27 June 2017

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11:30 PMCops - Spokane, WA; Jacksonville, FL; Philadelphia, PA: Coast to Coast: Officers use a taser gun to subdue a combative and mentally ill boy.
12:00 AMCops - Dishonest Dudes: A young couple tries giving cops the slip; a motorist tries to resist; a suspiciously sweaty man.
12:30 AMCops - Forth Worth: In Fort Worth; police stake-out car thieves; alleged drug deal.
1:00 AMCops - Virginia Beach: A female suspect allegedly goes on a destructive rampage; rescue of an alleged drunken swimmer.
1:30 AMCops - Chattanooga, Fort Worth, Des Moines: Coast to Coast: A suspect crashes a stolen vehicle into a house; officers respond to a fire at a motel.
2:00 AMCops - Palm Beach: Officer tackles a suspect; SWAT team raids an apartment; sergeant joins a suicide investigation.
2:30 AMCops - Fort Worth: Chases Special Edition: Officers pursue drivers who refuse to stop.
3:00 AMJail: Big Texas: A young father pulls a desperate double robbery to make ends meet; a routine shakedown gets deadly.
3:30 AMJail: The jails of Salt Lake City, Utah; Austin, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas.
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9:00 AMInk Master - Inking with the Enemy  : Rival artists are forced to ink with their enemy; pressure is high and one rival gets sent packing.
10:00 AMInk Master - Ink My Oosik  : The artists must scrimshaw walrus penises and face their pickiest canvases to date.
11:00 AMInk Master - Virgin Blood  : Virgin canvases get their first tattoos; Josh plays dirty, putting his opponent on the block.
12:00 PMInk Master - Cold Blooded  : Artists use blood for ink in the Flash Challenge, then go up against guest judge Tommy Montoya.
1:00 PMInk Master - Up in Smoke  : Artists tattoo amputees where their limbs once were; Josh causes controversy.
2:00 PMInk Master - Heads Will Roll  : The opportunity to ink football player Deangelo Williams as he honors his mother.
3:00 PMInk Master - Painstaking Portraits  : Artists tattoo the same portrait on two family members; Jason fights to survive.
4:00 PMInk Master - Firing Squad  : Artists battle for the top four spots; a top artist designs the tattoo that determines who stays.
5:00 PMInk Master - Fight to the Finale  : The last four artists battle it out with emotional outbursts, fights and fails.
6:00 PMInk Master - Ink Finale  : The final three artists reveal their 35-hour back tattoos; all 18 rival artists return.
7:00 PMInk Master - Fire & Ice  : Tattooing is a team sport as artists from nine of America's best shops arrive ready to battle.
8:00 PMInk Master - Crossing the Line  : A twist shakes up the competition and a painstaking challenge puts relationships to the test.
9:00 PMInk Master - Unnatural Disasters  : A veteran artist returns to take the competition by storm; a Flash Challenge exposes weaknesses.
10:00 PMInk Master - Lend Me Your Ear  : The artists are tested on technical application with individual tattoos; two veteran artists return.
11:00 PMThe Mist - Pilot  : A foreboding mist arrives in a small town, ushering in a terrifying new reality for its residents.