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An uplifting look at a serious epidemic
kealios15 September 2017
I didn't know what this movie was about before going in, other than it was Christian. Effectively, it is a documentary with an incredible audio and visual backdrop; very well done, very uplifting, very humbling.

The "movie" per se (the characters acting out the movie) is well done (it's visually stunning), but they aren't reciting lines. Instead they're acting out what the voiceovers are saying. In that way, it is a very powerful presentation of the story of the prodigal son.

I plan on purchasing this and showing it to my kids annually to remind all of us of the grace that our Lord has given us, and as a warning to not fall for the lies of the enemy that are so prevalent in our society today.
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A dramatization along with personal interviews depicting the result of unbridled desires and the only cure from the heart of God.
undergrace-3354817 October 2017
How can I describe a movie that is incredibly visually stimulating when using mere words to describe it? But I will try... The mix of the dramatic presentation juxtaposed by the raw and honest interviews made this rendition of the parable of the prodigal son come alive! The acting was superb and the cinematography was was done with such excellence that if there were no words, you would get the idea clearly by watching all the breathtaking scenes. I went with 5 friends, 3 men and 3 women total. Each of us was moved by the story and felt it applied quite personally to each of us in different ways. It was a story that spoke of tragic results of good desires gone wild. It was a story of our struggle to set ourselves free from the bondage of guilt and shame. It was a story of the heart of our Father, God, and His desire for our best, even when we are at our worst. "Intense" is too light a word to describe the weight of this theme. It is a universal human desire something more than God Himself. "Prone to wander" could have been the theme song. But it doesn't end there, thankfully. Restoration is the longing of our God for each of us and the transformation that occurs when we begin to understand who we are and Whose we are brings us closer to His heart. His love heals and restores, and as the movie sweetly depicts, brings us back into harmony with our God. I would strongly recommend this movie to men and women of all ages because it speaks to male issues and female issues of lust and desire in ALL aspects of life (not only sexual). Also, there is a discussion at the end of the movie that will help the viewer to understand some of the symbolism and the heart of the director. Some of the characters are part of the discussion as well as some of those being interviewed. This important time wrapped up the theme and intent of the movie nicely, and it was well worth the extra time spent at the end. This flick was done with as much excellence (if not more) than any Hollywood made movie I have ever seen. Ask your local theaters to show it again! When it comes out on DVD, I will be sure to own it and share it with as many as I can!
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Honest, compelling and very artful backdrop
dlpoor17 September 2017
The Heart of Man, surprising the artistic backdrop to this documentary. The stories told are honest (brutally) and they are compelling. Its about how we as humans in the condition we are fall victim to desires that lead deception, brokenness and hurting the very ones we love. We lie, we hide and we deny there is a problem, Until. The documentary itself is so important because of the epidemic of sex addiction that it deals with that is tearing families apart leaving broken and wounded souls in it's path. It is about how to get beyond the addiction and through honestly facing the demon and through reconciliation and redemption lives and families are restored.

The backdrop story, a group of actors playing out the very stories told by those sharing their life experiences tell the story without saying a word. And if you never heard any of the real life stories in the film you would still know what they were by what you would see. The cinematography is stunning and so well done, the imagery of a family/clan of years ago and the draw of forbidden desires and the lust for them that leads a prodigal to search out what he believes is there. Only to find heartbreak but a loving father pursue him, restores him and reclaims him as his own.

If you struggle with this problem see the film it will help. If you don't struggle with this problem see the film because you can be part of the help. I hope it makes the theaters again but whatever way you can see it do, it will change your understanding of infidelity and sexual addiction how it happens, why and what leads to restoration. It is truly an amazing film.
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Don't miss it. I will buy it as soon as I can.
char-6764415 October 2017
This is one of the most movie or documentaries, whatever it is, that I have ever seen. I was glued to the actors because it was real. Real everyday life of temptation, falling, God's faithfulness, and His redemption covered with His patience and love. It describes the heart of me as well as each of us in our lives. I was quiet when it was over with a wow moment of awe. Loved staying die the interviewees afterwards to see all that went I to it. The cinematography was incredible
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