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This movie isn't a romance. It is a drama about depression.
rti9-929-58031 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Despite revolving around a girl who has impaired hearing, the film has as protagonist Shoya Ishida. He is a bully during his childhood, but when he becomes the victim of bullying himself he grows into a depressive teenager who loathes himself. He starts to understand Nishimiya's solitary world. Both Ishida and Nishimiya end up becoming teenagers who deeply despise themselves for all the burden they cause to their families and how painfully difficult it is to try to make friends.

An interesting scene happens when a girl confesses her love to Ishida and he is unable to comprehend what is happening. Some people might say he is too dense to misunderstand what she is clearly doing, but what I see is Ishida hates himself so much he doesn't believe anyone can love him. The concept of a person actually liking him is so alien it doesn't even comes as a possibility in his head.

Another interesting scene is when Ishida is leisurely walking and talking with some people and he asks himself if that is really OK. In his head, he has no right of being happy after everything he has done and caused. Despite trying his hardest to redeem himself, he still thinks he is worthless and unforgivable.

Don't go into this movie expecting a romance. It is a redemption story.
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A healthy dose of drama that we never knew we needed.
Jack Third20 May 2017
A Silent Voice or Shape of Voice is a beautiful drama film about a guy who struggles to redeem his past that tackles heavy themes such as bullying.

Apparently, there are a lot of characters in this 2-hour long film. And quite a number of them I believe didn't develop to the maximum as the film concludes but it was suffice enough to convey the message that the film desires to.

However, huge compliments should be given to this film for the amazing build up before reaching its climax which is realistically intense, powerful and heartfelt that will leave you on the edge of your seat with your jaws dropped. You might as well cry, too.

The only technical thing that I didn't like in this film is that some scenes have unusual tones that don't match well with their focuses (most probably because of cultural differences). It was really odd for me.

In a nutshell, I love this film for tackling heavy themes and also for its healthy dose of drama. I believe it might be better if it's made into a series. XD

Thank you for your time!
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Both an emotional roller coaster of a film and a thought-provoking contemplative experience.
jeremyqu24 April 2017
I somehow managed to tear up several times over the course of this movie - something very uncharacteristic of myself. Moreover, despite my eyes moistening this unusual amount of times, I enjoyed this movie immensely. Does that mean this movie is without fault, though? Not at all, hence my lack of a full ten-out-of-ten score.

Before I begin with my review, just a word of warning: the "romance" tag on this movie is a bit misleading. Sure, it's implied throughout the film, but definitely not the main focus. Rather than love and loss, it highlights friendship and forgiveness a lot more. Another thing that should be brought up would be that this is my first review on IMDb. Sorry if there's anything weird with my pacing or structure or grammar... or something like that.

Alright. Now, on to the review!

A big problem which hindered this movie from being a masterpiece would be its plot progression and character development. In truth, this kind of couldn't be helped. As this animation is an adaptation of the manga of the same name, cutting a 7 volume long manga into the span of a 2 hour movie (which is quite long for an animated film) would have to result in the removal of some details.

One of these details that was omitted, as mentioned earlier, was character development. Outside of the main two characters were a whole bunch of side characters. In the manga, all of their stories were told in great detail. However, trying to expand on them in the film proved to be impossible, given its 2 hour time limit. The result was side characters which, although shallow, certainly still bolstered the movie as a whole, but left it with a somewhat incomplete or even slightly confusing story. Something that could have been done to make space for these side characters would be an improvement of the plot progression. There were... a few scenes which I thought could have been cut down or even removed altogether. I'd like to elaborate further but this is a no-spoiler review, after all.

Now that we've gotten the bad stuff out of the way, let's focus on what this movie did great at. The studio behind it - KyoAni - is known for their outstanding animation. In fact, the animation in this film was most likely the best I've ever seen in any anime, except for a certain other Japanese animation film which came out a few months earlier than this one. This movie also possessed some ambitiously creative music which managed to work well - a risk well taken. Combined with a catchy theme song, which was unfortunately only used for the trailer and credits, sound-wise, the film did an excellent job.

