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The Prince of Nothingwood review – magical and intrepid

Afghanistan’s most prolific director literally puts his life on the line to make movies, as seen in this riveting and hilarious documentary

In the current release The Disaster Artist, James Franco celebrates the tale of Tommy Wiseau, who realised his dream of getting a movie made when all the odds were apparently against him. Yet Wiseau made his 2003 “disasterpiece” The Room with seemingly endless financial resources, in the heart of Hollywood, where all the perks and luxuries of modern cinema were available to him and his crew. Would he have been able to pull it off if he’d been shooting on the fly in war-torn surroundings with nothing but his belief in the power of B-movies to see him through?

Meet Salim Shaheen, the “most popular and prolific actor-director-producer in Afghanistan” (which he laughingly calls “Nothingwood!”), who has made and distributed more than a hundred movies, working on shoestring budgets,
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‘The Room’ Filmmaker Tommy Wiseau Pitched Himself For Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie

‘The Room’ Filmmaker Tommy Wiseau Pitched Himself For Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie
With The Disaster Artist getting rave reviews, the star ranking for The Room director and star Tommy Wiseau is on the rise — so much that he has pitched himself to be in the next Star Wars movie. The mind behind “one of the worst movie ever made” on which James Franco’s The Disaster Artist is based, took to Twitter and point blank asked to be put in the next installment of the billion-dollar sci-fi franchise. Citing a popular quote from The Room, Wiseau retweeted a photo…
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What Losing Lincoln Plaza Means to the Future of Subtitled Film

What Losing Lincoln Plaza Means to the Future of Subtitled Film
It’s just one theater, with six screens. But news that the landlord for the Lincoln Plaza Theaters —on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, across the street from Lincoln Center — is not renewing the lease for its present (and only) operators, longtime exhibitors and distributors Dan and Toby Talbot, could be the biggest news in specialized film this year.

Totaling a little over 1,000 seats, Lincoln Plaza has been the most important single theater in the domestic specialized market since its opening in 1981. Though it no longer provides the biggest grosses for most independent and other arthouse releases, it remains the single most vital location for launching subtitled and other high-end titles in the U.S.

Initial reports say the Talbots — dominant forces for over 50 years in the New York specialized film business — were unable to make a deal to continue operation. The landlord, Milstein Properties — has not confirmed that it will continue as a theater.
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Tommy Wiseau Wants A Part in ‘Star Wars Episode IX,’ and This Video Proves It Must Happen — Watch

Tommy Wiseau Wants A Part in ‘Star Wars Episode IX,’ and This Video Proves It Must Happen — Watch
The Room” mastermind Tommy Wiseau may be too busy to direct a “Star Wars” movie right now, but he’s apparently free enough to be able to play a part in “Star Wars Episode IX.” Taking full advantage of the fact that “The Last Jedi” and “The Disaster Artist’ are both playing in theaters, Wiseau is pitching himself for the next “Star Wars” sequel, which is being directed by J.J. Abrams.

Read More:Tommy Wiseau Wants to Direct a ‘Star Wars’ Movie — but He’s ‘Very Busy,’ So He’d Prefer to Act

Wiseau has taken to Twitter to directly address the official “Star Wars” account and request a part in the third entry in the Rey-centric trilogy. Fortunately, we already know how brilliant a Tommy Wiseau-starring “Star Wars” film would be thanks to a viral video that launched in May earlier this year.

Oh, hi, Mark. Put me in the next Star Wars.
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Oscar Best Picture Contenders Reach Voters With Nostalgia

Oscar Best Picture Contenders Reach Voters With Nostalgia
Historical movies have a reputation for tugging at the heartstrings of both Academy voters and fans, just ask anyone who regularly watches “Gone With the Wind” or spends evenings cozied up with Turner Classic Movies. But this year, a series of period-set releases also come with a twinge of nostalgia. This only makes them more endearing.

Call Me by Your Name

Nostalgia Trigger: First Loves; Self-Discovery

Just about everyone has a coming-of-age story, no matter your sexual orientation. Director Luca Guadagnino’s film, which is based on James Ivory’s adaptation of the heart-swelling André Aciman novel, chronicles a love affair between a 17-year-old boy (Timothée Chalamet) and the attractive American student (Armie Hammer) who comes to stay with his family in the Italian countryside during the early 1980s. It could be compared to 1971’s “Summer of ’42,” with its message of sexual awakening and young love is strong enough for a month of throwback Thursdays.

