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Good Time review – Robert Pattinson excels in electrifying urban thriller

Pattinson runs into a whole lot of trouble in this high-energy heist caper from rising indie stars Josh and Benny Safdie

This adrenalised street opera from feted indie film-makers Josh and Benny Safdie has been hailed in some quarters as a revelatory breakthrough for former Twilight star Robert Pattinson, shedding his celebrity status to “disappear” into the role of an aggressively unsympathetic street hustler. Yet Pattinson (who I thought was terrific in the sneeringly maligned teen-vampire series) has always been much more than a pretty face, proving his mettle in films such as David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, Brady Corbet’s The Childhood of a Leader, and James Gray’s The Lost City of Z. For me, the real revelation of Good Time comes from seeing the Safdies finally fulfil the promise of 2009’s Daddy Longlegs and 2014’s Heaven Knows What, creating an electrifying urban thriller that combines authenticity with accessibility in a compact,
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Good Time directors the Safdie brothers: ‘Robert Pattinson was just a guy chasing work’

The low-budget crime-thriller film-makers talk about being ‘petrified of stasis’ and casting the Twilight star in their latest release, despite not having seen his movies

In a Hollywood that seems more monetised, sanitised and purely profit-driven than ever – these days, we use the phrase “film industry” so much more than “film world” – it is good to be reminded of the people tearing up around the edges, propelled by their own outsized forces of personality and vision. Josh and Benny Safdie are chancers, hustlers and prodigious talents. You could say they have been film-makers since they were kids, when their dad used to shut them in a closet with a camcorder. They are also throwbacks to a more haphazard, chaotic and readily romanticised time when movies trailed the mythos of their own making; when what you saw on screen in the 70s, say, was tinted with behind-the-scenes legends of chutzpah.

The brothers,
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Better Than Wages: Chloé Zhao Discusses "The Rider"

  • MUBI
Midway through The Rider, Lakota cowboy Brady Blackburn (Brady Jandreau) takes a job at a local grocery store. Forbidden by his doctors from ever riding again and with few prospects near his home on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, he’s humiliated to find himself wearing a name tag and waving a barcode scanner. Brady, the actor, later told Chloé Zhao that filming those scenes was one of the hardest things he’d ever done. Like the character he plays, Jandreau had recently survived a near-fatal skull fracture during a rodeo, and the painful prospect of giving up his cowboy life was still fresh. The Rider is the second feature film Zhao has made at Pine Ridge, following Songs My Brothers Taught Me in 2015. “I wanted to make a movie about the cowboys I met there,” she told me, “but I didn’t have a story until Brady’s accident.
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Safdie Brothers’ ‘Good Time’ Coming to Blu-ray and DVD

From the Safdie brothers comes a crime drama starring Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Jason Leigh. And if a film having the “certified fresh” stamp of approval from Rotten Tomatoes means anything at all to you then you should probably check out the film Good Time. We have all the details on the in-home release below.

Santa Monica, CA (September 14, 2017) – No crime goes unpunished when the hypnotic action-thriller Good Time heads to Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD November 21 from Lionsgate. Racing against the clock to get his brother out of jail, Connie Nikas finds himself trying to make some quick hustles while evading arrest on the colorful streets of New York. Directed by the visionary Safdie Brothers (Heaven Knows What, Lenny Cooke) and starring Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga franchise, The Rover) and Oscar® nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh (Best Supporting Actress, The Hateful Eight, 2015), the Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh™ film,
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Directors Josh and Benny Safdie and Cinematographer Sean Price Williams Talk Shooting Good Time in NYC on 35mm at Ifp Week

Directors Josh and Benny Safdie and cinematographer Sean Price Williams go way back. Their latest collaboration, the crime thriller Good Time, is the trio’s fourth joint effort. They’re not only used to each other; they’ve also been through some real shit. The Safdies love to work rough and tumble, filming most of their movies — including Daddy Longlegs and Heaven Knows What, both shot by Williams – on the streets and apartments of New York, feeding off and bottling up the city’s uniquely chaotic energy. For Good Time, they even dragged a big name, Robert Pattinson, along for the ride. To get […]
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7 Breakout Performers From Summer Movies in 2017

7 Breakout Performers From Summer Movies in 2017
Every summer movie season has its share of big-name vehicles and star turns from recognizable faces. But this year, several actors delivered outstanding performances that hint at exciting futures. Probably no one more than Gal Gadot, who became a household name after “Wonder Woman” broke expectations and box office records. But below are seven more names of actors, in movies large and small, whose work this season has them firmly on our radar.