Although one or two aspects of the story wasn't completely up to scratch, as explained earlier, a part of it that was done very well was how it was so easy to sympathize or even relate to the problems that the characters in the film were having. And, as shown in the summary, it was an emotional roller coaster. There were parts when the theatre had sounds of giggling, gasps of shock, and the sniffing and blowing of one's noses, which is a rare and impressive feat. Furthermore, although the side characters weren't explored enough, the two main ones most definitely were. A big shout-out that I have to give would be to the voice actor for the girl, Shouko. They did a fantastic job voice acting a deaf person struggling to talk. The other main character, Shouya, had their character elaborated well, to the point where relating to them was a very easy task.

So, all in all, this film, while not perfect, is a very well produced and enjoyable work of art. However, it might not appeal to everyone who watches it - the movie might even be fairly uncomfortable to some, as it addresses a dark, serious but very real problem in Japan (or so I'm told). But, as evidently seen, I'm not one of those people, and this film something that I would definitely recommend. Although, if don't live in Asia, you might have to wait for a few more months before you'll be able to see this film or buy the disc, so please try not to forget about it in the meantime.
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The consequences of bullying
TheLittleSongbird23 November 2017
Have always been a big fan of anime, particularly Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki without restricting myself to just them (some of my favourites are actually without either involved).

Any film dealing with bullying and its consequences deserves to be applauded for the effort. Bullying, often stemming from something that should be a non-issue but turns out to be an easy target for bullies (for examples if your parents disallow you to play a popular video game for obvious reasons, if you have a posh accent, if you listen to and perform classical music, if you have a physical or social disability, false rumours spread about you, if you were a hard-worker rather than somebody who messed about and disrespected substitute teachers) is something that is very much relevant still and has damaging effects, it is an issue that needs to be addressed and acted upon much more than it is. This is coming from somebody who suffered merciless bullying myself in school, for all the above reasons apart from the first (in my case my school did nothing about it too), and nearly a decade on it has damaged my confidence/self-esteem, made me feel worthless and made my already bad anxiety worse despite getting a degree in music and singing regularly.

So as one can probably tell, 'A Silent Voice' really resonated with me on an emotional level. At the same time, it also really made me think and see that there is much more to the issue, the bully, the witnesses and the victim than one would tend to perceive. 'A Silent Voice' also turned out to be a very good film in its own right. It isn't flawless, some of the supporting characters are under-explored and in a few cases inconsistently and one-dimensionally written and some of the story jumps around and doesn't always feel complete.

Despite being over two hours, didn't think it was too long considering the number of characters and their stories. If anything, perhaps 'A Silent Voice' would have been even better as a series which would have solved the problems.

On the other hand, 'A Silent Voice' has an awful amount to recommend. Great isn't a strong enough word to describe the animation. Rich in meticulous background and character detail, atmospheric and ethereal in colour schemes and alive to nuances in its use of settings and character gestures and expressions, it becomes a character of its own and there are some memorable images throughout like towards the end. The music has whimsy, haunting beauty and understatement, while not overbearing the drama and letting it speak when needed. The song is catchy.

The writing is thought-provoking and contemplative, doing it in a way that will make bullying victims and those who bullied alike identify with what is said. A lot of it is remarkably insightful, and even when the film was really resonating with me it taught me a lot about an issue that isn't as black and white as perceived. The story has its issues but has a strong emotional core, with the truly powerful and touching ending leaving me shell-shocked.

Not often does one find themselves rooting for a bully as well as the victim, 'A Silent Voice' is one of those rarities. The voice acting is dynamic.

In summary, not perfect but very well done. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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The painful, the redemption.
salmanalfarisi-8157420 June 2017
When Kyoto Animation announced "A Silent Voice's" adaptation as an anime movie, I was a bit surprised. Indeed manga itself isn't too long volume, only 7 volumes, but is it enough to be a movie only? Apparently, Kyoto Animation does not half-hearted to work on adaptation. They adapted the manga into a film that lasted 130 minutes.

A Silence Voice tells about Shoya Ishida, a teenager in elementary school who often perform bully to a transfer student named Shoko Nishimaya who turns out to be a deaf. Due to an incident, Shoya is caught and then his classmates begin to do the same to him, bullying. After this incident, the time was accelerated into high school and Shoya began to close his heart and always felt guilty. But one day, Shoya meets Shoko again. This meeting also made Shoya start to change.

