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Dark and brilliantly introspective.
ivko31 May 2011
When I was twenty-four, I was the foreman for the jury of a murder trial. There was plenty of evidence, including eye witness testimony, that indicated the young man's guilt. After two days of deliberations and endless discussions, we voted to convict. On our way out of the courtroom, I remember distinctly the high spirits we were all in. We had done our job as citizens. We had helped take a bad man off the streets. We helped get justice for a murdered individual. There were a lot of smiles and handshakes and back-pats. Then on the way out we passed the convicted man's eight-month-along pregnant wife. She was sitting, alone, on a bench outside the courtroom, sobbing. The implications of our decision for her and that unborn child hit me all at once as we passed. I wasn't smiling anymore; none of us were. The thing is, I still believe we did the right thing. It was our job to vote on the evidence and that's what we did. But even so, I'd be lying if I said I slept soundly that night.

The reason I mention that long-winded story is to illustrate a point. Real life is messy. Even when we make what we truly believe are the "right" decisions we don't always feel all that good about them. Sometimes to do what we think is right we end up hurting, albeit unintentionally, someone else. Even worse, sometimes we hurt someone doing what we think is right and then find out later that we were wrong. And that, as Aristotle would say, just plain sucks.

But it is the imperfect, wonderful world we all live in. Which brings me to AMC's fantastic 'The Killing'. A Danish import, 'Killing' follows the murder investigation of young woman in Seattle, Washington. The story is told in thirteen 1 hour episodes through the perspectives of the people whose lives are impacted by the murder and subsequent investigation, with special emphasis on lead investigator Sarah Linden (played picture-perfect by Mireille Enos). Amazingly, despite a fairly large cast, there is nary a flat character to be found. All the players are fleshed out, fully realized people with deep complexity and back-story. This allows the show to rise above a simple whodunit police procedural and really delve into just what a murder means to the people in the victim's life. It is alternately dark and gritty, inspirational, and heart breaking to watch these people cope with the loss and fear that surrounds this girls murder.

And that brings me back to my original point. The reason I love this show so much is because, unlike the many many many police procedurals out there, it is no fairy tale with all the bad guys punished and good guys victorious. It makes you wallow in the mud with the characters, encouraging you to feel all the frustration and confusion that they feel. It makes you want what they want, only to remind you that even good people and good decisions have consequences that are far less than ideal. This is the kind of show that you think about after it's over, asking yourself if you would have done this or that differently. But that deeply unsettled feeling you get is the digestive price you pay for such a rich, not-written-for-kids storyline, and is so worth it. There is really nothing quite like it on TV right now; I highly recommend it.
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AMC can do no wrong
hkramb-15 April 2011
I had to watch this twice, the two hour premiere that is. I think what struck me most was the calm and slow storytelling. When TV is drowning in unrealistic CSI's et al (where investigators cook up fingerprints to techno music in dimly lit rooms), every time we pass a CSI on channel surfing my husband always says 'don't they ever turn on the freakin lights in that office?' and we both laugh.

This is police work as it really is, plodding, unexciting, procedural, a lot of driving, mixed with a bit of clever intuition, slammin good.

Every character is a suspect, the story can go anywhere, so promising.

If anyone was worried about the state of the serialized TV drama going too far down the f-word/porn route, all arguments that only subscription HBO or Showtime dramas were good bc they used nudity or cursing bc 'that's how real life is'...this is yet another AMC show that shuts them all up. Don't get me wrong, I love my Trueblood and huge fan of Sopranos et al, but this show isn't a 'guilty pleasure', its just a pleasure.
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Excellent fare from the US
Robin Rowlands15 June 2012
I was quite hesitant about watching a US production of The Killing after reading negative reviews comparing it to the Danish original, but in the end opted to do so and am very glad I did. What an excellent production! I love the understated mood that somehow manages to amp up the tension so much better than a lot of the hysterical, overacted BS one CAN get with some American crime-themed shows. This one is a standout.

The acting is excellent: the case bring their characters to life subtly but forcefully. And -- hallelujah! -- the people are real, they LOOK real, and they are credibly flawed, and not the laughable, plastic and pretty TV stereotypes we are usually subjected to. Think Bones (for example) ... and if the thought makes you want to vomit, you will love The Killing. If you are a Bones et al fan, go watch The Killing for a lesson on how it should be done.

There is more and more good stuff coming out of the USA ... good news for those of us craving quality entertainment.
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A hidden gem
Imran Ahmed20 June 2011
I am writing this after the first season finale, and I came to this without expecting much and what a shocking pleasant surprise it was and absolute gem of a thriller.

I rarely give a rating of 10, there would always be some part that would be missing and something goes wrong in any department, nothing ever went wrong with this.

The whole first season is one murder case, so you can expect some slow pace, and slow pace doesn't always mean a drag, and "The Killing" is the best example for that, the pace is deliberately set to slow, to let all emotions, settings to sink in, the show gives you very subtle clues and you would swear that know who killed "Rosie Larsen" and think it is your idea, which is most often first proved right then wrong :) The acting, direction, screenplay, music a absolute top notch, a lessen that other crime thrillers (CSI, Criminal Minds, Suspect Behavior et. al.) should take a note of this epic of a thriller.

If you haven't watch it yet you are missing an epic.
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Give it a Chance!!!
jon-stokes2114 June 2013
I am not someone who typically watches a lot of the new crime investigation shows, most of them are very similar and repetitious however The Killing was really able to catch and keep my attention from the very beginning. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact this show doesn't jam one case into a 1 hour episode with little to no character development. The Killing focuses on one complex murder case per season with many surprising twists and turns that will have you continuously asking who did it?

