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Really got into it - surprised by bad reviews!
noracjacobsen23 July 2017
I didn't look at the reviews before watching the show, because I'd heard an interview on it on the radio and really liked the concept. I haven't read the book yet, so I can make no comparison there.

It took me a couple of episodes but then I was really hooked. It's off beat and unusual -- the protagonist is for the most part unlikeable, but that's part of the point I think. Her awkwardness and self-involvement are cringeworthy, but you can't help but see yourself reflected, at least in small percentages, in her. It's an interesting exploration of various female voices, of the women that surround Dick with Dick as an object and and very rarely a subject in the series, taking instead the women to always embody the role of the subjects rather than the men (turning the television /film industry on its head).

One post here wrote "feminism gone awry," but I completely disagree. I loved for instance that they show the viewer various works by female artists throughout the series, in a way that's seamless, thoughtful, and stimulating. I didn't feel that this show was overly political or something like that -- it doesn't have an agenda, but is itself an expression of various crises, struggles, small triumphs and losses, of identity and relationships, growth and personhood, marriage and single- ness (and the bounds of each) with the female perspective at the center of these queries. It doesn't fit in the normal bounds of genre - it's darkly funny, but you'll probably never laugh out loud. Nor is it plot driven. It's it's own thing, but at no point did I find it boring.

The show is interesting and different and genuinely held my attention. And I thought the acting was superb, from all involved and particularly from Kathryn Hahn (not only Kevin Bacon!). It's bizarre and kind of wonderful and I'd be excited for a second season.
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Terrible show
Luca Dryden17 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible show is terrible. Someone is making me watch this show. This show is as awful as I thought it would be. Boring, distracted, frantic, boring, boring, old people, boring, dull, sucks so much. Can not believe that anyone with a modicum of taste would enjoy this awful tripe. Drab terrible boring show. Wait, oh its still on the screen. And ONE is required to write enough here to take up a minimum amount of space. Why the screen stop moving. Oh right they're being artsy here. Stop the moment as it were. I must still must be young and a have a pulse because I feel like it something old people would enjoy. Old people who are smug and boring and enjoy terrible, boring pieces of garbage to watch.
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Dick Sucks!
A. Horice Sesdyk28 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I admit, I'm writing this after watching 17:30 of the first episode. It is highly unlikely I will ever see more.

Seventeen minutes and thirty seconds should be enough to introduce at least one tolerable character, but Dick flopped on that one. After this long, I've seen maybe the best collection of unlikable characters I ever encountered, and Kathryn Whateverhernameis takes the cake in the annoying category. Whatever she was trying is a monumental fail. If you and someone like this character were in the same restaurant, you'd leave hungry rather than listen to her. You might even move out of town, it's that bad. Her husband is the most stereotypical, annoying New Yorker the Amazon writers could come up with, and then there's the earthy redhead with armpit hair who lives in the artists' colony and talks about her trip to Fiji. Ugh! Yeah, I decided while writing this that I'm done with Dick for good. I've had all I can take. Another Amazon stinker goes in the Prime toilet, partially watched and then despised forever. On to the next piece of garbage they release.
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Why is it that every writer thinks their lives are so compelling? In reality, they mostly hide behind their desks and computers dreaming of real stories. I Love Dick is a story about a couple of uber liberal writers from NY... should I go on? After seeing some of the positive reviews in different outlets I was going to really hang in there and give this one a go.. and maybe it picks up after two episodes, but I have better things to watch.. Good Luck.
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I Love Dick starting with its wink-wink title, rubs its fingers together in your face.
mpower11121 June 2017
I didn't much care for I Love Dick. Great writing, superb photography, tour-de-force acting - what's not to like? For one thing I couldn't stand the husband and wife - I shudder to imagine that at my next art event I might find myself sitting next to that duo at dinner. I'm sorry, you have to have some empathy for the main characters even if they are diabolically evil. We loved Tony Soprano; we loved the Chicken Man in Breaking Bad. I also thought Kevin Bacon was miscast. He was the opposite of charismatic, and his love scenes seemed robotic instead of comedic.

