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Dark Dramedy, more like
UnCritic8 March 2017
Patriot is in the comedy category, but it is a blend of drama and comedy, in nearly equal parts. It has many laugh out loud moments, but so does the Mad Men, to a lesser degree. Patriot is extremely personal, thought provoking, and touching.

This is absolutely the most artistic show of the new breed of excellent television in recent years. It's far above most of Amazon's offerings. I love this show. Every aspect is top-notch: the acting, the direction, the script, the cinematography. IMO this could be the best new show of the last year or two.

I sincerely hope Amazon renews for a second season.
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Didn't mean to, but binged all the episodes
davis-stephen25 February 2017
I figured I would re-watch the pilot, and then see the second episode. Then the third snuck in there, and a day later I find that I'm searching for whether or not season 2 has been green lit. The story was quite interesting, the characters quite flawed, and the ending came way too quick. I figured I would watch an episode every few days, but I couldn't find the self-restraint.

Gave 9 out of 10 stars due to a bit of repetition where an episode flashed back to earlier scenes. Since I ended up binging the reminder felt superfluous.

Can't wait for season 2.
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The Freshest Take on a Genre Since the Coen Brothers
handy3149 November 2015
Please order more of this show! I haven't seen such a fresh take on a genre--in this case, espionage--since I first saw "Raising Arizona" 35 years ago. My eyes and mouth opened wide at how unique and quirkily this show used the screen, characters, story, and imagery to toss James Bond into a Cuisinart every so often for a pulse.

The whole thing has the feeling, like the incredible camera/bull sequence, of being told as a narrative from the memories and imaginations of two goofy brothers lying out in a tent one summer night, taking turns killing off each other's characters and they hand off the narrative. The setup and pay off of the Asian gentleman and the security guard is brilliant!

I can't stop laughing to make breakfast.

I almost want to never see any more so as to preserve the mystery and perfection. This pilot is Rube Goldberg's Cleaning Closet with all the mops and brooms and buckets just barely kept from chaos by the door.

My one concern is the title, which is hopelessly dull and shares none of the grab bag charm of the script and acting. Even "NOC" is better because it conceals mystery but pays off. Nobody politically left of John McCain would give this a tumble with that name. It sounds like a Tom Clancy novel when it's a lot closer to Tom Robbins.

I'm sold on this writer/director and will now go look up his IMDb credits. Thanks for letting us review.
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Don't assume anything from the title, this is a dark and smart comedy
russmillerwy-957-68243910 January 2017
Thankfully, this is anything but a paint-by-numbers action series about spies starring somebody like Chuck Norris. This is a quietly hilarious black comedy about the snowballing consequences of acting on inaccurate intelligence information. It's not funny in a slapstick, goofy, unrealistic way like Get Smart of Spy Hard. It's more like Breaking Bad. The comedy surprises you by putting our hero, an intelligence agent, in absurdly bungled situations. These are usually not his fault and almost always made worse by what he has to do to carry out his mission. Shellshocked by what his trusted colleagues' mistakes (maybe even outright incompetence) have put him through, he puts his sadness into autobiographical musical lyrics for folk songs. He plays these with his guitar on park benches and coffee houses in countries where, hopefully, people who hear them won't understand English and rat him out.

