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[from trailer]

Michael Bryce: This guy single-handedly ruined the word motherfucker.

Michael Bryce: My job is to keep you out of harm's way.

Darius Kinkaid: Shit, motherfucker. I am... harm's way.

Darius Kinkaid: You know, when life gives you shit, you make Kool-Aid.

Michael Bryce: That's not really how that expression works.

Darius Kinkaid: That's the beauty of that motherfucker. Life.

Michael Bryce: Yeah, well... life, I mean, life doesn't usually give you shit and then turn into a beverage.

[from trailer]

Darius Kinkaid: I will bust a cap in your ass.

Michael Bryce: Have you ever said "please"?

Darius Kinkaid: Please, motherfucker!

Michael Bryce: Why are we always yelling?

Darius Kinkaid: Tick-tock, motherfucker!

Michael Bryce: You've got a speck of blood on your... everywhere.

Darius Kinkaid: I made that jump on one leg.

Michael Bryce: I made that jump without jumping.

Darius Kinkaid: You're going to pardon an innocent woman? That's mighty fucking white of you.

[from trailer]

Michael Bryce: You won't last one hour without me.

Darius Kinkaid: Fuck you!

Michael Bryce: Eat my ass!

Darius Kinkaid: That's what she said.

Michael Bryce: Go with God! This man's killed over 150 people.

Darius Kinkaid: 250, easy.

[from trailer]

Garrett: I can assure you, we are more than prepared for any assault.

Darius Kinkaid: [headbutts Garret] Prepared for that assault, motherfucker?

Darius Kinkaid: How do I look?

Michael Bryce: You got a little speck of blood on your... everywhere.

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Darius Kinkaid: The extra A in Triple-A stands for Ass, as in, your ass between a bullet and me.

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The quote item below may give away important plot points.

Darius Kinkaid: You fucked up when you shot my bodyguard.

Vladislav Dukhovich: ...Who?

[Kincaid kicks Dukhovich off the roof to his death]

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