Joel Kinnaman plays a very likable, colorful detective who is somewhat new to his life of sobriety. Due to his past drug use he has a very keen eye to what goes on in the streets which has allowed him to become very good good at his job and a very useful player on the Seattle police department, he also has some of the funniest one liners that he deliver without coming of corny. Mireille Enos is his partner who also at times is haunted by her past and when initially watching this show her amazing acting really stood out, she was a great pick and fits the role perfectly.

The 1st season was a breath of fresh air in the crime drama genre, the second season was tasked with a sub par storyline, but season 3 I must say has had the best start of the whole series that has me counting down the days till the next show. I highly recommend The Killing and after almost being canceled I hope this show finally gets the views it deserves!
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Love it!
Eosull6631 June 2012
I haven't seen the original Danish version and America has always received flack for their versions of European films or series. I have to say though The Killing US is slow, dreary, and brilliant! The first episode was gut-wrenching and I was sucked in straight away. It is very slow, not much happens in each episode but it allows for the viewer to feel the pain and frustration of the family and the police in finding the culprit. If I had watched the Danish version I cannot say I would feel the same. Obviously the original is always better but I think people are being unfair in slating the US version. A must-see in my opinion.
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Excellent adaption of a great original!!
ma15255 April 2011
Having watched the Danish original "Forbrydelsen" it was with great anticipation and some apprehension that I finally got to see the American adaption to this outstanding and huge successful drama. I was both surprised and amazed. "The Killing" has managed to maintain the somber and somewhat dark ambiance of the original while still incorporating enough elements to make the current version plausible. Kudos to the cast of this version which has kept the integrity of the original and so far, it looks every bit as good as I could have hoped. Although the plot takes its time to unfold, it's well worth the wait. Soon you will be trying to guess who killed the beautiful High School student and realize that nothing is as it seems, each episode offering a different perspective (and suspect) until the tantalizing conclusion. Get hooked!! ;)
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From a crime show fan: I loved it!
Filip Kolev10 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
OK, maybe 10 stars is a bit exaggerated but I just couldn't help myself. I've seen a lot of shows in the genre, including all the CSIs, NCISes, Criminal Minds (plus Suspect Behavior), and so on and so on. You get my point, I've seen a lot and it's pretty hard for a new show to impress or surprise me. This one is different. Refreshingly different. So, in comparison to all its direct competitors there is a full 10 above my review, well deserved, even though it may not be the greatest show you've seen on TV.

Why did I like it so much? Well, the pace to start with something. It is somewhat slower than you'd expect. It doesn't drag, but it's not racing ahead either. After the pilot ended I looked back and said to myself, "so that's what I'm missing in CSI..." It gives you a chance to keep with the storyline, to empathize with the characters, to immerse yourself in this dark (and rainy) atmosphere. The slower than average pace (what is in my observations average), in other words, makes it more enjoyable and conveys more emotion.

Emotion is the second thing I may point out. Well, it's not a roller coaster after which you'll be crying, but you genuinely start caring for one dead girl and her devastated family. Again, I am missing this in most other shows where death is so common and the whole episode revolves around a few suspects and a bunch of evidence, that you never get a chance to realize how terrible the whole situation is. Maybe some scenes do that, but these constitute a small fraction of the episode. Not here though. There are no high-tech gadgets that give you an answer. In The Killing you can almost feel the pressure the entire time. The family of the girl receives a good deal of attention and you can see the suffering in the hours and days after their daughter and sister goes missing and afterwards found dead. How does a day pass after such a tragedy? The policemen are also affected in their own way and you can sense it.

Who killed Rosie Larsen? By the end you start caring for the answer and it eats you. Until you find out who did it and why there will be anticipation of the next episode. A very enjoyable experience for crime show fans. Give it a chance and I hope you'll like it.
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Much better than most TV series
mformoviesandmore3 May 2012
This is the Americanized version of a Danish series. I use the word Americanized as that aspect probably goes some way to explaining some of the negative reviews on here that encourage people to watch the Original Danish version. I watched one episode of the Danish version but decided I didn't want to have to READ every (subtitled) episode and so moved on to the Americanized version.

And I'm glad I did.

I enjoyed the slow pace at which the story unfolds and the fact that I couldn't tell who the 'guilty' person was by how many minutes were left in an episode.

The characters feel to be believable and are well portrayed.

It's best not to know too much about the story (or stories) before watching as it is the flow of it's telling that determines how much you will enjoy this series. You'll know after two episodes if you want to carry on.

Watch, enjoy, and let others know of it.
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knucklebreather4 April 2011
"The Killing" is an adaptation of a Danish TV series, and was billed to me as "Twin Peaks meets 24". Well it certainly does seem like an updated "Twin Peaks" so far, minus some of the bizarre twists and turns. Not that there's anything wrong with that, beautiful-girl-murdered is a time-tested premise that makes for a good crime drama.

In the first two episodes I was relieved to find some serious, quality television. The story isn't terribly remarkable - so far we know that a pretty typical teen girl has been murdered, that her parents are genuinely crushed with grief, and that the detective who caught the case, Sarah Linden, was due to leave the job and move to San Diego to get married had the case not come up.

The story is told with impressive direction and good enough writing, with plenty of details and realism to hook in most viewers. Like any good mystery, the introduction simply raises questions, and gets the viewer to care about what's going on. Mission accomplished.

The music is a bit hokey, drifting into melodrama at times, but that's the only real fault I can find. This is a fine start. It seems unlikely to dethrone "The Wire" as a pinnacle of realism but it's already better than any crime drama the networks have going. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
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