His father, a distinguished former Congressman now working for the State Department as his boss, his brother, a loyal but childlike successor to his father's Texas Congressional seat, and his faraway wife help him along and keep him from quitting, getting arrested, or losing his mind. I can't describe to you how much I laughed in the first ten minutes of this pilot or how much I look forward to seeing the rest of them when they're finished. This is something new and unique like (as another reviewer mentioned) the first Coen brothers movie I ever saw. You don't know what's going to happen next, but you know it's going to be wickedly entertaining.
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The best new pilot of this season
John Webb16 January 2016
Utterly brilliant. Laugh out loud funny in places too. A great cast, great script and great camera work and direction. Essentially it is James Bond with depression which does not sound like a winner I know but it really, really works. The Agent in question is highly effective and dangerous but is disconnected and despondent and his way of coping with this is through writing and singing folk songs based on his work and those lyrics give away far more information than they should. The supporting cast are also interesting. It is a family business his father is high up in the agency and his brother is also involved in the CIA but in a non combat way but he is sent to assist and help out when he can. His brother has a very entertaining but not fully explained relationship with a little boy which is a guardian type role but we are not sure if he is or is not actually the boys father. All in all this is the best first episode I have seen so far of this season and I truly hope it gets picked up.
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A smart, funny and poignant update of the espionage genre.
Keith Kaczorek16 November 2015
PATRIOT is a welcome refuge for all of us scoundrels. Refreshing to see a witty drama laced with dark comedy that treats its audience like grownups. Its quirky take on espionage recalls Brecht's statement that "realism does not consist in reproducing reality but in showing how things really are." It's a highly entertaining mash up off gritty spy drama and heartwarming family drama that is at once both very real and absurdly surreal. Unique, multi-faceted characters, spare ironic dialog and sublimely twisted plot twists - this is a show for the gentle cynic in us all. Central to its conceit is the reality that these kinds of covert operations are more often tragic comedies of error rather than flawless, well-oil machines. And to call the central character a conflicted hero is an understatement to say the least. Hope to see more of this smart, funny series - much more.
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Just binged it!!!!!
Tommy N24 February 2017
Another Amazon Prime Hit!!!!! Dark, fun ,mysterious, quirky fun!

There is not a single character in this that doesn't have some edge of suspicion!

I can't hardly wait for season 2. Don't make us wait as long as we did after the pilot!
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Please make more of this
Rick Mc17 November 2015
Absolutely loved it "Hope to see more episodes" Incredible acting , awesome dialogue.

A fresh twist to an age old ,worn out mellow Bond type genre, I hope we see much more of this. I absolutely loved it I even watched it twice, just in case I missed anything.

When I watch a movie I have to hear & comprehend every single word of it and I must see everything in it. the combination of talent & everything else is a welcome change. The actors / actresses chosen for this are a perfect fit. Very well done

Please Make more of this
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The Brink on downers
JankavKee8 January 2016
Patriot is a dark comedy without the repartee of The Brink and because of the absence of the repartee it's more enjoyable - but not nearly as laughable. But it is fun in its own way and the cast - full of lots of familiar faces - executes their lines with solemnity. It took about 20 minutes to get into the pilot - I almost gave up but then voila! The show works its magic with every scene and after watching it the second time I was surprised by how much I missed the 1st time through. It's slow moving - mellow - Scotch drinkers will love it; Bud Lite imbibers won't be able to stick with it. Nothing goes as planned, everything goes wrong, and from there it just gets worse. Loved it!
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Kelsey Rushworth6 April 2017
This show does Dark Comedy perfectly. The episodes are well paced yet each episode is able to convey important set pieces and elements which play into the plot later.

Every episode had me saying the words "oh s**t" due to it's mounting tension where simple looking plans are formed and then thrown out the window because something wrong happened. I constantly was wondering what would happen next and each episode kept me completely hooked. I loved all of the characters of which made me feel different emotions from anger to joy, even the more reprehensible of them as they are written with multiple dimensions.

I don't want to spoil the plot of the show as in my opinion would be a disservice to anyone who has not yet seen the show all the way through.

Cinematography is beautiful, the colors stand out and really gives the show a unique look. The soundtrack is amazing (I've been listening to it all week), and the acting is top notch.

Please for the love of God Amazon, make another season. Gamble with another one because this show will catch on with more people. I honestly believe this is the next Breaking Bad-esq critical breakthrough that nobody saw coming but will become huge after further development. Don't rush it, ensure it's of a high a quality as the first season and it WILL catch on.

Anyway, conclusion... Yea this is awesome, the first Amazon exclusive show I actually liked.
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