20 August 2017

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10:05 PMThe Mummy Returns: Two evil forces pursue the son of adventurer Rick O'Connell.
12:20 AMThe Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Rick O'Connell and his family fight an ancient emperor bent on world conquest.
2:15 AMThe Scorpion King: A warrior unites with a band of nomads to battle an evil ruler and a beautiful sorceress.
3:50 AMMidnight Special: A man tries to uncover the truth behind his young son's special powers.
5:45 AMUndercover Brother: A low-rent private detective poses as a preppy nerd in order to foil a plot by conspirators.
7:15 AM9 to 5: Three fed-up secretaries kidnap their sexist boss and force him to authorize office improvements.
9:05 AMNo Reservations: A career-centered chef becomes the guardian of her 9-year-old niece.
10:50 AMKeanu: A man and his cousin pose as ruthless gangsters to recover a stolen kitten.
12:30 PMFrom Hell: A Scotland Yard investigator searches for Jack the Ripper.
2:35 PMThe Green Mile: A guard thinks an inmate has a supernatural power to heal. Based on the book by Stephen King.
5:45 PMHeartbreak Ridge: Marine sergeant sees ex-wife, readies recruits for Grenada.
8:00 PMRide Along 2: Lawmen James Payton and Ben Barber pursue a violent drug lord in Miami.
9:45 PMKeanu: A man and his cousin pose as ruthless gangsters to recover a stolen kitten.
11:25 PMThe Martian: Left behind by his crew, a stranded astronaut must find a way to survive on Mars.