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Russell and Karpovsky are a winning pair, and if they ever want to hit the road for more big jokes and even bigger revelations, any director would do well to let them take the wheel.
Los Angeles Times
With Grace’s sure hand and the strong work of lead actors Wyatt Russell and Alex Karpovsky, Folk Hero & Funny Guy is the kind of road trip movie where it’s a pleasure to ride shotgun.
Folk Hero & Funny Guy rises above cliché thanks to a sure-handed, thought-out script, and memorable performances.
The Playlist
Folk Hero & Funny Guy is an amiable road movie powered by great music. But it’s much more than just that, with deeply felt, lived in emotions capturing the ups and downs of longterm friendships, the nervous spark of a new attraction, and the power of making amends.
It’s mostly interested in the off-kilter but natural chemistry of its leads, who despite their differences come across as comrades who genuinely care about each other, and whose bond is solidified by their shared hangups.
Slant Magazine
In the film's best scenes, Jeff Grace displays a delicate understanding of various modes of male fragility.
Village Voice
Well-written and inoffensively directed by Jeff Grace, the film suffers from an overall brown color.
An amiable if hardly unusual buddy pic.
Things meander along to the inevitable blowup scene and a too-easy ending in which all is forgiven and personal growth has occurred, though not for the viewing audience.
It’s a strangely aimless film with some good ideas but it never follows through.

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