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Made For Teenagers
johnyysmith26 November 2017
Only good thing to say was the production values. Keaton cashed in on a film beneath him. Hollywood wasted another book which could easily have been scripted far better, and been the basis of sequels.

Apparently all that is needed to find an international terrorist cell is hang around outside their bank. And then allow a hormone driven nearly man to punch anyone he wants and they spill the beans. Pathetic

Another grown up not going to the cinema for a while now. There is little else to add.
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Good Movie...If You're 9 Years Old and Stupid
Leftbanker21 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Profoundly stupid and childish at every single step along the way. This was born from a pretty stupid book that was also childish and simple-minded.The book was a total rip-off of An Officer and a Gentleman to the point that I was surprised the author didn't lift the "steers and queers" line.

The story is so ridden with clichés it's like they used a Micro Soft boilerplate model for the script.

Butch-sounding name: Mitch Rapp. Check. Grizzly old vet training the new punk kid. Check.

Arab bad guys right out of an episode of Scooby Doo. Check. Lame martial arts scenes right out of a 9 year old kid's fantasy. Check.

Nothing at all felt real about this movie.
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Bad Movie even if you didn't read the Novel
ernestpoirier14 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Let's start with those of us who are huge fans of Vince Flynn, and his numerous novels about Mitch Rapp. If you have read American Assassin, I highly warn you NOT TO SEE THIS MOVIE, as it will be a complete disappointment. The only similarities are: The title, the characters, and the fact that Stan Hurley bites a guy's ear off. The other 92% of the movie is pure Hollywood b/s. The movie only needs to use the book as a guide, and take the story off the pages and onto the big screen, and it's a blockbuster, but no - they can't do that. They have to hack and mutilate a great story by Vince Flynn, and twist so many things that it makes you feel like walking out of the theatre.

Now - let's say that you never read Vince Flynn's novel. I still would not recommend seeing this movie. The plot is sketchy at best. You have actors playing roles that they can't pull off (i.e. A french-man playing a Mossul agent). arggg. And then there is the second rate special effects / CGI. There is a particular scene near the end of a Navy Helicopter flying into the scene where Mitch Rapp has located the nuclear bomb (i.e. that's not part of the book either, and it's the premise for the movie)...but back to the chopper - it's obviously a special effect. Fast forward 10 minutes to the end, and the USS IKE (Aircraft Carrier) is in the ocean and there are waves crashing over it's deck. SOOO LAME.

Shame on the director, producer and anyone else who was responsible for butchering a phenomenal novel. I pray there isn't a part 2.
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really bad movie
larryorourke29 September 2017
I usually trust IMDb reviews until now. How anyone thinks this movie is anything but terrible, mustn't get out I never read the book, never even knew there was a book so I'm reviewing as a movie. Firstly the lead o'brien was so mis-cast. He did not suit the part and went from looking like a normal dude to a steven segal and then back.. come on now, in the space of 10 minutes. The story and dialogue was so all over the shop i actually thought pieces were missing from the copy i had. I fell asleep twice and it took 3 attempts to watch it in its entirety. One of those that you want to finish to see what happens in the hope something will but you know in your heart it ain't gonna happen after minute 25... good points were not a badly made movie and of course keaton held the movie, great as usual.. but that's about it.. disappointed but the trailer is all you need.. or maybe the book.
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This was probably the worst action movie I've ever seen.
raymongracie23 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First off, the cliché (and continually repeated) line of "I've never seen anyone like this," inferring that this guy who has trained in martial arts and shooting for something like 18 months, was better than anything that these "experts" had seen in all their years of special/black ops was not only completely unrealistic, even in this fictional world but also not illustrated in the film itself, since the actor just couldn't pull off anywhere near adequate combat skills to show that he was anything even of moderate level ability. The implication seemed to be that he as just driven by "cold rage" and that this is what gave him his skills but all the fight scenes were edited to be close and so we never get to see him doing anything to show his hand/hand or knife combat skills.