Nnamdi Asomugha, “Crown Heights”

A former NFL player who has dabbled lightly in small film and TV roles in addition to producing “Beasts of No Nation,” Asomugha is simply astounding as Carl King in “Crown Heights.” What elevates Matt Ruskin’s timely true story about Colin Warner (Lakeith Stanfield), who spent more than 20 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, is the relationship between King and Warner and how the former dedicated his life to freeing his friend, even
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The Current Debate: Race in "Good Time"

  • MUBI
In the first scene of Good Time, the latest from directors Josh and Benny Safdie, Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson) barges into an office where a social worker is interviewing his brother Nick (Benny Safdie), who has a mental disability and impaired hearing. From there, the two brothers are off to the races, as Benjamin Mercer writes at Reverse Shot:Almost immediately after, Connie is hauling Nick along with him on an ill-conceived robbery of a bank branch in Flushing, Queens. “Do you think I could have done that without you standing next to me, being strong?” Connie reassures Nick right after the job—and just before a paint bomb goes off in their bag of stolen cash, filling the cab they’re in with red vapor and sending it off the road. The accident, an eye-poppingly entropic moment staged by the Safdies and captured as if on the fly by cinematographer Sean Price Williams,
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Robert Pattinson Sent "Crazy Obsessive" Email to Work With 'Good Time' Directors

Robert Pattinson Sent
Good Time, according to the Safdie Brothers, is their first "movie movie." The creative brothers have been directing and writing films for the past 10 years, but it wasn't until Good Time that they decided to fully engaged with the industry.

"We wanted to make sure we had our language down," Joshua Safdie explained. "It's a thrilling movie that actually thrills."

In turn, the brothers also got to work with their first movie star: Robert Pattinson. "I saw a banner from their previous movie [Heaven Knows What] on a website and sent a crazy, obsessive email saying, 'I know, I know. It's meant...
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11 Films to Watch After Seeing ‘Good Time’

In their feature films, directors Josh and Ben Safdie have always walked a fine line between fact and fiction. Not quite documentaries and not quite traditional narratives, their work takes on an air of alarming spontaneity, threatening to jump off the screen at you. Between Daddy Longlegs and Heaven Knows What, the Safdies captured a gorgeously grainy snapshot of their home city of New York, both painfully truthful and deeply impacting.

Their latest, Good Time, returns to New York City, this time bringing a pulp edge to their naturalistic aesthetic. After a botched bank robbery lands his brother Nick (Ben Safdie) in jail, Constantine (Robert Pattinson) is forced out of Queens into the city to bring his brother home, at any cost.

Our review describes Good Time as “in parts a heist movie (iconic masks included) and a chase movie, but not an homage in any sense — more an evolution,
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Movie Review – Good Time (2017)

Good Time, 2017.

Written and Directed by Josh and Benny Safdie

Starring Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, Buddy Duress, Taliah Webster, Barkhad Abdi, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.


A bank robber finds himself unable to evade those who are looking for him.

Sometimes, rooting for the bad guy is fun. Let’s face it, we have all done it before. Even as a society, we are drawn towards mainstream headlines or media coverage regarding illegal activities. Presumably, it’s to vicariously live through that adrenaline as a method of escaping daily, mundane routines. However, the best crime thrillers are the ones that can concurrently provide an audience mixed feelings on a front and center criminal.

Enter Good Time and Robert Pattinson’s (who continues to deliver phenomenal work across the independent scene, giving a career-best performance here) Connie; a once again free man who decides to take his mentally challenged brother Nick (played by Benny Safdie,
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‘Good Time’: The Safdie Brothers Write a Note Thanking Robert Pattinson for the ‘Romantic/Psychotic Email’ He Sent Them

  • Indiewire
‘Good Time’: The Safdie Brothers Write a Note Thanking Robert Pattinson for the ‘Romantic/Psychotic Email’ He Sent Them
Good Time” opened in New York and Los Angeles yesterday. To mark the occasion, directors Josh and Benny Safdie have shared a note on A24’s website noting that, though they’ve directed several features before, the acclaimed crime drama starring Robert Pattinson is in some ways their “first Movie-Movie, so we don’t blame you for maybe not having heard of us before!”

They then reveal that “Good Time” wouldn’t even exist “had Rob not written us a romantic/psychotic email about how he felt deeply connected to us just by having seen a still on Indiewire.” The brothers previously directed “Heaven Knows What,” which caught the former “Twilight” star’s attention.
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Why the Safdie Brothers Decided to Put Robert Pattinson in Their Gritty World of New York Amateurs

  • Indiewire
Why the Safdie Brothers Decided to Put Robert Pattinson in Their Gritty World of New York Amateurs
The idea of a Hollywood star getting some indie street cred by taking a massive pay cut to support the work of an edgy, up-and-coming auteur is hardly a new concept, but describes at least half the films at Sundance. However, the films of Josh and Benny Safdie are more than their somewhat simplified reputation as gritty New York filmmakers, and the decision by Robert Pattinson to star in the pair’s new film isn’t your run-of-the-mill case of an actor looking for street cred.

The Safdies’ distinctive guerilla-style approach to filmmaking on busy streets, often with amateur performers – who embody the underbelly of the city – is a cinematic world based on complete authenticity and the product of an immersive creative process that requires, as Benny described it, “being put through the ringer.”

