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  • Intelligence officer Shiva must use his skills and intellect to take down a psychotic wrecking havoc in Hyderabad.


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  • A young lady at MGBS is made to elope and about to be cheated by 2 youth. However, somehow many people indicate to the 2 young men that their plan is not secret anymore. So they flee, leaving the girl stranded, so she returns to her home. It is revealed that Shiva, an officer in the Intelligence Bureau, spies on people who need help. He develops a software to listen to the ones in need by tracking their phone calls and responding to any calls with words such as 'help'. One day, he listens to a lady Charlie (Shalini) talking about her carnal desire with her friend. He goes to meet her to find out whether there's anything fishy but he realizes there's no such thing. However, they later develop feelings for each other. Another day, he listens to a young girl asking her friend for help as she is lonely in her house. Shiva sends his friend, a police constable, Renuka to help the girl. But the next day he finds them both brutally murdered. To find out who killed them, he goes through all of the young girl's calls, chats, mails, etc. With help from another department that can provide any CCTV footage from all over the city, he finds that a guy followed her at a cafe. Shiva creates a fake viral video to track down the killer, as he now has image of the murderer's face. Shiva gets a call from an acquaintance of the murderer who watched the video, so Shiva follows up and learns the past about the killer, Bhairavudu (Sudalai). Bhairavudu is revealed to be a sadist who kills people and likes to watch the victims' family crying. Bhairavudu was born in the graveyard of a village and enjoyed watching people cry from when he was a kid. However, when no one in the village dies for a few weeks, Bhairavudu loses appetite and starts killing people. The villagers eventually find out that Bhairavudu is killing the people so they set the hut of Bhairavudu ablaze which kills his parents, but Bhairavudu is not inside so he runs away from the village to Hyderabad along with his little brother. It is then revealed when Shiva consults a professor that Bhairavudu has SPD (Sadistic Personality Disorder). Knowing the history, Shiva tracks down Bhairavudu and catches him in Wonderla, but he is revealed to be Bhairavudu's brother. Bhairavudu threatens all citizens of the city to set his brother free. Bhairavudu reveals on a TV channel that he killed several people already and they are buried in metro pillars of the city. He releases the list of people he killed too, to ascertain that they were really reported as missing that the police verify. As several people wail around the metro pillars, while Bhairavudu is enjoying the view of everyone crying, Shiva kills Bhairavudu's brother which angers Bhairavudu. Bhairavudu goes to kill Shiva's family, but Shiva saves them by sending several services home, such as water can, pizza delivery, cab, ambulance, etc. Bhairavudu sneaks away and causes accident for Shiva. Shiva recognizes Bhairavudu as he's put into an ambulance and shoots Bhairavudu but ensures that it's not a fatal injury. Bhairavudu falls off the bridge into water behind. Shiva recovers from the wound in about 4 days with the help of Charlie, as she is a medical student. Shiva's higher officials threaten to start interrogation and punish him for violating several rules and laws. However, Shiva negotiates for just 2 hours of time to catch Bhairavudu. Shiva hijacks a popular TV show, enlists some local ladies to surround and rescue victims which Bhairavudu held hostage. Shiva then manages to capture Bhairavudu and impresses his higher officials. Then Bhairavudu tells Shiva that he had already planned a big rock fall in the city at a crowded area. Shiva stops the big rock with a large truck thus saving several lives, but by then it already crushed some people and cars. Meanwhile Bhairavudu escapes from the police quarters and plans to destroy a hospital. Shiva gets a tip-off from Charlie about which hospital was targeted and he reaches there just in time but the bombs go off so he couldn't save some patients. Shiva rescues some people and then fights and kills Bhairavudu. finally Shiva tells media about humanity that everyone is 4-6% sadistic, but Bhairavudu had 15%. He requests everyone to help unknown people, and thus serve humanity.

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