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Viva Bianca: Ilithyia



  • Ilithyia : [about Licinia]  If I didn't know better, I would say she was attempting to fuck one of your gladiators.

    Lucretia : Ilithyia...

    Ilithyia : Oh! She is, isn't she! What a little whore!

  • Ilithyia : Can he do it again? Make him do it again.

  • Spartacus : Sura and I often spoke of children. A family we were going to have now forever denied me. As I now deny Glaber of his!

    Ilithyia : The child is yours!

    Spartacus : You lie.

    Ilithyia : Would then my tongue make false noise? It yet speaks bitter truth. Monthly blood ceased after you came to me in Batiatus' villa. Lucretia had promised Crixus - a cruel jest. Tis a memory that lingers, is it not? Of that night. Of you inside me.

    Spartacus : Yes. As does memory of my hands around your throat.

  • Licinia : What of you, Spartacus? Are you a blessing to us?

    Spartacus : To some.

    [looks to Ilithyia] 

    Spartacus : To others, a curse.

    Ilithyia : The duality of his kind: admired as a gladiator; yet despised as a slave.

  • Ilithyia : First you tie my hands and then you seize my fucking tongue?

    Lucretia : I would not have it flapping about absent direction.

  • Lucretia : Try not to cut too deeply.

    Ilithyia : [presses the knife to Spartacus' stomach]  Legend does call for the blood of a *dead* gladiator...

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