24 March 2017

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11:35 PMJimmy Kimmel Live - Dax Shepard; Sofia Black-D'Elia; Thomas Keller: Actor Dax Shepard; actress Sofia Black-D'Elia; chef Thomas Keller.
12:37 AMNightline
1:07 AMLocal Programming
1:35 AMWho Wants to Be a Millionaire
2:05 AMRightThisMinute
2:35 AMCelebrity Page
3:05 AMMurdoch Mysteries - Murdoch of the Klondike  : On suspension for interfering in an investigation, Murdoch leaves Toronto.
4:00 AMSports Stars of Tomorrow: Profiles of the top talent in sports; people share advice on stardom.
4:30 AMCars.TV - Grand National Roadster Show  : Ford Fairlane; Ford Model A; hot rods; Ford roadsters.
5:00 AMWild About Animals: A humpback whale; prison inmates train dogs; oldest zoo in the U.S.; primates; a bird observatory.
5:30 AMJack Hanna's Into the Wild - Best of Alberta: Alberta: an international peace park; moose, bighorn sheep and elk; Dinosaur Provincial Park.
6:00 AMLocal Programming
8:00 AMGood Morning America
9:00 AMLocal Programming
10:00 AMJack Hanna's Wild Countdown - Social Networks  : Herds of elephants; colonies of ants and bees; hyena clans; chimpanzee troops.
10:30 AMOcean Treks With Jeff Corwin - Grand Turk: Save the Turtles  : The majestic hawksbill sea turtle; Jeff dines on grilled seafood that he caught on his own.
11:00 AMSea Rescue - All Tangled Up  : A whale is tangled in commercial fishing gear; a sea lion has a gill net wrapped around its neck.
11:30 AMThe Wildlife Docs - Tuxedo Turk & Two Bobcats  : A penguin with breathing issues; two wild bobcats.
12:00 PMRock the Park - Deschutes National Forest  : Protecting an endangered species; mountain-biking down a volcano; riding an ATV on old lava fields.
12:30 PMOutback Adventures With Tim Faulkner - Frogs of the Gold Coast  : Frog conservation efforts; endangered amphibians in the Gold Coast Hinterland.
1:00 PMNo more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!: No more wrinkles! Look younger with Bye Bye Foundation. Developed to correct and protect your skin.
1:30 PMThe Winter of Content: Viewers experience the ``sensation of power'' through the narrative of powder therapy.
2:00 PMGospel Music Presents: Tasha Cobbs, Nyasia, Joseph B. Clarke, Maurice Willis, Carmen Brown, Myron Butler and Kirk Franklin.
3:00 PMWorld of X Games - Real Snow  : The world's best urban snowboard athletes produce videos in their own unique style.
4:00 PMOutside the Lines - Football Forever?: Exploring the role that football plays in America and its impact.
5:00 PMLocal Programming
6:30 PMABC World News Tonight
7:00 PMJeopardy!
7:30 PMWheel of Fortune - America's Game
8:00 PMOver the Hedge: A raccoon teaches fellow animals how to exploit suburban bounty. Animated. Based on the comic strip.
10:00 PM20/20 - Footprints in the Snow: Two teenage girls go missing when their divorcing parents engage in a bitter custody battle.
11:00 PMLocal Programming