22 September 2017

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11:00 PMAlaskan Bush People - Raised Wild  : A unique family builds a small shack in the Alaskan bush in which the nine of them will sleep.
12:00 AMAlaskan Bush People - Human Wolf Pack  : The Brown brothers must step up in the building of the cabin.
1:00 AMAlaskan Bush People - Blindsided  : The Browns must hurry to gather supplies when winter hits early; essential supplies.
2:00 AMAlaskan Bush People - Fight or Flight  : Following a confrontation, the Browns are forced to make a big decision.
3:00 AMHow Booze Built America - America's Revolution  : Exploring America's beer and liquor-filled past, including how it led to the American Revolution.
4:00 AMHow Booze Built America - Westward, Ho!  : Exploring America's liquor-filled past, including how it led to the OK Corral.
5:00 AMHow Booze Built America - To the Moon!  : How alcohol fueled the space race; prohibition; the mystery of who killed John F. Kennedy.
6:00 AMGear Dogs - A Dog Flees  : Chris Goodall builds a '70 Chevy C-10 with a pal; Chris must finish and flip the car with Nate.
7:00 AMGear Dogs - Welcome to the Doghouse  : Nate Boyer bets on a guy with a '67 Belvedere as his first partner in the new community garage.
8:00 AMGear Dogs - Old Dog, New Truck  : Fabian and Amy surprise Nate with a 1948 bread truck flip, but mechanical problems arise.
9:00 AMGarage Rehab - Scotty's Automotive  : Richard and his crew renovate a shop in Roanoke, Texas, and break the owner of his hoarding ways.
10:00 AMGarage Rehab - Westside Hotrods  : Richard and his crew battle the rain and make transformative renovations in a Los Angeles garage.
11:00 AMGarage Rehab - Blue Ribbon Automotive  : Richard and his crew rehab a smog shop in Bakersfield, Calif., and help the owner.
12:00 PMAirplane Repo - Two If by Air, One If by Sea  : Ken and Danny seize a luxury yacht; Mike devises a revenge plan against a deadbeat.
1:00 PMAirplane Repo - Wounded Warbird  : Mike returns to Puerto Rico to recover something from the old family business.
2:00 PMAirplane Repo - Mid-Air Repo  : Ken and Danny track down a vintage Stearman biplane; Mike helps a pilot retrieve his stolen plane.
3:00 PMAirplane Repo - Diving for Repos  : Mike goes underwater to seize a seaplane; Ken and Danny chase a debtor who continues to fool them.
4:00 PMAirplane Repo - Flying Blind  : Mike loses electrical power after repossessing a Piper Arrow, and must find his way home.
5:00 PMAirplane Repo - Guns, Girls & Gambles  : Mike and Valerie try to learn the location of a jet in a high-stakes poker game.
6:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Three's Company  : Shawn searches for a paystreak boulder to fund the Megadredge.
7:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Cracked  : Kris' scheme to make a million on Shawn's Bluff find is sabotaged when Mr. Gold plots with a diver.
8:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Never Say Die  : Shawn must fix his landlocked barge, but faulty controls threaten the Megadredge dream.
9:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Fight and Flight  : Shawn tries to convince potential investors that his Megadredge vision is solid.
10:03 PMAlaskan Bush People: Book of Browntown - Cold Horizon  : The Browns deal with the departure of one of their own while preparing for the winter.
11:03 PMBering Sea Gold - Fight and Flight  : Shawn tries to convince potential investors that his Megadredge vision is solid.