Darkest Hour

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A new set of December Oscar predictions

The precursors are almost a daily occurrence now, so why not make new Academy Award predictions a weekly one too? That’s the goal here, as we enter the middle of December. The weather on the east coast is frigid, but the Oscar season is heating up, that’s for sure. The last X factors are revealing themselves (at least for me today, as I go see All the Money in the World and The Greatest Showman right after publishing this), so the guilds and precursors are separating things into contender and pretender categories. It’s almost all done. Yet, there’s still plenty to figure out. Working off of the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations, plus the announced short lists for Best Documentary Feature and Best Foreign Language Feature, among others, we have some changes here. Notably, Get Out has shot up in a number of categories,
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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Sets Sights on Becoming the Latest $200M+ Opener

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Sets Sights on Becoming the Latest $200M+ Opener
After a strong performance last month, the December box office is currently pacing ahead of 2016 by 3% while the overall year is still pacing just a bit behind 2016, currently by 4.2%. However, now comes what will surely be the highest grossing domestic release of the year, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The latest film in the Star Wars franchise is looking to become only the fourth domestic release to ever open over $200 million, sure to assist in closing the year-to-year gap even further. Meanwhile, Fox has chosen to once again offer some counter-programming with the animated release Ferdinand. Two years ago they tried a similar tactic when they debuted the fourth installment of the Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise against Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Much like 2015, we're anticipating similar results. When forecasting the opening weekend for Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in 2015 it was a rather monumental task as no
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The Best Films of 2017

The Best Films of 2017
In a year of cinematic riches, Variety chief film critics Owen Gleiberman and Peter Debruge may not agree on precisely what films rank as the year’s best (although “Get Out” scores pretty high for both), but it’s thrilling to see movies directed by women at the top of each of their lists. Click through to see the critics’ individual justifications for their choices.

Owen Gleiberman’s Top 10 Films of 2017 | Read More

1. Lady Bird

2. Get Out

3. Oklahoma City

4. The Florida Project

5. The Disaster Artist

6. Faces Places

7. Logan Lucky

8. Call Me by Your Name

9. Loveless

10. I, Tonya

Peter Debruge’s Top 10 Films of 2017 | Read More

1. The Rider

2. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

3. Get Out

4. Call Me by Your Name

5. The Distinguished Citizen

6. Blade Runner 2049

7. The Shape of Water

8. The Square

9. I, Tonya

10. Lost in Paris

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Megan Mullally Savors a Surprising Career First With Return of ‘Will & Grace’ (Exclusive)

Megan Mullally Savors a Surprising Career First With Return of ‘Will & Grace’ (Exclusive)
“Sometimes I’ll see somebody and they just instantly burst into tears.”

Megan Mullally is talking about especially animated fans who recognize her as Karen Walker from Will & Grace, which returned to NBC in a roundly celebrated revival this fall. “I always just give them a big hug and I’m like, ‘I’m so boring! You don’t understand,” she adds.

But admirers old and new of Grace’s brassy assistant will agree that there’s nothing boring about Mullally’s scene-stealing character, whom audiences first met during the series’ original eight-season run from 1998 to 2006. When the sitcom’s famous foursome first reunited last September for a video to encourage viewers to vote in the 2016 presidential election, the biggest bombshell came with Karen’s choice of candidate.

“She’s a Trump supporter on paper,” Mullally tells Et over the phone from her home in Los Angeles. The political tone of the PSA, which served as a precursor
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The Shape Of Water Named Best Picture by Dallas Critics

It's that time of year when we look back and celebrate the best films and, as a proud member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association, I'm glad to say that Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water has named 2017's Best Picture. Our group consists of 34 broadcast, print and online journalists from North Texas. (official site"Official site.) Listed below are all our picks, in order of votes received. Best Picture Winner: The Shape Of Water Runners-up: The Post; Lady Bird; Call Me By Your Name; Get Out; Dunkirk; Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; I, Tonya; The Florida Project; Darkest Hour Best Actor Winner: Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour Runners-up: James Franco, The Disaster Artist; Daniel Day-Lewis, Phantom Thread; Timothee Chalamet, Call Me By Your...