For this film version, Kyoto Animation made many changes so that the story can be finished in 1 movie. Maybe some of you are disappointed because of this change, but I feel this is a good thing because the story becomes more solid and does not feel wordy.

Many people say that this movie has many shortcomings. One of them is the story that is too flat. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this movie. Although, this is also a drama genre film is not action or whatever. Maybe some people are not used to the drama movie. Make the audience bored and sleepy. In addition, many also say that in terms of depiction is less. And for anime films like this, this is the best for anime films. If in terms of opening and ending, KyoAni bring back the legendary band named The Who with the song My Generation as opening and ending hosted by aiko "Koi wo Shita no wa".

Some of the anime series done by Kyoto Animation lately have different character designs from different series, just look at K-ON!, Tamako Market, and others. The scene for "A Silent Voice", Kyoto Animation is still faithful to the character design that is still similar to its manga series. Not only from the design alone, how to use the color was similar to the original work.

For "A Silent Voice", Kyoto Animation has chosen various famous seiyuu such as Miyu Irino as Shoya Ishida, Saori Hayami as Shoko Nishimiya, Aoi Yuuki as Yuzuru Nishimiya and others. So the performance of each seiyuu it no doubt. But for me, the performance of Saori Hayami in this film really shines. Because Shoko is deaf, Shoko certainly can not speak fluently because he never heard his words. Here, Hayami manages to play Shoko perfectly.

Although some people think this movie is still a lot of disappointing even extent of regret for watching it, i don't care. Literally, nothing wrong from this movie. Perhaps based on people's perceptions. But, A Silent Voice is a movie you should not miss. You can enjoy the sad story of this drama.
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Follow up to the success of the hit anime "Your name"
austin073126 March 2017
Following the success of "Your name" we now have the next successful anime that is currently sweeping the charts of Japanese and Asian box offices. "A silent voice" captures various mature and serious topics, packed into a wonderfully animated 2 hour feature. It deals with topics such as: social anxiety, fitting in, bullying, suicide, all such that wouldn't be expected in a teenage romance/drama anime that we were led to believe. No, a silence voice tries to capture a much broader idea with a reasonable amount success.

Though the film has been heavily marketed to feature the female protagonist, a deaf girl she really isn't the centerpiece of this film, this film really takes a much more in depth look at our male protagonist, a bully. This is quite a refreshing view from the lens of someone on the other side of most modern day films and takes an unconventional look from a very interesting angle, while sidelining the romance as a brief sub-plot. This film at its core is about trying to fit in and the notion of being isolated but it was also highlighted that it was very important for one to get over their own guilt and to quite literally put in this film "face the world again".

This film does best at capturing this atmosphere, the sense of mistrust and uncertainty towards others, the use of literal crosses on the characters that our protagonist encounters to represent his own lack of self confidence and fear of social interactions was a very good stylistic choice in my opinion.

This film is however flawed mostly in the development of character, many of the secondary characters and even in some cases the main characters are quite poorly developed, many secondary characters come out of nowhere and their motives are very much unknown to the audiences and sometimes plain irrational, I understand that it was a very important thing that within this group of friends each character represents their own flaws however because of this lack of development these characters grow to be rather irritating and distracting, detracting from the overall narrative at various times. These character flaws can be understood due to the fact that this is an adaptation of a manga series and it should noted that it attempts to cram in way too much information resulting in such complications.
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Koe no Katachi short review
phanthinga15 May 2017
2017 is a good years for anime lovers around the world because after Kimi no na wa one of my favorite anime movie of all time we have a chance to witness Koe no katachi a anime that not only is the best example why we love anime but also can connects with each of us in a very personal level.Seriously i can't tell how many time my mouth open wide with pure shock and exited when some of the scene in the movie can relate so much to me and my life from just a little boy to a full adult today.The characters is very likable and very realistic from my view point when they deal with a lot of hardship in life that when from just a small decision to something that can literally change your personality and make your regret for the rest of your life.The anime also balance the comedy and drama very well so when a important scene happen you can easy follow and feel the same emotion of the characters.I bet after this anime anyone can learn a valuable lesson about life and can change to be a better version of yourself.Now had to read to manga right the way so you guys after read my review better buy a ticket and see this movie ASAP
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A Must Watch Movie!
vincentkatie16 June 2017
Another, fantastic, Brilliant work of art by Kyoto Animation alongside Trigger studio, MadHouse and of course Studio Ghibli and many more theses are the studios that lead the anime world, In my opinion. Koe no katachi or A silent voice is honestly one of my favorite anime alongside Spirited Away from the animation alone is brilliant, when I first saw the trailer I feel in love and knew it was going to be up there as one of my favorite but actually seeing, the story is well done, follows the Manga well, the Manga characters are explored a lot more in depth then the movie but the movie is like 2 hours 10 minutes long it would be difficult to add 7 volumes worth of content into that time frame but Kyoto Animations did the manga justice, I would recommend the Manga author/artist Oima Yoshitoki its a brilliant Manga I would beyond recommend the anime its doesn't matter what one you read/watch first the movie covers the main bulk of the manga. In my opinion one of the best movies, it has sensitive subject matters but deals with them with respect and such a beautiful message when you watch the films I would also recommend looking more into reviews and other views on it and theory's they really make you...Smile :)

