27 June 2017

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11:04 PMStreet Outlaws: New Orleans - Highway to Hell  : Kye Kelley invites three new drivers to try out for the top-five big-tire list.
1:07 AMStreet Outlaws - New Orleans Cookin'  : Chief wants to determine if Kye Kelley should be one of the top drivers.
2:08 AMStreet Outlaws - Permanent Gatekeeper  : Kamikaze takes El Camino off the list; Chief has a round robin race.
3:00 AMKilling Fields - The Raid 
4:00 AMKilling Fields - Scene of the Crime  : George Barrett gets killed in his home, and Rodie suspects George's employer, Tommy Francise.
5:00 AMKilling Fields - The Takedown  : The team feels confident as they prepare and present their case to the DA's office.
6:00 AMKilling Fields - The Last Stand  : In custody, Tommy Francise receives a charge of two counts of second-degree murder.
7:00 AMI (Almost) Got Away With It - Got That Tough Girl Look: In Daytona Beach, Fla., Juanita Liebman and two friends fatally attack a Biketoberfest tourist.
8:00 AMI (Almost) Got Away With It - Got to Get Revenge: A man goes on a violent spree searching for his ex girlfriend after she dumps him.
9:00 AMI (Almost) Got Away With It - Got Caught in Love Triangle: A man obsessed with a woman kills her husband in a fit of jealousy.
10:00 AMI (Almost) Got Away With It - Got to Escape Through a Toilet: A pair of friends and criminals escape from prison in 2009 and lead police on a manhunt.
11:00 AMI (Almost) Got Away With It - Got to Be a Ladies Man: Career criminal David Corbin launches a crime wave, is caught and sent to prison where he escapes.
12:00 PMCounty Jail - Oakland  : In one of America's largest jails, survival depends on figuring out the other prisoners.
1:00 PMCounty Jail: Miami: Profile of the Miami-Dade facility.
2:00 PMHard Time - Alaska  : A profile of Alaska's Spring Creek Correctional Center and its unique setting.
3:00 PMDeadliest Catch - Hail Mary, Full of Crab: A massive leak fills the Time Bandit; a fistfight tests Jake's resolve.
4:00 PMDeadliest Catch - Poisoned at Sea: A big decision weighs on Sig Hansen; rookie captain Sean Dwyer gambles on a new venture.
5:00 PMDeadliest Catch - 40-Foot Monsters: Wild Bill struggles to pilot his new boat in big seas; Johnathan faces off with a massive swell.
6:00 PMDeadliest Catch - The Russian Line: Three captains arrive early for the winter; Johnathan plots a dangerous 600-mile course to Russia.
7:00 PMDeadliest Catch - Back to the Killing Season: Sig returns; Keith and son struggle to prove themselves; Wild Bill gives Nick McGlashan a chance.
8:00 PMDeadliest Catch: On Deck - Hurricane Alley  : Arctic storms batter the fleet; Captain Bill attempts an outside-the-box move to catch more crab.
9:00 PMDeadliest Catch - Arctic Mega Storm: An Arctic mega-storm rocks the fleet; Sig plays cat-and-mouse with towering waves.
10:01 PMDevil's Canyon - Big Risk Big Reward  : John's mining plans are derailed when a tree crushes his shelter.
11:02 PMDeadliest Catch - Arctic Mega Storm: An Arctic mega-storm rocks the fleet; Sig plays cat-and-mouse with towering waves.