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Barely makes the Cut
abtocool11 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A OK-OK film in my opinion. Not a super-hit (Mind you, Indian Cinema watchers value Story very much, and Glam is not a substitute) but definitely a film worth watching.

The good points were:

  • Casting, classic character buildup, you can't go wrong there.

  • Legal and Neutral Business Ideology (Not Pacifist, But not Evil either)

  • Presents the Hard Fact of "bogus degrees" clearly .. (go superman!)

  • No Sex, Alcohol or Drug reference (for a change!)

  • Happy Ending (who doesn't like a happy ending?)

The bad:

  • The Ending for the Professor is bland, more could have been done, like he got new students.

  • The Ending for the Glam-type lead was so-so, didn't see more than a couple of sparks going of between here and the biker guy. Better Chemistry needed.

  • No competitors shown! (Is this business?)

  • No Business Tactics or Growing Stage (Poof!? VC puts money => and your company is successful?)

  • The Villain doesn't get any hurt .. boohoo!

Most of the times it looked like a Korean Glam Movie.. but it barely manages to put a smile on your face towards the end. So okay.. you pass!

(Walks in to the sunset)
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