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Love this show!

Author: jason-e-chapman from toledo, oh
12 October 2015

I can't understand why so many negative reviews of The Chew! I really like this show! All of the cooks seem very friendly, and it seems they're just having a good time doing what they're doing - cooking and entertaining. I suppose another reason I like this show is the hosts just seem so normal. I don't think any of them are celebrity chefs. They're just people sharing their passion for delicious food.

I must admit, I haven't tried making very many of recipes on The Chew, but many of them do look simple and delicious.

This show adds variety to the typical cooking show, with silly games for the audience members, and having guest cooks.

The Chew is very watchable day time programming and a good way to pass time.

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I give everything a chance; take it from me, skip this show

Author: ArtBuff86 from United States
4 November 2011

I will confess, I have watched All My Children before (but I wasn't a long time viewer or anything- I just appreciate the genre and think highly of it, despite the cultural stigma); I'd watch the soaps when I was home, sick from school, or on holiday. Frankly, my review of 'The Chew' doesn't really have much to do with the soaps, except to say that it is an utter shame that something so preciously multi-generational and meaningful in TV history- not to mention to countless fans- was replaced by something so insulting. I just feel insulted by 'The Chew'.

I don't understand how this show could ever captivate people? It certainly didn't captivate me. I watched the first episode with an open mind; it was fake and contrived and boring, to be honest. I can't imagine 'The Chew' ever lasting more than a year or two. I watched it a total of 3 times (and that was quite a task, not turning it off!), and I feel like I have seen enough for a lifetime. The premise of this show is meaningless and the show itself is lifeless. There are countless food channels, which I turn on occasionally, but these hosts are not 'stars' nor are they authority figures of any sort. This show is not an art form either. It's plain meaningless and hard to watch. Maybe this show is a way of passing the time by while saving money, but it certainly does not help me- as a viewer- 'pass the time by' nor does it entertain or inform. Don't waste your time; I already wasted too much of my own time giving 'The Chew' a chance.

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The Chew is Chaos

Author: matthewvern-733-450286
5 January 2017

This show wants to be something it is not. It wants to be a fun, energetic show containing various perspectives regarding approaches to cooking and food in general. It is actually a show with a bunch of "people" running around like their heads have been cut off. It appears the producers dose the hosts with uppers at the beginning of the show, so that in the end there is a mess of food and each person can barely speak due to exhaustion. There is nothing cohesive about this show. The hosts appear to compete with each other as they fight one another for the spotlight. There is never enough time to finish a recipe as evidenced by the throwing of food amid acknowledgements that "TIME IS RUNNING OUT"! Is there a bomb hidden somewhere? Who sets the clock for these segments? Jesus Christ this show needs to relax because it is painful and anxiety inducing - far from helpful in any capacity.

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Daphne Oz-The Chew

Author: munterl from United States
5 June 2017

Daphne Oz is a waste. She doesn't know how to cook. Occasionally, someone will let her zest a lemon or chop some parsley. Otherwise, she just stands around and watches or sits and eats everything in sight. The other four people have something to offer but not her. They know how to cook and have professional culinary experience.

She is on other shows and there too, she doesn't have professional insight in judging contestants.

She is a fifth wheel and probably knows someone who got her the job.

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Not as good as it used to be...

Author: wwroblic from United States
20 March 2013

I like to cook (and eat) and enjoy watching food-related shows on TV including, in its early days, The Chew. More recently, however, I've lost interest in it, as its emphasis has gradually shifted away from cooking and food and more toward idle chit-chat among the hosts and various second-rate guest celebrities, most of whom seem as if they've never set foot in a kitchen before. In fact, when you subtract time spent on silly games, craft demonstrations, dubious fashion tips, the aforementioned gossiping, and frequent, interminable commercials, there's probably less than ten minutes out of the hour-long show that concern anything edible. And when someone does get behind the stove on the set, all we usually get to see are billowing clouds of greasy smoke from burning fat and shots of food scorching in a blackened pot -- not very appetizing.

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Love this show! Poor ratings due to soap-lover sour-grapes!

Author: jovara from Canada
19 December 2011

Okay, I'm not a soap watcher and couldn't care less that one has been cancelled. It probably is unfortunate that The Chew replaced a soap, time slot-wise. If you're expecting a soap, The Chew is not going to make you happy. However, if you LOVE Clinton Kelly and enjoy watching cooking shows, then this show is awesome! The fun interaction between the 5 hosts and the range of cooking, decorating, and health tips really make this an enjoyable show to watch when I have the time. The hosts have a great time together and present a nice range of ideas and opinions. I personally find this format to be much more rewarding than a single-host tip/cooking show. The only reason I can see for all the poor ratings is that people are upset about losing the soap opera that used to be in this time slot.

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New Season

Author: maggieangel1117 from United States
26 September 2017

I love The Chew. Its a very informative and fun show. I am also very glad that Daphne Oz is gone. It seems to me watching the new season, the cast is more lively now that she is gone. I had nothing against her eating healthy, but I felt like she pushed her beliefs on the cast sometimes and got upset when they didn't always agree with her. Who knows. I just feel the show is better now that she is gone.

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Love the show, not Carla.

Author: freeb-64815 from United States
27 June 2017

My husband and I were appalled by the actions of Carla. she pushed her co-worker right off his chair. she is a bully. Still watch the show, we love Michael and the rest of the crew. also love the variety of food. The different nationality of crew and their recipes. It's awesome watching them cook.

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The Chew

Author: rem from US
27 April 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even if you love cooking, and some of these recipe ideas...watching the show is pure torture. Loud, silly, and basically can get recipes by going to the website....I really think the world needs more adults acting like adults. Sad really.

the recipes are up to 4/28/17 so I checked the Spoiler box.

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Please make it stop!!

Author: msjones-78026
16 June 2016

Rechewed fake Narcissistic formatted show. To many hosts, lots of idol talking, very little substance, and they do not seem sincere at all. We can do better. Reduce hosts, Focus. should always be about food. Tell Mario to get off that host desk, and do what he does best. Creating great food. NOTHING ELSE. This show could be better, by stop being like other shows. Outside great recipes, the show can focus on issues about food. You see the hosts try and up one another. There are too many of them. I believe that The Chew is at the crossroads. It needs to find out what its true DNA is, and push forward. The actions of the hosts seem manufactured and not real. If you are in it to win it, then I would suggest you talk about food, cooking, techniques, cool food trends, and cut out the blah blah blah.

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