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Mads makes it worth it

Author: Kylee Lietzke from Adrian, Michigan
13 September 2013

This was an interesting film. From what I've gathered, it was completely inspired by fans; which is a concept I like. The story is a little weak and there are holes in the plot, but the acting by Mads Mikkelsen more than makes up that. Mikkelsen is one of the most dynamic actors out there today; and unfortunately he does not get the credit he deserves. He is able to elevate an otherwise dull film into something worth watching. He is mysterious, charismatic, and able to draw you in. He can control the viewers interests by simply making a inconspicuous stare or changing the tone of his voice. He is by no means a cookie cutter actor. He makes you want to know more about him in this film and keeps you invested in what he's doing and how he's doing it. Definitely worth a watch if you want to see one of today's finest in action.

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a wee bit Jason Bourne, a considerable bit into the mystic

Author: anniemarshallster from Australia
8 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All right, as the other guy said, it's a commercial. And there's product placement.

There's also an awesome Hungarian wedding (they know how to party, I can hear Frank Gallagher saying), and the fact that none of it makes sense doesn't matter because the incidental details are fascinating. Great faces in the background. Really interesting music of varied styles throughout. Stunning scenery. It's an echo, plotwise, of an old B&W film from the fifties, Kiss Me Deadly, directed by Robert Aldrich, about a mysterious box containing (we presume) radioactive material, which eventually is thrown into the ocean but in this version into the biggest hole in a lake I've ever seen (nice).

But there's only seven plots in the world, right?

A wee joke about Valhalla Rising towards the end, possibly, as the mysterious girl points to Mads' destination and he puffs up and down those hills to get to the water?

Asgar Leth directed with style. And watching Mads is a pleasure, as always.

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Made by fans

Author: Amin Jacoub from Croatia
1 June 2013

I watched this movie yesterday on TV, and from what I read it was made by fans, but the concept were commercial project of the road movie with product implementation. From the beginning of the movie there's T-Com logo and it was obvious that this movie is an experimental project of the telecom company. From numbers of brand new smart phones in this movie it was obvious. The fans in this case were the creators of the various elements in the movie, chooses by officials of the project. Anyway it is nothing but commercial action spy movie, with typical action scenes. The movie lay strongly on James Bond concept, but it is shallow and may be confusing, especially by the end. The plot is all about aged secret agent that needs to deliver strange aluminum case from one location to another. The movie is filled with lovely European countries sceneries, especially from Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. But what makes worth to watch it is an excellent Mads Mikkelsen as an leading actor who held all by his charisma. Mikkelsen is such a great actor that he can make weak movie better one. He also is able to bring complete movie with all bad elements and bad actors to a higher level. This is the case here. The scenario is so weak and rest of the cast are from mediocre to weak or amateurish, yet Mads put a shine on all of them, and brings us watchable product. He is like good ingredient that makes food better. Anyway the movie is nothing to be remember for, except the acting of Mads, and it is probably only for those who admire this actor.

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Quite a different movie

Author: nicnik6 from Romania
15 February 2015

For the life of me I don't understand why this movie has such low ratings. I truly enjoyed it. I couldn't care less about the producers' intention and whether or not they are advertising something. If they manage to do so through this superb film, good for them. What matters to me is the effect the whole journey has on me as a viewer, and this was something rather addictive. I just couldn't get enough of these road trips.

Professional as the character is, his mission is not without danger. He is not exactly Frank in the Transporter movies, nor is he Jason Bourne, nor James Bond on a recovery pursuit, although he is a little bit of all of them. It seems so sad to me that people expect a purpose out of it all. It's not the end that matters, it's the journey in itself. Had that case ended somewhere else, I would have been worried and disappointed. By the looks of it and all the technology and secrecy that are involved, we can have a pretty good (or maybe a rough idea) of the contents of the case, and if it is what I think it is, where would we want it most than on the bottom of the most unfathomable hole?

This film is like a song playing through lovely European scenery, with cars, smart phones and precise instructions almost lulling you to sleep despite the urgency of the whole trip. And if I got it wrong, if I got it all so wrong and this is only a piece of crap, there still remains one strong element which makes it all well worth watching: the incredible presence of Mads Mikkelsen. But do I really need to mention this?

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Interesting Movie

Author: law-turley from UK
8 February 2015

I had no idea of the concept of this movie, having just plucked it from the Mads Mikkelsen back catalogue, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the central character, and there was just enough information and pathos (being generated by Mads) to make him both sympathetic and intriguing.

The cinematography was excellent, the pace was brisk but always unpredictable and the car chases were great. I particularly liked the Hungarian section, from the moment Mark hit the deer with his car to the moment he drove his mended car from his kind host's house, I was in heaven. My only real criticism was I would have liked a few more of those human interactions, and perhaps a bit more of a flavour of Mark's past somehow. Nice movie, crisply made, entertaining and a great ending that just left me laughing out loud with wtf appreciation - as a big fan of the existential payoff!

