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Got your contract yet?
charlytully11 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This DVD bonus feature weaves together HUMAN CONTRACT cast and crew impressions of what the phrase "human contract" means to them. Writer/director Jada Pinkett Smith says something about parents passing down contracts to their children about who the offspring are supposed to be (which, no doubt, is why Jaden had to be the new KARATE KID in PURSUIT OF HAPPY.NESS).

Film protagonist Jason Clarke (who plays hard-drinking, violent womanizer Julian in the feature), says to him HC means "say what you mean, and do what you say." Co-star Paz Vega is vaguer than Jason, concluding "life is continual discovery." Idris Elba (who plays Julian's get-out-of-jail lawyer Larry), states the contract is "the condition we sign ourselves up for in life." Tava Smiley, as Jason's barfed-on one-night-stand Brenda, says "we all have guidelines for ourselves; these contracts can be broken, and that's okay."

Dawn Thomas, one of the producers, notes "we all have purposes . . . we can be square boxes or broken lines." Her fellow producer, Mike Jackson, simply recommends that you "enlighten yourself," while producer Miguel Melendez observes "we all have journeys." If any of the above seems like the type of philosophy to float your boat, you should probably sign up for THE HUMAN CONTRACT.
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