27 June 2017

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11:00 PMCry Freedom: Editor Donald Woods fights apartheid with activist Steve Biko.
1:40 AMReaper: Criminals and a beautiful hitchhiker battle a supernatural force known as the Reaper.
3:10 AMDeath Do Us Part: Revelers at a ``Jack and Jill'' party meet violent ends at the hands of an unknown killer.
4:40 AMPel: Birth of a Legend: Young Pel utilizes his street soccer skills to lead Brazil to the World Cup in 1958.
6:30 AMSkateboarding's First Wave: The early days of the skateboarding subculture in Southern California.
7:00 AMKelly's Hollywood: A man's quest to fulfill his disabled sister's Hollywood dreams takes an unexpected turn.
8:30 AMWoman in Gold: A Jewish survivor of World War II sues the Austrian government for her family's stolen artwork.
10:30 AMFurry Vengeance: The fur flies when forest animals go to war against a land developer who threatens their habitat.
12:05 PMBody: Three young women face a moral dilemma when they accidentally kill a groundskeeper at a mansion.
1:30 PMThe Hills Have Eyes: A desert cannibal and his clan attack a stranded Cleveland family.
3:00 PMSpy Game: A CIA agent tries to rescue his one-time protege who awaits execution in a Chinese prison.
5:10 PMOrange County: A mistake keeps a teen out of his college of choice.
6:35 PMBorn to Be Blue: Jazz trumpeter Chet Baker begins a romance with an actress while trying to stage a musical comeback.
8:15 PMPremonition: A woman has a precognitive vision of her husband's death.
10:00 PMDj Vu: A time-folding federal agent falls in love with a New Orleans woman who is targeted to be murdered.