enjoyable. Now, I actually try NOT to miss it, because I love Craig Ferguson. I find him to be charming, interesting, witty, intelligent, down-to-earth, and....well, just darn HANDSOME. I didn't watch the Drew Carey Show more than a handful of times, and I hadn't heard of Craig until the Late Late Show started up again. The Scot in me finds him especially intriguing. In some ways he's like a younger version of my father, which, if you know him, is a huge compliment. Scotsmen rock! I just love how REAL Craig is - he's casually mentioned things of his past, positives and negatives, without making it into a "woe is me" or "I'm the best" type of thing. He also seems like a wonderful, fun father to his little boy. The Late Late Show is definitely something I'll be faithfully watching! Some talk shows I only watch depending on the GUESTS that will be on; this one I actually watch for the host! Craig Ferguson - keep up the great work.
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This is gonna be sweet
frankerton4 January 2005
Craig Ferguson, Mr. Wick, I thought would have been the most unlikely person to take over The Late Late Show. Watching his first episode last night as official host, he's the right man for the job and the perfect counter part for Conan O'Brien. For me, it's a new kind of funny. He's a fresh face for late night television. Craig's presence can and probably will take the show to new heights and boost Ferguson's own Hollywood stock. The new late Late show is funnier and classier than it has ever been. Kilborn's version was funny, but this is better. I would have thought during the guest hosting episodes that Adam Corolla or DL Hughley would have taken over the position, but it was the cheery IL' Scots man getting the call. Ferggy is funny, and late night TV is where he'll be for a long time to come.

Drew Carey is out and Craig Ferguson is in people!
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