29 April 2017

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11:02 PMAlaska: The Last Frontier - Big Changes  : Atz Lee has ambitions to build an all-new and remote homestead.
12:03 AMAlaska: The Last Frontier - Blood, Sweat & Beers  : The Kilchers team up to tame the land after a warm winter; Atz Sr. battles the elements.
1:04 AMAlaska: The Last Frontier - Fear and Floating  : Otto, Eivin, Charlotte and Jane must protect their calves during the spring cattle drive.
2:04 AMAlaska: The Last Frontier - Calling All Bears  : With the arrival of spring, the homestead needs work; Atz Sr. hunts to restock food supplies.
3:00 AMCooper's Treasure - Dead Silence  : A new piece to an astronaut's treasure map could be worth billions.
4:00 AMNaked and Afraid XL - Heart of Darkness  : Nine ``Naked and Afraid'' veterans attempt to survive the deadly jungles of Ecuador's Amazon Basin.
5:00 AMCooper's Treasure - Dead Silence  : A new piece to an astronaut's treasure map could be worth billions.
6:00 AMWild Animal Repo - Wolf Hybrids; Macaque; Backyard Tigers: Scott tries to rescue a pet macaque that keeps attacking a family.
7:00 AMDirty Jobs: Down Under - Lost in Aboriginal Land  : Mike Rowe travels down the northern coast of Australia to work and hunt with Aboriginals.
8:00 AMDirty Jobs - Exotic Animal Keeper: Mike cleans out garbage hauling truck in San Francisco; then cleans monster sized kitty litter box.
9:00 AMDirty Jobs - Sludge Cleaner: Mike shapes surfboards with master shaper Matt Barker; recycling gunky, grimy sludge.
10:00 AMDirty Jobs - Cheese Maker: How Vermont cheese-makers do their thing; zoo keeping at San Francisco Zoo; volcanic ash mud baths.
11:00 AMDirty Jobs - Fuel Tank Cleaner: Cleaning Stratotanker fuel tanks at McConnell Air Force Base.
12:00 PMDirty Jobs - Maggot Farmer: Mike tries to move a giant cactus in Arizona and then travels to a maggot farm.
1:00 PMDirty Jobs - Fossil Hunter: Mike travels to a remote area near Moab, Utah to try his hand at being a paleontologist.
2:00 PMCooper's Treasure - The Lost Chart 
4:00 PMStreet Outlaws - To Be 1 or Not to Be 1  : Big Chief gets a racer for the Nationwide Callout; Doc takes on Big Chief for the number one spot.
5:00 PMStreet Outlaws - vs. Fast N' Loud: The Mega Race  : Farmtruck and AZN have to wait on Aaron; the drivers race to see who has what it takes to win.
6:00 PMStreet Outlaws - From Mega to Street  : Chief and Shawn take a look back at how far the 405 has come since before the show.
7:00 PMStreet Outlaws - Start Me Up  : Chief decides to kick all the Pro-mods off the list; everyone loses their spots on the list.
8:00 PMStreet Outlaws - Doom and Gloom  : Everyone loses their spots and must race to find out where they belong on the list.
9:00 PMStreet Outlaws - The Shakeup  : The 405 has an entirely new list, but everyone continues to fight for the top spot.
11:00 PMStreet Outlaws - Lonestar Smackdown  : Farmtruck and AZN face off against new racers; Texas racers want to change the rules.