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  • Teddy (James Purefoy) and Philip's (Jesse L. Martin) college friend, Rhada Shivpuri (guest star Sarita Choudhury), asks for their help to delicately negotiate with both the Indian and Pakistani governments in an attempt to rebuild the region's water system and reopen the 'The Line of Control' which divides the ancient land of Kashmir in two.


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  • Teddy () participates in a radio interview with a belligerent DJ, Tyler Timson, who has doubts about his recent charitable actions, and asks him about his involvement in recent violent incidents in Kashmir. Teddy explains that he was involved with a project to transport water of the "Line of Control" that separates the Indian- and Pakistani-controlled areas of Kashmir, and then tells the story of how it all started, fielding calls from listeners and explaining why he feels it was worth getting involved with a very tense political situation in order to help people.

    Several months previously, Philip () and Teddy talk with their college friend, Rhada (), over the internet. She suggests that they should invest in a project involving water, as India is suffering a serious drought and it is a precious commodity. Teddy goes to Mumbai and holds a meeting with investors and explains that the border needs to be breached to transport water, and says that Maidstone-Rist will act as a liaison between the feuding states. He acknowledges that it is a "huge step" and says to start with taking down the border in just one small area. Everyone seems to agree, and they hold a press conference to announce the partnership, during which Teddy meets a woman named Reema who is interested in the plan. However, a suicide bomber then attempts to kill everyone in the room, but his explosives malfunction. Everyone is rattled, but Rhada is still determined to continue, and she, Philip and Teddy negotiate with various leaders in the area. Teddy meets with an Indian army major who has significant doubts, but he proceeds with the plan anyway, and learns that Rhada managed to convince the man. At the border site, Teddy and Philip prepare to begin the transport, when they all receive calls that there has been a terrorist attack in New Delhi, and they learn that Rhada, as well as many others, have been killed. Teddy and Philip are devastated, and attend her funeral, which includes all faiths and both genders, despite the rules of her culture. Afterwards, Philip expresses the desire to return home, but Teddy insists that they stay. The two argue, and Philip finally snaps that he has a son to consider, which wounds Teddy, who has lost his own son. Eventually, Philip agrees to leave while Teddy stays behind to continue Rhada's work.

    Teddy returns to Reema and her grandfather and attends a friend's wedding, during which he talks to the elders about the need for Hindus and Muslims to achieve peace for the greater good. He and Reema share a private moment where she expresses a desire to help, and Teddy wanders off on his own to think. He meets a group of young men who invite him to share drinks and music, but they soon turn hostile and Teddy ends up fleeing for his life as they shoot at him, a situation made more difficult by the presence of wild wolves. His absence is soon noticed, and Philip addresses the press back in America, stating that every effort is being made to find him. A.J. and Olivia are worried when Teddy's phone is recovered with a bullet in it, but he soon reemerges from the desert with a renewed sense of determination, much to Dax's exasperated relief, and meets with the Indian major again. He quotes Nund Rishi, a famous Kashmiri saint and philosopher, and requests just one truck to transport water across the border. The major frets that he will be dishonorably discharged from the army and shame his family, but Teddy counters that he is doing the right thing by helping desperate people, and the man agrees. Reema and her grandfather come along and assist with the transport and finally make it across the border, despite the guards' displeasure, and they are met with a cheering crowd.

    On the radio show, Timson demands what Teddy has done to help America, the country that provided him with all his wealth, and he explains that he is building irrigation systems within the U.S., using the knowledge he acquired in Kashmir. He points out that one can "learn some lessons" from traveling and seeing how others live. Teddy and Philip are shown at Rhada's house, talking with her husband and playing with her daughters, committing to continue her work towards peace.

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