Brad Bird’s 1906 Earthquake is Getting Smaller?

Last week Brad Bird revealed that he was still trying to crack the screenplay for his live-action debut 1906, which seemed baffling to us. In March 2008, our spies told us that Pixar was busy building virtual scale models of a period-era San Francisco and that Warner Bros had put a hold on all of the soundstages that were available on its Burbank lot. So what happened? How did the project get delayed? And what are the script issues exactly? Jim Hill claims that the economy and budget cuts have been sucking the life out of Bird’s big screen epic.

Apparently the recession hit and the three studios involved started to grow worried that the $200 million projected budget which would be required to film Bird’s expansive story might be too much of a risk. This is when Warner Bros quietly released that hold it had on all
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Brad Bird Updates 1906

We haven’t heard much lately about Brad Bird’s live-action debut, a big screen adaptation of James Dalessandro’s novel 1906. Our friends at LatinoReview caught up with Bird at the premiere of Coraline, and was able to get an update.

“We’re looking at places to shoot it. The script I’m still working. it’s a really hard script to write. And mostly because there are so many interesting things going on in that place and that particular period of time that anytime you’re going towards something, you’re going away from 5 other cool things. So it’s been really hard for me to write. but I think it’s going to great. and we’ll see If they have the courage to make.”

Bird admitted that he already has actors interested in the project, but wouldn’t reveal names.

Bird is doing development/preproduction at Pixar
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Toon titan Bird quaking for Warners

Toon titan Bird quaking for Warners
Brad Bird has signed on to make his live-action feature directorial debut with 1906, a co-production between Warner Bros. and Disney/Pixar, with the historical San Francisco earthquake as its backdrop.

The story centers on a college student who begins to investigate the murder of his father, uncovering a web of deceit that has left the city vulnerable to the sort of fire that breaks out when the Great Earthquake of 1906 hits San Francisco.

Bird is rewriting the original John Logan script.

Paula Weinstein is producing the feature, while John Walker, Bird's producing partner, executive produces. Disney/Pixar will co-finance the movie.

Courtenay Valenti is overseeing for Warners.

1906 will mark a return for Bird to the studio that released his 1999 2-D-animated film The Iron Giant. The movie was critically acclaimed though failed to muster much muscle at the boxoffice, causing some to suggest that Warner Bros. had failed to market the film aggressively enough.

In the period since, animation -- especially the 3-D CGI variety -- has become big business, and Bird has become one of the biggest and most respected names in the medium.

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