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I think it's hilarious
tmf08415 October 2015
The show feels a lot like Spiner's Fresh Hell or at least the basic idea does. However, the production value and the list of guest stars (which is basically the a Who's Who list of fan favorites in the sci-fi / fantasy genre) are miles ahead in Con Man and the story and characters are overall a lot funnier. The premise of the show is about a sci-fi actor who's entire career is defined by his role in a short lived TV show and how he struggles with this "creative-stigma" on a daily basis. The humor mostly comes from scenes between Tudyk and convention fans, convention volunteers, his booking agent and other actors in his circle. And the anecdotal aspect of it (since Tudyk plays a parody of himself) makes this show extremely funny and I had to pause a couple of times to recover from laughter before continuing to watch. Though, in my opinion it also has enough funny material for people who aren't familiar with Firefly and Tudyk to make it just as entertaining to watch.
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Wasn't sure at first, but now I'm loving it
verdie26 October 2015
It seemed like Con Man took a couple of episodes to find its tone, but once it did I began loving it. Yes, it makes fun of people attending cons, as a previous reviewer noted. It makes fun of people who work at cons. It makes fun of people who book cons. It makes fun of people who act in shows whose fans attend cons. In other words, everybody in this show is a little bit clueless and/or venal and/or crazy - and yet they're all likable and familiar. This isn't Great Art, but it's a hoot - and playing spot-the-SF-star is half the fun. (I had to look up "Dale," the elderly "lady stuntman," who turned out to be a Romulan commander from the original Star Trek. Like that.)
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Must See
dragonrelm2 May 2016
I got to see this Crowd Funded show with a few friends and had seen the title before but did not realize who was in the show. For all fans of MMORPG, SciFi, CosPlay, and all the "CONS", it is a MUST SEE! Even if you only get into it 10%, this show holds you rapt around the stigma and dogma of SciFi and its trappings. With all the ups and downs that the actors, shows, and productions have to live and deal with, this follows what happens when one of the stars, who played the lead pilot in their now canceled show, goes around to the different "Cons" speaking about the show; and what happens to him and his agent. Starring the cast of Firefly / Serenity, this had me waiting to see what was going to happen next. There are many guest appearances and cameos throughout the show that it is hard to keep up with them, but do keep up.
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Alan Tudyk shows he is a deceptively good writer!
dean-2021 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
While it's no secret that Alan Tudyk's career has been substantially helped by his successes in the sci-fi genre, his self-written "Con Man" gives the actor a well deserved poke in the self complacence. Mr. Tudyk's writing is witty, ridiculously funny in parts, thoughtful and opens his soul to us. We see a man who has never had his magnum opus (in his own mind) despite being loved and adored for his work on a science fiction show that was cancelled far, far too soon. As a result, he grows to hate the very show that made his face so well known. To me watching the series, I was struck by the thought that Leonard Nimoy's book "I am not Spock" shares a similar tone to Alan Tudyk's concept. He plays the role of former star so well, I've no clue if Mr. Tudyk personally feels this way or not, though I suspect there is some personal truths in the writing of this show.

The glimpse of him playing "Cash" during the 'lost episode' clips had me interested in what I thought was going to be a goofy insert - but I found that in those moments the actor and co-producer Nathan Filion filmed a very interesting, entertaining and intense vignette.

If you enjoy low-brow humour, it is replete throughout. If you want to care about the plight of a man who, though he was forced to make some garbage, strives to be better - to entertain. That's what this series does. Con Man entertains, and it does it with respect and care.

Congratulations team. You have made something memorable and enjoyable. Now, go make more. 'See you in hell', Alan.
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Needs more self deprecation
thrashertm1 July 2016
Not bad, but could be so much more. There's far too much humor around how silly the fans are, where a much more amusing topic would be no one recognizing the actor or him being slighted. Think of Johnny Drama in Entourage or Warwick Davis in his Gervais series. There's comedy gold in the juxtoposition of the fan-worship, fall from glory to the hopelessness of past greatness. Unfortunately I saw far too little of this in the first 3 or so episodes and gave up on it.

Also, the series opens up with some literal bathroom humor. Low brow. Still, this is overall a high-bar effort for a web series and I hope that it improves in season 2.
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Quite a let down.
Kally F.8 January 2017
It, sadly, looks like Tudyk is Pegging.

Just as Simon Pegg belittled his fan-base last year by making fun of them for enjoying the material of the movies that have funded his career, Alan Tudyk has now managed to do exactly the same in two seasons worth of 10 minute episodes.

The comedy in this --- if you could even call most of the jokes in this series "comedy" --- is dry and falls miles away from the marks that would actually draw laughter from its audience. What makes this particular point an even bigger problem is that the main bits of "comedy" are pointedly directed at the fan-base --- those who have, over the years, attended sci-fi conventions, comic conventions, and the like to show their support for the actors that appear in this show.
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Not very funny.
bluejf28 September 2015
I was excited as any fan to see Alan Tudyk and many other stars come together on the screen, but that excitement went away as soon as the storyline started. The script and the humor of awkward situations quickly gets tiresome. The acting of Alan Tudyk and the woman who plays his convention assistant seemed forced. Sean Astin and several other characters were entertaining though. And oddly enough, the only time me and my fiancée really laughed was when the thank you credits got started. I don't know why that was so funny. I hope the next couple of episodes improve. The fourth episode had me feeling like they were making fun of the people who attend conventions. It left a bad feeling.
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Had potential but fizzled out
timvdwest24 May 2016
I was really excited for this web series but it ended up being quite disappointing. The first 3 episodes or so felt like they were building up to something only for the season to really go nowhere with weird physical comedy and extended silent periods.

There were some really funny moments but they were far and few between. The production quality and cast were very good but if there is a next time I hope they spend more time on the writing.

With the short run-time per episode I would have expected that there would be more than enough content but instead you'll spend most of the time waiting for a punchline that never comes.
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Overall enjoyable but could've been better.
wrussel-051529 October 2017
As a Firefly and Serenity fan I watched this all the way through because I'd watch pretty much anything with Alan and Nathan in it. The show itself was funny and entertaining but I found the underlying theme troubling.

Alan's character makes a big deal of the fact that he hates having been a part of the "Spectrum" (Serenity) universe. I was frequently reminded of when Shatner took a big shat on himself during the legendary SNL skit where he disrespected fans.

I found myself wondering if Alan dislikes his Firefly association in real life. I have to say that this would bum me out. I fail to see why this show couldn't have presented Alan's character in a better light.

I am left wondering where Alan stands on Whedon's universe and hoping that Alan isn't a jerk in real life and I don't like feeling this way!
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Good comedy plus 4th wall
Kev11sky10 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
On Saturday (Sept. 9-10, 2017) SYFY channel aired the entire first season of the web series "Con Man" on regular cable -- nearly 5 hours in length.

I started watching it casually while doing something else... but it got more and more crazy, funny, satirical, and absorbing as time went on.

It broke the proverbial "fourth wall" so many times that it might have broken the fifth wall a few times.

I'm not sure if this counts as a spoiler -- but I will never again be able to watch the series "Firefly" or the film "Serenity" without a crazy sardonic impish memory of "Con Man" lurking inside my head.

Thanks a lot, Alan Tudyk!

And now I want to see the entire lost final episode of "Spectrum" -- stolen by that Dutch guy? Or what?
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