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  • A superstitious businesswoman attributes all of her downfalls to bad luck and an old wives' tale; and with every failed relationship added to her resume, she embraces the fact that she'll be single forever.


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  • A single, superstitious but successful business woman holds herself accountable for everything in her life except her relationship failures; which she attributes to bad luck. At first Toni is content with her success over love individuality, but when everyone is getting married, even her obnoxious best friend, as well as her promiscuous baby sister, she begins to feel something more is needed in her life and time is running out, so she decides to change her luck. With a new mentality, Toni meets a promising match and it seems like her journey to a happily ever after fairytale is well under way but when Maxwell, her male friend, is helping her clean, he mistakenly sweeps her feet luring her right back into her superstitious ways.

    With the irrational Toni back in full effect, she remembers an old wives tale that when you sweep a womans feet, that woman wont ever get married. She rushes home and thinks if she can convince her boyfriend to propose right away, she wont be effected by the curse but he is taken by surprised and Tonis pushiness scares him off. Even though shes hitting the dating scene, all her negativity makes her unattractive and the only man that can tolerate her is Maxwell, mainly because she makes him feel guilty and responsible for her misery and gives him no other choice. As he nurtures her to sanity, she tries to push away considering shes back to her normal state but he doesnt budge, which makes her suspicious of his intentions. Constant arguments occur between Toni and Maxwell, with him finally professing his love for her.

    While Toni has always put her career before her emotional needs, she's encouraged to reevaluate her priorities and realizes that Maxwell is capable of taking care of her both financially and emotionally. Just as she commits to Maxwell, her ex, whos shes still secretly in love with, comes back into her life. Going against everyones advice, Toni feels like shes always sacrificed her own happiness and wants to be with the person shes in love with and chooses her ex but when he proposes to her, Toni knows that the person she really loves is Maxwell and goes all out to prove to him that she is willing to fight for their love.

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