Secondly, all the people at various levels of power had a very one-dimensional "I have dealt with everything and anything for years and don't have a drop of internal/emotional conflict" expressed either though their body language or language. Compare this with something like "Homeland" where all the characters are basically showing more and more how messed up they are inside because of what they've been through.

Third and this is just a personal gripe: Scott Adkins who is an incredibly skilled martial artists was completely wasted and watching "Mitch" take down "Yuri Boyka the greatest fighter in the world" was just heresy.

Fourth and probably most importantly, it was just a boring movie.
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Dumbest movie
traveler58228 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe Michael Keaton or Sanaa Latham did this junk movie. Typical Hollywood propaganda: arabs/muslims are the bad guys, Iran is the bad guy country and of course it wants to do away with poor israel. But together the CIA and of course mossad will solve the world's problems... Stupid gun fights, martial arts and special effects. And Michael Cuesta as director, what a waste. Don't waste your time with this trash
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Hollywood turkey
olibinigo17 September 2017
Opening scene is expertly executed; the first 30 minutes up to the protagonist getting expert training from Keaton's character were also handled very well. From that point onward though, the film becomes tedious and clichéd. O'Brien does not have much screen presence though he obviously beefed up for this movie. To be honest, I never really cared for the characters. The lead character is noxious and annoying; the actor playing the rogue agent is also unconvincing and should be relegated to acting in sitcoms.

Also, for a movie with the title, you expect a lot of "assassinating" but that does not happen. Most activities in the film are about spying/ espionage work/ counter-terrorism so it should be renamed American Spy or American Special Ops Agent.

This is just a lazy rant as I got nothing better to do in the office.
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You know a movie bites when the extras are looking directly at the camera in the background
OneEightNine Media2 November 2017
I scored free tickets to this which is a good thing because I walked out after an hour because I was dozing off. Before that, it was a struggle to stay awake or interested. This is just a super generic film we have seen a million times before but the worst thing is that the action isn't even good. Tons of jump cuts, shaky-cam and annoying close-ups. Plus this film is laughably directed. There is even one scene where two people are talking while eating outside of a cafe and this lady in the background just keeps looking at them as she walks by; I'm guessing this film went super cheap and just shot some scenes out in public without using extras as background people. This should have never gotten screen time, big or small. It is just lame.
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Hollywood takes a good book, and turns out a bad movie.
tesujiaji13 November 2017
First off, the good. Michael Keaton does a great job in his role. AND (for 2 seconds) - has the only scene taken from the book the movie is based on. It goes downhill from there. Vince Flint wrote a series that was best seller. If the script manglers get their money back out this picture I will be surprised. If they can come up with a sequel, I will be shocked. Hollywood is unable to make a movie that the base fault of everything is not at the root - America. (At least not in action movies.) If you read any of the series this is NOT the direction that Mr. Flint took. The Jason Bourne movies were similar. Jason Bourne the book was after Carlos the Jackal, International terrorist. Jason Bourn the Movie was about America training killers to kill "innocent people".

If you have read Vince Flint's books, they are about killing terrorist. This movie is a generic revenge tale. Which of course is our own fault.

Sooooo If you are looking for another excuse to hate the CIA, or blame America, here's your flick. If you're looking for a Vince Flint movie this ain't it.
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Starts strong but fades by the end.
goodtime-336-7408113 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie could have been much more but instead, due to a nonsensical climax, it is just another Hollywood very average effort. And they wonder why box office takings are down these last couple of years. The story line starts out believable enough - terrorists attack that kills a loved one and a survivor looking for revenge. Formulaic but watchable. The CIA, as usual in US movies of this type, appear far more successful in surveillance and covert action than is often the case in real life. The cast are OK and handle their roles well for the most part, putting aside the usual cliché or three re CIA/Special ops agents in the field. I found the movie acceptable right up to the ending where the bad guy sets out to Nuke the US Fleet. Nothing about that part of the story line was in the least bit believable. It may well have played out much better in the original book upon which the movie was based but fails miserably here. A wasted $20. Better value waiting for the movie to hit your movie streaming site of choice.
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