Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Poster

Benedict Cumberbatch: Doctor Strange



  • Thor : If you knew where he was, why didn't you call me?

    Dr. Stephen Strange : I had to tell you. He did not want to be disturbed. Your father. He had chosen to remain in exile. And you don't have a phone.

    Thor : No, I don't have a phone but you could have sent me an electronic letter. It's called an email.

    Dr. Stephen Strange : Yeah. Do you have a computer?

    Thor : No. What for?

  • Dr. Stephen Strange : Thor, I sense a great change in your future. Destiny has dire plans for you, my friend.

    Thor : I have dire plans for destiny.

  • Dr. Stephen Strange : [gives up Loki to Thor]  I think you can handle things from here.

    Loki : [pulls out blades]  Handle me? Who are you? You think you're some kind of sorcerer? Don't think for one minute, you second-rate...

    Dr. Stephen Strange : Bye bye.

    [sends Thor and Loki through a portal] 

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