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The spy who tries to come in from the cold

Author: snakelvas from United States
21 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers ahead- A nameless agent, his mission is to get a Haliburton type case to it's destination. We never find out what is in the case, he's followed and lead by a young woman who seems to be after the case. She is more than a step ahead of the aging secret agent on his last run. We get to see some beautiful European cities and countryside as he drives to each stop, he gets more and more beat up as the journey progresses. The young woman turns out to be someone who survived one of his assignments where it seems her family was killed as collateral damage. He doesn't remember faces, I guess that is how any spy would get by, but she jogs his memory and he admits he was sorry and asks for forgiveness. He knocks her out leaving the money he was going to exchange for the case (she did wind up stealing it) and even her gun. It gets into the Prisoner territory by the end, he throws the case into a strange bottomless looking hole in a lake in Macedonia. He's free just like Patrick McGoohan. I liked it, I like Mads, I like cryptic intriguing stories where I fill in the blanks, I even didn't mind the product placement all along the way.

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Amazing movie (Why do people lack intelligence to understand a intellectual movie}

Author: measonjr1 from Raleigh, NC
21 August 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Not to be rude or sad how people try to make sense of this film in the most nonsensical way!!! People, it doesn't matter what is in the suitcase (were you waiting to the end to see what was in it to make it complete)..... The meaning of the movie is related to leaving things behind and moving forward. (Try it sometime it will make your life better)

The suitcase "symbolizes" baggage from the past that needs to be thrown in the deepest, darkest, furthest hole so then one can move on. One has to give himself/herself time to move on. It is a "journey" (Hint: SPOILER .....Road Trip.... )and in the end you have to throw everything away in order to move on. That is all! Don't look for no action or any answer about what was hiding in the suitcase. The entire movie is about that moment when Mads throws the case away. (Again rinse and repeat...try it your life will be better) Thanks for your time and feel free to comments please !

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Action-packed fun

Author: kitatbro
9 March 2015

This is a fun, fast-paced movie. I stumbled upon it while looking for more Mads Mikkelsen. Move On has one of the best car chase scenes I've ever seen. It must've been a fun sequence for the actors to shoot. I wonder how much of the driving they got to do. The other highlight of this movie is the scenery (including Mads, of course). It was filmed in several different cities. The final scene was filmed at Lake Globocica in Macedonia. This location stood out because Mad's character rows a boat out to a huge unexpected hole in the lake. The only reason I didn't give this movie a "10" is I would've liked to have more development of the main character's back story. The suitcase seems to be a symbol of his baggage but we don't learn enough about it.

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Not conceptual, but more than just good

Author: Bene Cumb from Estonia/Tallinn
17 January 2015

Road movie is a long-time genre, and there are usually 2 types of them: a) a merry company is willing to experience new people and places b) a single person is willing to find his or her inner self or something/someone missing. For this matter, Move On is different, as the leading character has a task to fulfill (rather dubious one), but unintended changes in plans bring him into novel places and novel situations. The distances are long, and thanks to Europe's not-so-large-area, we see a lot of wonderful landscapes, towns and events - as the film is project-based and contains inputs from different views.

And in the center of all this - a magnificent Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who is most of the time alone on the screen, are there are not many actors who could fill out the course of events, so you are not feel bored and try not to notice evident flaws and gaps in the plot, uneven run of the latter. Yet, there were some twists and gripping chases, but particularly due to Mikkelsen's performance, I can give strong 7 points to this film.

PS To those who saw Move On as a car commercial - it would have ridiculous to hide symbols on the cars :) For me, product placement was not conspicuous, I was focusing on other elements.

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What happens when a big corporation makes a 100 minute commercial? This!

Author: gaga75 from Germany
9 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What happens when a big corporation makes a 100 minute commercial? This: We get to see many brand-new products (e.g. we see very many cars made by Volkswagen or its subsidiaries Audi and Porsche driving around all the time), great pictures of beautiful cities, an amazing woman and gorgeous landscapes, and we get to hear very atmospheric music and sounds. So if acting, cinematography, music and locations are great it's a great movie, right? Well yes, if there wasn't one thing completely missing: a viable story.

------------------SPOILER AHEAD----------------------------------------------------------------

All we see throughout nearly the entire movie is a somehow squinted looking Mads Mikkelsen driving (always by car - vw -, never by plane, train, bus or bike) a suitcase with unknown contents to various places in Europe for no transparent reason. So "road movie" can be taken literally, because we see very many roads for a long time.

Then there is an ominous black Porsche SUV in evil black following him and a mysterious lady seemingly helping him, then making him drunk and finally stealing the suitcase, naturally after having seduced Mikkelsen.

Not surprisingly, this cannot bring a story to life or even evoke any emotions in the observer which would go further than: oh, this landscape/city looks really beautiful!

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