27 March 2017

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11:00 PMLong Lost Family - Did You Have Dreams? Did You Follow Them?  : Musician Mark has been eager to find his mother since he learned she was an award-winning cellist.
12:00 AMLong Lost Family - One More Reason to Fight for My Life  : Tammy searches for her two younger brothers; Tineke hopes to understand her own racial identity.
1:00 AMLong Lost Family - Born Together, Stay Together  : A woman finds unexpected family secrets; twin sisters search for their biological mother.
2:00 AMLong Lost Family: Reunited - I Want to Heal My Mother's Heart  : A woman searches for the son she gave up as a socialite teen almost 50 years ago.
3:00 AMMy First Home - Modern History: Amy and Braden have been saving for a down payment, but reality hits when Amy's dad gets involved.
3:30 AMMy First Home - Napa Novices: Alesha and Eloan are a budget conscious couple, but have trouble listening to expert advice.
4:00 AMMy First Home - Three's Company: Macaela asks her real estate agent father to help find a duplex for the two of them and her mother.
4:30 AMMy First Home - Looking for the Mystery Spot: Rusty and Angela are swapping life in the city of San Francisco for coastal Santa Cruz, Calif.
5:00 AMWhat Not to Wear - Erin: Erin is a music magazine writer with a shlumpy style.
6:00 AMWhat Not to Wear - Maggie: Maggie's ``I give up'' style is keeping her career at a standstill.
7:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Poof, There It Is!: Bride Sonya and her fiance disagree on her gown; Bride Shelby is has been to more than 20 salons.
7:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Baby Wants Blings: The biggest critic is an 8-year-old bridesmaid; a bride and her mother have different opinions.
8:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Rockin' the Runway: A young widow takes her second trip to the altar at a Train concert.
8:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Thinking Outside of the Box: A woman brings in her mother's vintage wedding dress; a bride wants to find a dress.
9:00 AMShe's in Charge - Pooh's the Boss  : Pooh helps restore balance to a sassy CEO and reignites the sex-life for two overworked parents.
10:00 AMShe's in Charge - Living a Lie  : Pooh attempts to inject some romance into her relationship with her husband Eugene.
11:00 AMHoarding: Buried Alive - It's Out of Control: Kay's marriage is in jeopardy; Toni's home is unsafe for her granddaughter.
12:00 PMHoarding: Buried Alive - Surviving on Trash: Traci is desperate to move back home, but it's filled floor to ceiling with her mother's stuff.
1:00 PMMy 600-Lb. Life - Randy's Story  : Food addiction dissolved his marriage, so Randy endures a strict diet to regain control of his life.
2:00 PMMy 600-Lb. Life - Olivia's Story  : A woman battles severe depression; the hope of having a life-changing surgery.
3:00 PMLong Island Medium - Surprise Visit  : Theresa pays Victoria a surprise visit and helps a woman connect with her brothers.
3:30 PMLong Island Medium - The Juice Is Loose  : Theresa buys a juicer and bets with Larry; Theresa connects a man with his brother.
4:00 PMLong Island Medium - Back to School  : Theresa tries her hand at an Italian class; reconnecting an adopted girl with her deceased father.
4:30 PMLong Island Medium - Medium Love  : Theresa takes control of her Valentine's Day plans; unanticipated forces interrupt their evening.
5:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Worth the Wait: Renewing vows; can't wait to buy a wedding dress; returned after four years to try on the dress.
5:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Together as One: The newest kind of American family; ambushed for a style makeover; sad at the fitting.
6:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - That Special Someone: A bittersweet shopping trip; ceremony to renew vows; looking sexy.
6:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Princess for a Day: Latoya fantasizes about a blinged-out ball gown; recently cancer-free, Kristin is ready to marry.
7:00 PMMy Big Fat Fabulous Life - Big Girl Dance Battle  : Whitney's Big Girls gear up for the most intense performance of their lives.
8:00 PMMy Big Fat Fabulous Life: Extra Fabulous - Whitney Gets a Date  : Whitney updates her dating profile but her first date raises concerns; with exclusive bonus footage.
9:00 PMMy Big Fat Fabulous Life - Belly Up  : Whitney attends a belly dancing class with a judge from the dance battle.
10:02 PMShe's in Charge - The Cowboy Rapper  : Pooh helps an aspiring rapper and his family determine whether he has what it takes to make it big.
11:04 PMMy Big Fat Fabulous Life - Belly Up  : Whitney attends a belly dancing class with a judge from the dance battle.