Read More:Robert Pattinson Gives a Career-Best Performance in the Safdie Brothers’ ‘Good Time’ — Cannes 2017 Review
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‘Good Time’ Review: Robert Pattinson Lurches Desperately Through Queens

  • The Wrap
‘Good Time’ Review: Robert Pattinson Lurches Desperately Through Queens
The spirit of independent cinema is alive and well, but it’s also grown frustratingly familiar. Go to Sundance or SXSW, and you’ll find a bevy of meandering movies built on the existential despair of middle-aged white men, quotidian characters who are often despondent, divorced, or both. Their unrest is the crux of the movie. But while brother directors Joshua and Ben Safdie (“Heaven Knows What”) find themselves trafficking this territory (their films are economical, efficient), the art itself stands out. Their narrative interests are singular; the stories they’re interested in relaying to the world are not common or,
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'Good Time': How Two Brothers Scuzzed Up Robert Pattinson and Made a Gritty Classic

'Good Time': How Two Brothers Scuzzed Up Robert Pattinson and Made a Gritty Classic
Robert Pattinson can't explain it – he just knew.

It was early 2015, and the Twilight star was now three years removed from Edward Cullen, the iconic vampire heartthrob who made the British actor's name but had also painted him into a corner. Looking to break free, the then-29-year-old star began seeking out daring dramas and working with filmmakers like David Cronenberg, David Michôd, Werner Herzog and James Gray. He was determined to prove that he wasn't just a Ya pinup. And in the midst of that reinvention, Pattinson stumbled upon
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Trailer for Nathan Silver’s ‘Thirst Street’ Depicts a Paris-Set Psychodrama

There’s one thing that connects some of my favorite American independent films of the last few years: cinematography of Sean Price Williams. Following Listen Up Philip, Kate Plays Christine, Heaven Knows What, Golden Exits, Marjorie Prime, Queen of Earth, and Good Time, his latest project is Thirst Street, from director Nathan Silver. Ahead of a September release, the first trailer has landed for the film following an American flight attendant who tries to make a romantic connection in Paris and things don’t go as planned.

“Sean [Price Williams] and I were talking and one key image was that crazy image from Fassbinder’s Lola (1981) where she’s sitting in bed and there are a million different colours on her,” Silver tells The Seventh Art. “We talked about always looking for ways to heighten the lighting and we used anamorphic lenses in Paris and then when we were in the U.
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'Good Time' Review: Robert Pattinson Delivers the Performance of His Career

'Good Time' Review: Robert Pattinson Delivers the Performance of His Career
By now, Robert Pattinson shouldn't have to prove he can act. Cosmopolis, The Rover, Maps to the Stars and The Lost City of Z – they all show that his brooding Twilight days have passed into teen-movie myth. But if doubters still need proof, check out the Pattinson tour de force in Good Time. The title makes the movie sound like a romp. Instead, it's a hellish ride through a New York night. As directed by the Safdie brothers, Josh and Benny, the movie rips through 100 minutes of screen time like Wile E.
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Review: Good Time

  • JoBlo
Plot: After a bank robbery gone wrong, a man (Robert Pattinson) desperately tries to raise $10,000 in bail money to free his mentally handicapped brother (Ben Safdie). Review: Good Time is the latest film from The Safdie Brothers, whose last outing, Heaven Knows What, earned raves and made them a cult item. With their next feature apparently being backed by Martin Scorsese and starring Jonah Hill, Good Time,... Read More...
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Coming Distractions: Robert Pattinson is on a gritty mission to save his brother in the new Good Time trailer

  • The AV Club
Following a well-received premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, we now have another look at Heaven Knows What directors Ben and Joshua Safdie’s new film Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson as a bank robber who desperately attempts to get his brother Nick (Ben Safdie) out of Rikers. Our critic A.A. Dowd was especially taken with Pattinson’s performance when he saw the film in France: “Pattinson is enthralling in the part; he lets us see not just the caged-animal attitude of the character, who’s in survival mode for the entire running time, but also the improvisational spark of his intellect,” Dowd wrote.

This new trailer captures some of the movie’s frantic and violent qualities, all bathed in seamy light. Good Time is due out August 11.
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Good Time Trailer Has Robert Pattinson Rushing Into Crime and Chaos

  • MovieWeb
Good Time Trailer Has Robert Pattinson Rushing Into Crime and Chaos
A24 Films has released the first trailer and poster for their upcoming crime drama Good Time, which teams up the critically acclaimed filmmakers the Safdie Brothers with Robert Pattinson. After Good Time debuted to widespread critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Fesitval last month, where it received a six-minute standing ovation following its world premiere, A24 has set this crime drama for a late summer release, which could find an audience thanks to the star power of Robert Pattinson. For those who primarily know the actor for his Twilight days, this role seems as far removed from that vampire character as any he has played since then.

A24 Films has not only released the first trailer, but also a new poster that showcases some of the critical accolades this film has been getting out of the Cannes Film Festival last month. The Safdie brothers' exhilarating New York thriller stars Robert Pattinson
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‘Good Time': Robert Pattinson Races Against the Clock in New Trailer

  • Collider.com
A24 has unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming crime thriller Good Time. The film hails from Heaven Knows What filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie and stars Robert Pattinson as a robber who finds himself desperate for cash when a botched robbery lands his younger brother in prison. The events take place over the course of one night on the streets of New York City, but as you can see from the trailer, there’s a hypnotic vibe to the proceedings, as Pattinson’s character grows more and more desperate. This new trailer offers a more comprehensive look at the …
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