27 June 2017

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11:35 PMInsecure - Insecure as F...  : After her 29th birthday, Issa Dee reconsiders her relationship with her live-in boyfriend, Lawrence.
12:05 AMHow to Be Single: A newly single woman befriends a partying co-worker who shows her how to have fun.
1:55 AMLast Week Tonight With John Oliver: News, politics and current events.
2:35 AMThe Birth of a Nation: In 1831, Nat Turner leads a rebellion to free himself and other slaves in Southampton County, Va.
4:40 AMCrossroads: Three childhood friends take a cross-country trip.
6:15 AMMy Blue Heaven: Slick mob witness Vinnie hides out in suburbia with square FBI man Barney.
7:55 AMBlast From the Past: A man who grew up inside a nuclear fallout shelter is sent out for supplies for him and his parents.
9:50 AMThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Children and a mystical lion unite against the White Witch. Based on the novel by C.S. Lewis.
12:15 PMLast Week Tonight With John Oliver: News, politics and current events.
1:00 PMREAL Sports With Bryant Gumbel: Profile of American tennis prodigy Frances Tiafoe; the world of Spanish bullfighting.
2:00 PMThe Mummy: HBO First Look: Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella star in the thrilling reboot of ``The Mummy'' franchise.
2:15 PMTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Sam Witwicky holds the key to defeating an ancient Decepticon.
4:45 PMKrampus: An ancient demon from European folklore terrorizes a dysfunctional family at Christmastime.
6:30 PMReal Time With Bill Maher - Maajid Nawaz; Richard Painter; Bianna Golodryga; Charlie Sykes; Bradley Whitford: Journalist Bianna Golodryga; political analyst Charlie Sykes; actor Bradley Whitford.
7:30 PMVICE News Tonight
8:00 PMMike and Dave Need Wedding Dates: Two partying brothers take two wild and uncontrollable women to their sister's wedding in Hawaii.
9:40 PMVeep - Groundbreaking: Selina and her team prepare for the long-awaited groundbreaking of her library; Amy seeks clarity.
10:15 PMStraight Outta Compton: N.W.A revolutionizes music and pop culture with their depiction of life in Southern Los Angeles.