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Alison Brie Explains Why 'Glow' Nude Scenes Were 'Freeing and Empowering' for Her

Alison Brie Explains Why 'Glow' Nude Scenes Were 'Freeing and Empowering' for Her
Alison Brie was very pleased with how her nude scenes in Glow were handled.

The 34-year-old actress is featured in Net-a-porter’s weekly digital magazine, The Edit, and says that she took no issue with stripping down for some of the steamier scenes on the Netflix show.

"Very early on in auditioning it was a case of, ‘Don’t come to any more auditions unless you’re comfortable with nudity, because it is a part of the show.’ It was a deal-breaker, for sure," Brie recalls. "At that time, I just wanted to be on the show so much that I really didn’t care. It was important that the show be a realistic portrayal of life in the way people live and the way they have sex. And also that our show be about every aspect of women’s bodies, and women not being ashamed of their bodies."

She notes, "We’re not being
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Awards Spotlight: IndieWire Celebrates the Year’s Best Films With the Women of ‘Lady Bird,’ James Franco, and More

Awards Spotlight: IndieWire Celebrates the Year’s Best Films With the Women of ‘Lady Bird,’ James Franco, and More
Today, we launch Indiewire’s annual IndieWire Awards Season Spotlight series, presented by Xfinity. We’ve recognized many of the great films produced in 2017 across two dozen candid video interviews. The IndieWire team talked to a fantastic range of talent, including Golden Globes and SAG nominees Gary Oldman and Saorise Ronan, Gotham Awards winners James Franco and Timothee Chalamet, and Globes-nominated filmmakers Angelina Jolie and Guillermo Del Toro. Over the next month, we’ll unveil them all.

Read More:Sofia Coppola on the Dangerous Femininity of ‘The Beguiled’: Awards Season Spotlight Profile

In addition to our sponsors at Xfinity, major thanks to our production team who include Adrien Fulle and Holly Dillon from the Variety Content Studio, IndieWire Awards editor Anne Thompson, and Nikki Ganz and Jackson Stahl from Nik & Jax Productions.

Read More:Jason Mitchell on the Extreme Empathy of ‘Mudbound’: Awards Season Spotlight Profile

The full
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Test audiences for The Disaster Artist refused to believe the film was based on a true story

Oh hi readers. Did you know that test audiences for James Franco’s The Disaster Artist refused to believe that the film was based on a true story? In an interview with SlashFilm, The Disaster Artist co-screenwriter Scott Neustadter reveals that some test audience members thought the films story was entirely fictional:

“It’s funny, because when we were testing this movie initially with an audience of people, the one thing that they said at the end, which we couldn’t believe, was that they didn’t think any of this was true. Even though it says, ‘Based on a True Story,’ they just thought it was another Franco/Rogen [project], making something up and a funny character they were doing. The side-by-sides — some people still watch this movie and cannot believe, until the side-by-sides, that there is footage out there like what we shot. So that’s something that I think we,
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James Franco nails recreated The Room scenes in side-by-side video!

  • JoBlo
So we reported earlier that James Franco filmed almost 30 minutes of recreated The Room footage for his film, The Disaster Artist. That's quite an impressive feat - made even more impressive when you consider most of it doesn't seem to have actually made it into the final cut. It's also really, really, eerily accurate - almost frame perfect. You can see at least some of the... Read More...
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Seth Rogen Says James Franco’s Method Acting And Directing On ‘The Disaster Artist’ Was ‘Weird’

Seth Rogen and best friend James Franco have teamed up for another film together, this time Franco starred and sat in the director’s chair for the biopic “The Disaster Artist”. But in an interview with Seth Meyers on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” Rogen, 35, revealed some of Franco’s methods of acting, and directing, were […]
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Owen Gleiberman’s 10 Best Films of 2017

Owen Gleiberman’s 10 Best Films of 2017
Earlier this year, as winter was doing its slow fade, something happened in the world of movies you don’t see too often: A film arrived out of nowhere to become a fast-break phenomenon, lionized by critics and flocked to by audiences. I’m talking about Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” (#2 on my 10 Best list), which was made on a tiny budget ($4.5 million!) but became, virtually overnight, a seismic pop-cultural event.