But those are minor issues. What I viscerally disliked about I Love Dick was its snide cynicism. The creators not only know what buttons to push, they revel in their knowledge. Not only do they manipulate you they make sure you know you're being manipulated. Like Transparent which I also didn't like, they trot out every trendy social issue and eviscerate whatever's meaningful about those issues with their pandering. This kind of sour cynicism lurking beneath a bright veneer of virtuoso craft is the bane of many an American visual production. You notice it when you see a foreign film or video comparable in quality. Real values emerge; instead of cynicism you get sincerity and a passionate belief in the validity of what they are attempting. Last on their list is the potential audience, the numbers, or the box office and it shows. And that is also true of the very best American 'extended film' videos like The Wire, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, True Detective and Fargo. These series are cinematic art at its best. They say important things about the human condition. For all their surface brilliance I love Dick and Transparent are mostly concerned with profit and manipulation. I Love Dick starting with its wink-wink title, rubs its fingers together in your face.
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Dull romantic novel setup
Keith MacCrimmon10 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Two New Yorkers move to Texas and deal with culture shock.I had hoped to see a story about multiple points view. Unfortunately, the only point of view is from the woman who is an uninteresting artist who almost titters when she has to say the word. dick. In fact she has a whole conversation about the name Dick. The dick character played by Kevin Bacon is a flat macho female fantasy. She first see him riding in to town on a horse. No I am not kidding! There are obsessive shot of dick and especially his belt buckle as she waxes that life is meaningless without him. The final "turnon" for her is at dinner when she lets him characterize her as a woman director thus a failure. That drives her into the restroom waiting for Dick to show up and take her. He doesn't and she has to be satisfied with her naval gazing husband. It is hard to see how these characters develop since Dick describes himself as post idea. I.e. Nobody else has anything worth saying. Don't waste your time.
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Unpleasant pilot about unpleasant people being unpleasant
Charles Herold (cherold)13 January 2017
Being a big fan of Jill Soloway's Tranparent, it seemed worthwhile to check out her failed pilot, I Love Dick. It was not worthwhile. At all.

In I Love Dick, a couple moves to a small town of writers headed over by Kevin Bacon as someone who is billed as cool and charismatic but who actually just seems like a pretentious jerk (charismatic jerks can also be found in Transparent - Soloway seems to be intrigued by them).

The wife becomes instantly fascinated by Bacon, even after he goes on a mansplaining rant denigrating everything she's ever done.

You can't feel sorry for her, because she's an awful person. As is her husband. Really, this is just a show about awful people. When midwest Republicans talk about New York liberal elites, I think they are imagining people like these horrible people.

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Worst of the 3
xsdenied19 November 2016
There are 3 shows that were being considered for getting full seasons: "I Love Dick", "The Tick" and "Jean-Claude Van Johnson". Out of the 3, this is the worst one. More than that, this is one of the worst show pilots that I have EVER seen.

The story begins in a strange place with strange people, that's fine. Although when you start to develop the characters of a show there has to be something to like about them, or something intriguing about them, or just something mysterious to make people want to watch more, "I Love Dick" has NONE of those things. Instead, the show goes on to drill your eardrums with the worst possible music accompaniment in a show ever, and chip away at any microscopic granule of interest that might be left. If that wasn't enough the first time, don't worry, because they use the same song throughout the whole pilot episode. The plot is flat, it has 0 entertainment value.

There is one positive thing about this pilot episode though, the suffering only lasts for 30 minutes.
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Rough and Beautiful
starsykaaaa21 June 2017
This was an instant favorite of mine. It is well written, raw, gorgeous, melancholy, painful, ugly, and so unique. I was so happy to see that the rest of the season was finally released! Then was shocked to see the rating here. I don't think majority Americans appreciate truth or abstractions of things.
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Feminism gone awry
trans_mauro27 August 2016
What has happened to Kevin Bacon, one wonders.

I guess the guy must be in some serious financial problems... Betting? Gambling?

Maybe he owes a lot a money to a really vicious South American drug lord such that he has to work in such a idiotic series for a few extra dollars.

The main actress character is obnoxious, the plot is sub-par, most of the characters are unpleasant, abrasive and dumb.

And do they need to use the "f" word as if the English vocabulary consisted of 10 words only?

It is only for the fartsy-artsy crowd. For a comedy, this is pretty tragic.
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