Story. 10/10 As I said before sensitive subjects, well executed though.

Animation. 10/10 Its Kyoto Animations...I will leave it at that.

Music. 10/10 Yeah brilliant the opening was unexpected but not unwelcome, the tone change that happens after the opening was brilliant and the music throughout was fantastic.

Characters. 10/10 (As I said manga goes in more depth but the movie goes into the characters quite well you feel like you understand motives etc.) Also I bow to the voice actress of Nishimiya Shลko (Saori Hayami)just beautiful.

Enjoyment. 10/10 I'll be honest I cried, like four times but that is just me I get emotional with my anime but still didn't stop me loving this anime in fact I love it even more. listen I just cant get enough of this anime just. WELL DONE!
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Good and Excellent
Hafiz Fier1 June 2017
I cant say too much, but the movie is very nice and make me so sad. It's better than Kimi No Nawa/Your Name in my opinion. Suicide, social anxiety, bullying, disabilities, depression, none of these are played as anything overly dark, dramatic, or tragic. It's just portrayed as real. Which they are.
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My bar was set too high with "Omohide poro poro" - Only Yesterday
PedroBarros_236 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start by admitting that I'm not very familiarized with the anime movie genre in general, even less so with titles that are mainly dramas. That said I did have a previous experience with an amazing dramatic/romantic anime movie, "Omohide poro poro" - Only Yesterday, which until this date is one of the most remarkable movies I ever saw. With that in mind I was curious about this movie, because I kept hearing good things about it, and how it handled such delicate themes like bullying and depression. Now, regarding the movie itself, personally, I found it to be a big lackluster in many aspects, and the overall, over-the-top, melodramatic tone almost made the movie unbearable at some points. I'll briefly summarize what main issues I had:

๐œ๐ก๐š๐ซ๐š๐œ๐ญ๐ž๐ซ๐ฌ: I felt like there were too many characters, and most of them were underdeveloped. Most of the time I was struggling to understand the motivation behind their behaviors and reactions because their personalities/traits/goals were not well established.

๐ญ๐จ๐ง๐ž: I know that the main demographic for this movie are teenagers, but still, I couldn't help to feel that the way they handled delicate issues like depression/anxiety/bullying is so overtly melodramatic that it almost rips the seriousness out them. When I saw "Only Yesterday", I felt the tone managed to be nostalgic, serious and whimsical, showcasing great balance and attention to detail to portray emotion. Now, with "Koe no Katachi" I felt like I was constantly being force- fed "emotional" scenes and dialogue, just for the sake of "feels".

๐ฆ๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ข๐œ: Some of my favorite movie scores of all time are from anime movies (e.g. My Neighbour Totoro; Howl's Moving Castle, and many other). That being said, I found this soundtrack to be pretty forgettable, and at some points it even added to the overall over- the-top melodramatics.

๐š๐ง๐ข๐ฆ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง: The animation was, to me, the only redeeming aspect of this movie. There are a couple of great scenes that present really nice details that manage to illustrate the importance of non-verbal communication in human relationships.

To wrap up, I want to disclose that perhaps I'm just not used to watch anime dramas, and perhaps all the tropes and details I found annoying are just part of the style itself. That being said, I would recommend people to watch "Only Yesterday", a film that maybe is responsible for my "anime drama" expectations bar being raised too high.
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