For a moment or two, a movie owned not just the multiplexes but the conversation. It was thrilled to, talked about, granted the hot-potato status of a sociological wake-up call. For a moment, the concept of “niche culture” felt like it was being left in the dust. Something similar happened six months later, in the middle of the summer, when Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” (which didn’t make my list — to me, it was an awesome spectacle but too remote) rode a veritable tidal wave of
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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri leads SAG nominations by Jennie Kermode - 2017-12-13 18:15:22

Front runner Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The Screen Actors' Guild (SAG) has announced its nominations for this season's awards, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has made a big impression with four nominations in three categories. Get Out and The Shape Of Water also have multiple nominations, building on their promise in the Golden Globes, despite being seen as outsiders before the season began.

The winners will be announced on 21 January.

The film award nominations in full:-

Best Ensemble Performance

The Big Sick Get Out Lady Bird Mudbound Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best Actress

Judi Dench, Victoria And Abdul Sally Hawkins, The Shape Of Water Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Margot Robbie, I, Tonya Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird

Best Actor

Timothée Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name James Franco, The Disaster Artist Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour Denzel Washington, Roman J Israel, Esq

Best Supporting Actor

Steve Carell,
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'Three Billboards' & 'Lady Bird' Lead the 2018 SAG Awards Nominations

The nominees for the 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards have been announced today, putting awards season in full swing before along with the Global Globe nominations earlier this week. The Screen Actors Guild Awards are unique in that it's the actors themselves choose the best performances from amongst their peers. Last year's big winners were Mahershala Ali for Moonlight and Emma Stone for La La Land, both of whom deserved the glory. This year they've selected another exceptional set of notable performers - from films including Get Out, The Disaster Artist, Darkest Hour, The Florida Project, Call Me by Your Name, and I Tonya. Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri and Lady Bird are the top nominees. I'm very happy with all this, especially Sally Hawkins and Timothee Chalamet, the two best performances of the year. Here's the full list of film nominees for the 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards
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Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 2017: ‘Lady Bird’ Wins Big, but ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Has Strong Showing as Well

Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 2017: ‘Lady Bird’ Wins Big, but ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Has Strong Showing as Well
Lady Bird” won big at the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards last night, taking home Best Picture, Best Actress (Saoirse Ronan), Best Supporting Actress (Laurie Metcalf), and Most Promising Filmmaker (Greta Gerwig) from the Windy City. “Call Me by Your Name” had a strong showing as well, picking up prizes for Best Actor (Timothée Chalamet, who also won Most Promising Performer) and Best Supporting Screenplay.

Christopher Dunkirk was named Best Director for his work on “Dunkirk,” with Willem Dafoe of “The Florida Project” winning yet another Best Supporting Actor laurel and Jordan Peele being honored with Best Original Screenplay for “Get Out.” Full list of winners below.

Read More:2017 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards: ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Wins Both Best Picture and Best Actor

Best Picture

Call Me By Your Name


Lady Bird

The Shape of Water

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best Director

Guillermo Del Toro
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SAG Film Nominations Snubs and Surprises: ‘The Big Sick’ Gets Its Due, but What Happened to ‘The Post’?

SAG Film Nominations Snubs and Surprises: ‘The Big Sick’ Gets Its Due, but What Happened to ‘The Post’?
On Monday night, “The Big Sick” team might have thought all those months of relentless awards campaigning were a waste. A Norman Lear-hosted post-screening party became an inadvertent wake for a disappointed Holly Hunter, Kumail Nanjiani, Emily B. Gordon, and filmmaker Michael Showalter after the morning’s total snub by the Golden Globes.

Little more than 24 hours later, they have real reason to celebrate. The Amazon/Lionsgate comedy landed Film Ensemble and Supporting Actress nods from the SAG nominating committee — and that’s way more significant and predictive of ultimate Oscar support.

However, the shocker of the morning was Steven Spielberg’s supposedly powerful journalism valentine “The Post” was not only missing in action for Ensemble, but missing altogether: no Meryl Streep, no Tom Hanks. One explanation is that by breaking after Thanksgiving, both “The Post” and also-shunned “Phantom Thread” (no Daniel Day-Lewis!) weren’t seen by enough of the 2,500-member SAG nominating committee,
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